The UN has granted these two countries a special status as observer states. Concerning wastewater, the existing treatment plants do not have the capacity to treat all of the produced wastewater, causing severe water pollution. A revolt against Arafat within Fatah ensued, supported by the Syrian and Libyan governments, and led to clashes between the dissidents and Arafat loyalists. Riyadh, 28 March 2007", "New centre to boost Middle East-Latin America investments",, "Quiénes son los Árabes?
_taboola.push({ The Anglo-American Petroleum Agreement of 1944 was based on negotiations between the United States and Britain over the control of Arab and Middle Eastern oil. Relations between the Arab League and the Union of South American Nations (USAN), have only been established in recent times. Its aims were to strengthen and coordinate political, cultural, economic, and social programs of its members and to mediate disputes involving its members. [28], Libya - Libya was suspended from the Arab League on 22 February 2011. The PLO's Executive Committee is empowered by the Palestinian National Council to perform the functions of government of the State of Palestine. Our reporters and editors are working overtime in Kashmir and beyond to cover what you care about, break big stories, and expose injustices that can change lives.

The ministry’s official spokesman Mawien Makol argued that the decision for South Sudan to have observer status in the Arab bloc was because it discusses important issues. Updated 1623 GMT (0023 HKT) April 3, 2020.

Two of the 195 countries are not members of the UN: Vatican City and Palestine. After Israel took control of the West Bank from Jordan and Gaza Strip from Egypt, it began to establish Israeli settlements there. These were organised into Judea and Samaria district (West Bank) and Hof Aza Regional Council (Gaza Strip) in the Southern District. King Hussein of Jordan, who by the mid 1960s had strengthened his regime’s clandestine friendship and alliance with the Israelis started by his grandfather Amir Abdullah in the 1920s, challenged the PLO’s representative role constantly. [4], Since many countries began to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital following Donald Trump's lead in 2017, many Latin American countries began to shift stance. It also functions as the main broker in the Israeli-Syrian Peace process. The Arab League meeting in Fez on 6-9 September that year countered the Americans by adopting the Fahd Plan (Fahd had become king in the meantime) officially as a basis for “peace” with Israel. Arab and Latin American economies are complementary. [16] In addition the UAE has evinced interest in training its naval personnel in India[16], Some Arab League members, namely the UAE have also voiced their support pertaining to deploying Indian troops in Iraq, although New Delhi has not decided on this matter. Following the Six-Day War, the PLO moved to Jordan, but later relocated to Lebanon after Black September in 1971. In the West Bank, many of the same issues apply; although fresh water is much more plentiful, access is restricted by the ongoing dispute. Gaza would later be governed by Hamas in 2007, two years after the Israeli disengagement from Gaza. The PLO's executive committee is empowered by the PNC to perform the functions of government of the State of Palestine. Decisions are only binding to the states that have voted for them. Armenia was granted observer status in 2004. It did not; however, he was to reach an agreement with the Zionists to take over the central and eastern part of Palestine in 1948, over which he declared himself king. The AL Secretary General Amr Moussa has stated that it was time for the Arab League and Latin America to seek strong relations. [99], At the ceremony itself, U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said the occasion was a "day of pride for the Palestinian people around the world, a day of hope. In the last quarter of 2012 over 150,000 guests stayed in West Bank hotels; 40% were European and 9% were from the United States and Canada. “The Arab League discusses important issues like the utilization of the waters of the Nile River, so such a topic is very important for the League. Yet the summit remained focused on politics rather than economics, with a joint call on Israel to dismantle settlements, concern about US sanctions against Syria, a call for UN reform, and Arab support for Argentina's position on the Falkland Islands. [30], Libya's membership was suspended on 22 February 2011, following the start of the Libyan Civil War and the use of military force against civilians.

[32][33] On 25 August 2011, Secretary-General Nabil Elaraby announced it was "about time" Libya's full member status was restored. The League's main goal is to draw closer the relations between member states and to safeguard sovereignty, and to consider in a general way the affairs and interests of the Arab countries. "[122] In 2013 Palestinian Authority Tourism minister Rula Ma'ay'a stated that her government aims to encourage international visits to Palestine, but the occupation is the main factor preventing the tourism sector from becoming a major income source to Palestinians. Following the adoption of the Alexandria Protocol in 1944, the League of Arab States was established in 1945 in Egypt with six countries as the founding members. It can offer opportunities to Palestinian youth, who constitute 30% of the population and suffer from acute unemployment. In an increasingly global economy, both want to avoid domination by the multinationals. Area A forms 18% of the West Bank by area, and is administered by the Palestinian government.

