‘I recorded a tape [for Garland] before I had even spoken to him and I made it when I was on set doing another film [Son of a Gun with Ewan McGregor],’ she says. It’s wonderful to work with an auteur; I mean, [Alex] wrote and directed it. VIKANDER: Even though it was really tough shooting those films, I knew it was never going to be as tough as ballet school. She had acted on stage as a child at the Gothenburg Opera House – in The Sound of Music and Les Misérables – but for a long time her main aim was to make it to principal dancer. ‘I lived in a tiny flat. It was in an old house, beautiful, with wooden floors, but it was basically a big closet. Alicia: That was a big thing. Of course we know acting is not just about control of face and intonation of speech, it is physical, but there is something about her training as a dancer that informs what she does and helps to elevate it.’, Garland also thinks, ‘She has got that dancer’s stoicism. Ex Machina Actress Alicia Vikander Interview Ex Machina's Alicia Vikander Gets Real About Her Long Road to Sudden Fame. They need to find their new ground in this journey now. ‘Now when I see 15-year-olds I think, how did I do it?’ she adds. It was also fine to fail with him and Tom [Hooper]. Her love of London began in 2012 when she lived for five months in Notting Hill with her girlfriends the Swedish DJ duo Icona Pop and another friend. To prepare for the role Vikander had tea at the House of Lords with the Lib Dem peer Baroness Williams, better known as Shirley Williams. 15 hours ago. Your voice is so cool and unaffected. Lauren B. ‘I thought she was amazing in that,’ he tells me on the phone a few days before I meet her. I was surprised (to get the role). ‘My dad read The Danish Girl and fell in love with it,’ she explains. What was it like to see yourself like that? Dressed in a big jumper and jeans, she is friendly and talkative and makes jokes, but she has the ability to unnerve you with one glance. Kent says she is ‘formidable’ – a quality he also felt was very Vera Brittain.

‘In one way I did not dream at all of what I am doing now,’ she says. The brilliant thing about the script and the film was that, depending on if you believe that this thing has a consciousness or not, it becomes a very different ending. © 2020 Collider Cryptomedia, Inc. All Rights Reserved. We chose to focus on it, but it was already there. We actually got the chance to interview him for THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING. I had finished that and was about to start THE LIGHT BETWEEN OCEANS, Derek Cianfrance’s film. It’s a small indie film and it had a small budget. I saw it on a plane and the screen was too small, so I’ve seen it again, up on the big screen. I even had a minibar because it didn’t have a fridge.

You want to make sure you [are his vision].

A story of strength and acceptance, THE DANISH GIRL seems ripped from today’s headlines. Next, Vikander will appear as a denizen of the swinging '60s in August's The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Lauren B: I really liked that this film focused on a family member of a transgender person. Vikander says it is one of the best scripts she has ever read and was a role she wanted badly. 8 hours ago, by Murphy Moroney

I heard that half of the budget went to create my tummy.

He’s the coolest guy. ‘This year I have only been there three days and I won’t return for very long at Christmas.’ She did her flat up while she was filming Guy Ritchie’s The Man from UNCLE, drawing up plans for the kitchen and bathroom in her trailer when she had breaks, and arranging for her builders to come round at 4.30am in the morning.

The following week she was due to begin rehearsals for The Danish Girl with Eddie Redmayne, which starts filming in this month. Alicia Vikander will make a very good movie star.

If I have two glasses of wine I do dare to speak Danish, but then you are a bit more relaxed.

It is utterly worth it. Alicia: That means so much!

It’s when Gerda comes back, in Paris, after the gallery… the immense love and support she has for the person she loves. It’s actually just a few years back, and it’s a bit of a tradition back home.

‘They were cool; they listened to opera,’ she says.

So that part was written for you and wasn’t originally in the script. But, of course, in the end I need to be the one knowing more about the character. Alicia Vikander as Vera Brittain in 'Testament of Youth', Alicia Vikander and Mads Mikkelsen in 'A Royal Affair', Alicia Vikander as the android Ava in Alex Garland's 'Ex Machina', Alex Garland’s directorial debut, Ex Machina, Oscar Isaac: 'Alex Garland could direct Star Wars'.

Alex Garland’s Ex Machina is slowly emerging as a sleeper sci-fi hit, and for good reason.

It was an interesting thing to try to find a way for a human to really be able to support that much and be that caring.

316 Shares View On One Page Also because your social life goes away when you make a film like this since you don’t have any time off, it’s nice when you have someone that you can be relaxed with and leave your character for a while. I had been introduced to John because he did a film six months before that. Please select the topics you're interested in: Would you like to turn on POPSUGAR desktop notifications to get breaking news ASAP? How did you and Alex Garland, the director, happen upon that voice?

Alicia: No, I was walking backstage like, ‘Look at these pans!’ I got really into the pans.

I love that people saw it very, very differently. Lauren B: EX-MACHINA is my favorite movie of the year.

