Your Swimbag Checklist

So you’re ready to get in the pool with your little one. To make sure you have everything we’ve pulled together a list of the things to put in your swim bag. Let’s go swimming.

  • Top of the list will be disposable swim nappies & of course your neoprene Happy Nappy
  • Baby swim wear – sometimes people like to put their little ones in a costume
  • A warm bottle for after the swim if you are bottle feeding
  • A towel, preferably one with a hood, or a towelling dressing gown
  • Some warm clothes to keep baby warm when they have finished their lesson — a hat is also a good idea
  • A snack if your baby has started on solids
  • A pack of wet wipes are a must for change times, plus your usual barrier cream
  • A few of your baby’s bath toys to encourage a relaxed and fun atmosphere
  • Changing mat and nappy bag
  • Change for the locker or padlock (if required) in the changing rooms
  • REMEMBER YOUR own swimsuit & towel