Additionally, there are two other Arabic-speaking states with limited recognition – Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic and Somaliland – but their disputed status, being claimed by League members Morocco and Somalia respectively, makes their membership unlikely for the foreseeable future. [83], On 31 December 2014, the United Nations Security Council voted down a resolution demanding the end of Israeli occupation and statehood by 2017. The West Bank is bordered by Jordan to the east, and Israel to the north, south, and west. France has been historically close with the Arab world, starting with the Maghreb region, and the Near East, but France's closest relations are considered to be with Algeria, where it served as a colony of France for around 200 years, with a bloody independence war, relations today are good, France is considered to have the Cordialest relations with All Arab states, with a large Arab population in France counting to around 1 million Arabs, France holds the Biggest Arab Cultural center outside the Arab league. [52][58] Many of the countries that do not recognise the State of Palestine nevertheless recognise the PLO as the "representative of the Palestinian people". Upon the PLO’s defeat, the Americans announced on 1 September 1982 the Reagan Plan, which insisted that only a restoration of Jordanian control over the West Bank with non-PLO representation in some confederal form would be acceptable, under which the Palestinians would acquire a measure of autonomy but not independence.
Mawien pointed out that the South Sudanese ambassador to Cairo will be present when issues to do with South Sudan are discussed by the Arab League. [27][28] Later, the All-Palestine Government was established by the Arab League on 22 September 1948 to govern the Egyptian-controlled enclave in Gaza. [1], Being conferred observer status in 2007, India was the first member to enter the League although it does not have an Arab community, neither does it have an indigenous Arabic speaking population. [15] The UAE has been seeking India's assistance in setting up a submarine arm and hydgrographic survey and coastal zone management.

[ii][3][4] The entirety of territory claimed by the State of Palestine has been occupied since 1948, first by Egypt and Jordan and then by Israel after the Six-Day War in 1967. [8][60][61], Palestine has a number of environmental issues; issues facing the Gaza Strip include desertification; salination of fresh water; sewage treatment; water-borne diseases; soil degradation; and depletion and contamination of underground water resources. Formal relations between the two organizations started in 1977, when they announced their cooperation in financial, political and economic issues. Lonely Planet Publications. Since the defeat of Saddam Hussein in 2003, the Saudis and other Gulf countries intensified their campaign against the so-called Iranian threat to their regimes, a threat, they insist, that justifies an alliance with Israel. Arab League, regional organization of Arab states formed in Cairo in 1945. By adopting Palestine, the league essentially spared the British any responsibility for what would befall the country in the future.

In May 2005, the first South American-Arab Countries Summit (ASPA) was held in Brazil, with 34 countries attending to discuss trade and energy. There are over 20 million Arabs living in Latin America, with Brazil containing over half of that number.

The Palestine national football team represents the country in international football. India also has some military ties with Kuwait and the UAE, primarily centered in the naval sphere, frequently exchanging goodwill naval visits. [70] More than 99% of Area C is off limits to Palestinians. a. Developing business relations between the Arab world and South America will provide an invaluable balance to both regions' overdependence on Europe, the U.S. and Japan for imports and expertise. The League hailed “the progress” achieved by the joint military discussions between the representatives of the Government of National Accord (GNA) and those loyal to Khalifa Haftar to reach a complete cease-fire between both sides. }); Your email address will not be published. [108], According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health (MOH), as of 2017, there were 743 primary health care centers in Palestine (583 in the West Bank and 160 in Gaza), and 81 hospitals (51 in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and 30 in Gaza). [9] India's major exports to Arab League countries are chemicals, automobiles, machinery, foodstuff and other fast moving products, while it is a large importer of Arab oil and gas. The league moved its headquarters to Tunis and chose an Algerian to become its secretary general, a position occupied exclusively by Egyptians since 1945. Five countries have observer status. The existence of a state of Palestine, although controversial, is a reality in the opinions of the states that have established bilateral diplomatic relations.[101][102][103][104].

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