Do babies need their immunisations before swimming?

We are happy to accept babies into classes before they are immunised, but we insist that this is your decision. Any concerns should be discussed with your GP or health visitor. The following is an excerpt from the NHS website:
“The advice to wait until the baby has had some or all of their immunisations goes back to the days when polio was much more common and people were worried about its spread in swimming pools. This is no longer a concern. The vaccines given to young babies protect against: Diphtheria, Pertussis, Hib (Haemophilus influenzae type b) and Men C (Meningococcal group C). These organisms are in the air. Swimming pools do not carry a greater risk of infection. The above infections are not contracted in the chlorinated water environment of a well-run swimming pool.”

What about feeding?

Babies should wait one hour after a feed before swimming.

What about illness?

If your baby has suffered from a tummy bug, it is important to wait two days after the first solid movement before going swimming. Babies with ear infections should not swim. Don’t go swimming with your baby if they have an infectious disease. This includes diarrhoea, a heavy cold and conjunctivitis.