She certainly seems equipped to deal with anything fame might throw at her. Vikander tells me that when she goes to the ballet now, she sees a determination and force in the dancers that makes her think to herself, ‘I couldn’t have done it my whole life.’, Vikander’s role in Alex Garland’s directorial debut, Ex Machina, also out this month, could not be more different from Vera Brittain. This film has been so above all with the amount of immense generosity Eddie and I have found from the transgender community, or friends and family I met while preparing for Gerda has been amazing.

How did Gerda in The Danish Girl rank in degree of difficulty, in the range of intense emotions that you had to play in one part? THE DANISH GIRL, directed by Tom Hooper, could not be timelier.

Lauren B: Thanks so much for talking to us today, Alicia! I think listening to the line – because she is so supportive and unselfish and I really think she is quite extraordinary – and the line where she says, “I need my husband back.” It was a lot to play with in a sense that she is putting things to words that she knows doesn’t exist. It’s a scene where [she portrays] the fear of actually losing the person she loves, but it’s also the scene that shows the fear of losing the closeness to the person she loves.

But it took a time such as this, where the movement for social change and acceptance of the transgender community is at its peak, for the movie to finally get produced. Eddie Redmayne, of course, gives a multi-dimensional, powerhouse performance. Alicia: He’s the sweetest guy ever! ‘It was tough.

VIKANDER: First of all, so much credit goes to the people who worked on the CGI on the film. You always want to translate as much emotion as you can, even if it’s broader with bigger emotions. Basically she has been working back to back and it doesn’t seem to be stopping any time soon. Are there any scenes in particular that took a toll on you more than others? Question: As a child in Sweden, did you watch the Oscars?

I see it as something that isn’t a straight line, it is fluid. The film is a three-hander about a computer coder (Domhnall Gleeson) who wins a competition to go and stay with the CEO (Oscar Isaac) of the company he works for. VIKANDER: I want to bring Persona, by Ingmar Bergman, to the stage. You can find new things all the time. They did stay together until a year before, sadly enough, Lili passed away, but that was also because the marriage was canceled because she was now a woman. ‘One thing that Alicia brought over and above her straight acting ability – and she is a phenomenal actress – is her training as a ballerina,’ he tells me.

Credit: Julian Broad ... Swedish star Alicia Vikander is set to become one of the biggest names in Hollywood, but the 26 year-old is keeping her feet on the ground ... Ex Machina… It is such subtle things in terms of posture or the way you walk across a room. Other people tell me that things are going to change. What you realize is every single story is completely different because they are human beings. I kind of did, myself, while acting it… changing what I felt and thought. As you can tell from the interview below, Lauren V and I are HUGE fans of Alicia Vikander.

The thing is, we talked so much… As an actor, I want to ask as many questions to get answers.

Sign up for our Celebrity & Entertainment newsletter. I even went and had sleep-overs with friends.

I was so jealous because he had been around just eating for two months, finding “inspiration.” I was like, ‘Oh my God, this is my new favorite [job]!’ Sadly, I just snuck around. It has been so educational for me knowing that a lot of the issues Gerda and Lili go through in our film are sadly very present to people in the community now, even a hundred years later.

She trained with the Royal Swedish Ballet School from the age of nine in Gothenburg and at 15 moved to its upper school in Stockholm where she lived on her own. Since first seeing her in A ROYAL AFFAIR, and more recently in EX-MACHINA, my favorite film of the year, she has become one of my favorite actresses working today.

It made it really fun to do press. (Cloture Club): Nice to meet you, Alicia! 1 hour ago, by Kelsie Gibson

Lauren V: You didn’t even have scenes where you had food, did you?

Her mother is a stage actress and her father is a psychiatrist. It’s such a great role for you, with many emotional scenes. ‘I knew how tough the industry was in Sweden and it wasn’t ever in my wildest dreams that I could take the step and work abroad.’, © Copyright of Telegraph Media Group Limited 2015. I love that Ava opens up for him. But then, with Ex Machina, when I read the script and did my first self-tape, I did it in the middle of the night.

There are a lot of films that are special to me, but this one, with the amount of connection to people that have gone through their own personal experiences… what I learned is something I will really take with me. ‘The area was great, but the flat was the dirtiest bachelorette pad!

I was in Australia, so I couldn’t meet (writer/director) Alex [Garland], at that point.

‘That freaked me out,’ she says, laughing.

This film has been hanging in production limbo for over a decade; at one point Gwyneth Paltrow and Nicole Kidman were attached to play Gerda and Einar, respectively. Lauren B: Yes!

Great, Click the ‘Allow’ Button Above [She is] a very strong character,’ Vikander says.

What do you think is the importance of this film for the transgender community? 12 hours ago, by Karenna Meredith There will be a lot of people there that have put years into raising awareness on the subject and if our film can be part of bringing awareness, that is of course wonderful.

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