The wheel controlled the elevators while sideways motion of the tiller controlled the rudder. [citation needed], 17 June, the day of Aurel Vlaicu's first powered flight, is celebrated as The National Aviation Day of Romania. I at the Army Arsenal in Bucharest with funding from the Romanian Ministry of War and on a 300 lei monthly stipend from the Minister of Public Education. Engineer and inventor Aurel Vlaicu, who was among the first pilots in Romania, began the design of the third in his series of powered aircraft in the second half of 1911. [14], He perfected his design on rubber band powered models he began experimenting with while a student in Munich. Between 1912 – 1913 he designed the Vlaicu III, the world’s first metal-built aircraft with an aerodynamic shape, which he never came to build, as he crashed with the Vlaicu II near Campina, on August 31/ September 13, 1913 while attempting to cross the Carpathians. Aurel Vlaicu’s father mortgaged his land to provide him with money, but this was still not enough. Note: these settings will only apply to the browser and device you are The next afternoon, when he arrived at the testing field, Vlaicu was surprised to see that a crowd of curious people – children included – had gathered there since morning. [10], The construction of A. Vlaicu Nr. Parts from the wreckage are preserved in several Romanian museums: the Aurel Vlaicu Memorial House, the National Military Museum in Bucharest and the Aviation Museum in Bucharest. Strictly Necessary Cookie should be enabled at all times so that we can save your preferences for cookie settings. I have read and agree to the Privacy Policy, We use cookies to offer you a personalized  experience on our site and. Between 23 and 30 June 1912 Vlaicu competed with it at the International Flight Week in Aspern-Vienna (Die internationale Flugwoche in Wien),[11] against 42 other aviators, including Roland Garros. [6], Vlaicu left Opel in March 1909 and returned to Binţinţi, where, together with his brother, Ion, he built a glider which first flew in the summer of 1909. 110 years since Aurel Vlaicu’s first flight off the Cotroceni hill, PM Orban reiterates in Paris Romania’s firm commitment…, President Iohannis, Swiss counterpart Sommaruga tackle the stage…, PM Orban, French counterpart Castex sign new, updated,…, ForMinAurescu: Romania urges all states to strictly observe…, KPMG Private Enterprise Global Family Business Tax Monitor:…, PwC Report: Blockchain technologies could boost the global…, RTPR advises Innova on PayPoint and Payzone acquisition, CTP invests 50 million EUR in the development…, Colliers: Three quarters of investors in the land…, FinMin Citu: Budget deficit for the first nine…, UPDATE Scandal related to alleged electoral fraud in…, Declic petition: Over 10,500 persons request Prosecutor General…, President Iohannis to have working meeting with PM…, Giorgiana Hossu resigns as head of DIICOT, Romanian Gendarmerie’s head Bogdan Enescu, indicted for usurping…, FinMin Citu : I will request inquiry committee…, President Iohannis requests re-examination of organisation of parliamentary…, PM Orban: The organization of elections does not…, Bucharest new Prefect Berbeceanu assures residents his team…, PSD’s Ciolacu: Romania is not ready to start…, Romanian Army Day marked with ceremony at the…, Four Romanian troops of IED-stricken Afghanistan patrol mission…, U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo, ForMin Aurescu discuss…, DefMin Ciuca: We must stay vigilant for health…, Custodian of the Romanian Crown, Margareta, and Prince…, Korean Rice Food Exhibition aims to be a…, Culture Minister Gheorghiu supports translation of poet Mihai…, Maya Hawke, exclusive interview for American Independent Film…, Romania selected as the next market for the…, 110 years since Aurel Vlaicu's first flight off the Cotroceni hill, Banks grant loans of 4 billion lei under IMM Invest programme, PM Orban: Government action regarding state of alert extension has been in accordance with the law, Cuisine feast at the second edition of Fete de la Gastronomie, ICR London, Romanian Embassy in the UK organize concert to honour Romanian community’s contribution in the fight against the pandemic, Romanian Academy holds solemn session on National Culture Day, Mihai Eminescu’s Day, KPMG Private Enterprise Global Family Business Tax Monitor: Family businesses face complex, shifting tax landscape, PM Orban reiterates in Paris Romania’s firm commitment to joining OECD, FinMin Citu: Budget deficit for the first nine months , 6.36 pct of the GDP, GCS: Romania’s COVID-19 case count rises by 4.724 to 217.216; 104 deaths in 24 hours. At the other end of the field Vlaicu stopped the engine and the airplane descended smoothly, the cited book writes. It was completed by his friends and several short test flights were made during 1914 by military pilot Petre Macavei. Aurel Vlaicu invented the arrow shaped airplane during his lifetime (1882-1913). [22], His life was the subject of the novels "Maistorasul Aurel, ucenicul lui Dumnezeu: Cronica vremii si vietii lui Vlaicu" by Victor Ion Popa (published in 1939)[23] and "Flăcăul din Binţinţi" by Constantin Ghiban (published in 1953),[21] and of a movie by Mircea Drăgan (released in 1978). [3][4], Aurel Vlaicu was born in the village of Bencenc (Binţinţi) in Transylvania, Austro-Hungarian Empire (renamed Aurel Vlaicu in 1927), now part of Geoagiu, Romania. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The next day, the newspapers of the time ran the sensational news of the flight performed by the first Romanian plane invented, built and piloted by a Romanian. In Bucharest, Aurel Vlaicu hit against the government’s refusal to fund his invention. On this occasion, he was issued the FAI pilot license number 52. [22], In 2010 a museum in Deva ordered several hundreds mugs to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Vlaicu's first powered flight. The most plausible cause of Vlaicu's death was that the airplane stalled while landing with the engine off (as it was common practice at the time, landings were made with the engine off, however this made it difficult for the pilot to abort a misjudged landing). [24][25] As of May 2018, the incorrect picture is still used on several websites. Other scale models have been built during the last 50 years by amateurs and are on display at various Romanian museums. [16], His name is listed second on the Romanian Airmen Heroes Memorial in Bucharest, after Gheorghe Caranda and before his friend and fellow pilot, Gheorghe Negel, who died in an aircraft crash one month after Vlaicu, on October 11, 1913.[17]. [26][27][28][29], Budapest University of Technology and Economics, "Aurel Vlaicu – Icar deasupra Carpatilor", "Aurel Vlaicu a lucrat pentru Opel – Documente oficiale (Aurel Vlaicu Worked for Opel)", "Espacenet - Bibliographic data | Great Britain Patent GB191026658", "Membrii Academiei Romane - Membri post-mortem", "Names carved on the Romanian Air Heroes memorial", "Casa natală "Aurel Vlaicu" din satul Aurel Vlaicu - Direcţia judeţeană pentru Cultură, Culte şi Patrimoniul Cultural Naţional Hunedoara (Aurel Vlaicu's Memorial House)", "Photograph of TAROM Airbus A318 named after Aurel Vlaicu", In 1907 he graduated from the Munich Polytechnic and received his engineering degree.

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