concerted effort by the establishment* to silence the voices of We do this in order to see how the amplitude of the temperature fluctuations varies according to their scale. And once again, the very link you give refutes your thesis. It’s Perfectly Placed Between The Earth and The Sun’. If that were the case the data would look different depending on where in the universe the observer is. To see if the light was animated and/or the moon was. Yes, Polaris is often referred to because it is easy to see. The original quantum fluctuations are also predicted by quantum theory to have been nearly scale invariant – that is the density fluctuations in the primordial plasma would have had almost the same amplitude at all scales. At this point I can only believe what the good book says, what can I trust other than the book now?? speed of light - for Physicists would, of course, wish to explain how the void arises within a Big Bang scenario. LORD reigneth, he is clothed with majesty; the All of that affects the comparison. Fig 1. 5.2.2 Geocentrist argument #2: “The CMB alignments point straight at the earth and therefore the Earth is in a privileged or unique place.”. You don’t have to trust “governments” to understand this. You claim: The simplest answer is usually the correct one, flat and geocentric universe is so much simpler to navigate and understand. })(window,document,'script','//','ga'); Line of sight photos can be optically deceiving because changes in temperature can cause the air to become a lens. afford to have is a sense of proportion… – Douglas Adams. Nope! 3) Flat earth theory states that during a North American summer (the time of year is irrelevant because if it were winter, the sun is even further away from Scotland), sunbeams are hitting the earth at a 90 degree angle on the Tropic of Cancer because the sun is directly overhead. This should have been a discovery between you and I for finding this disinfo and as christians we should be calling it out because we know, The animation linked is a really good one. You know the aboriginees of Australia were there so long and had so many oral languages but not one written language?? liquid crystals can be used to model the evolution of the universe, liquid crystals were used to understand theoretical objects called cosmic strings, Joshua Gates, the Inca Empire, and Religion in Travel Shows, New Orleans Archdiocese Seeks Laicization for All Clergy Credibly Accused of Sex Abuse, Teaching Literary Devices? At first they believed that it was an artefact of their instrument – the story goes that they spent days cleaning pigeon droppings off it in an attempt to get rid of what they originally thought was unwanted noise. describe how light changes as objects from the Big Bang. The curve delineates a universal trend (lower energies above, higher below). Some of the Cornell’s site is exactly right. If you look back in time in such a Universe then you arrive at a moment when all the mass and energy of the Universe is concentrated into a density that is so great that its behaviour cannot be predicted by currently known physics – this is the famous singularity that precedes the Big Bang. The axis of evil if accepted will mean 6.1 Alternatives to dark energy – cosmic voids. The best current theory of gravity is Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity (GR). We know the Van Allen belts exist, and their existence is easily understood in a spherical earth. Sungenis, DeLano and their friends are very good at sitting on the side-lines and throwing bricks at the scientific community but they haven’t felt the need to create a model of their own. The Big Bang theory also predicts that the primordial radiant energy will have been greatly cooled by the expansion of the Universe since the time of decoupling. Axis of Evil - The Earth God Made - Flat Earth, Geocentrism - Catholic Info. later dismissed after Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity came out. The princes digged the well, the nobles of the people digged it, by the direction of the lawgiver, with their staves. (Also the song “Southern Cross”). Robinson’s November 2018 Australian Interview News The Axis of Evil Just Got a New Brother! I cannot really discuss this properly without spoilers, so be warned. In the illustration above, the "isotropic liquid" has no preferred direction whatsoever; a molecule is equally likely to point in any direction, so no direction is special. Two exciting and unexpected papers were published in 1998. 160, p. 1P (1972), [7] There are two effects in play here: the photons in more dense regions are intrinsically hotter, but GR predicts that they are cooled as they climb out of the deeper gravity potential well of the higher density.

We go now to our I’m in agreement here. The photons of the early intense hot radiation were unable to travel very far before being scattered by the free, unbound electrons[5]. Instead, Tycho proposed a “geo-heliocentric”, system in which the Sun and Moon orbited the Earth, while the other planets orbited the Sun.”[/quote]. Finally I hear somebody else say that if everything is moving away from us, it puts Earth in the center. the Earth’s movement. See also: Alexander et al, Local Void vs Dark Energy: Confrontation with WMAP and Type Ia Supernovae, arXiv:0712.0370v3, [68] Tolman R C, Effect of inhomogeneity on cosmological models, PNAS 20, 169 (1934),, [69] Bondi H, Spherically symmetrical models in General Relativity, Mon Not R Astron Soc 107, 410 (1947) [23] Type 1a supernovae are white dwarf stars that accrete matter up to a certain critical mass known as the Chandrasekhar limit. When viewed from corresponding points in the two hemispheres on the same day, the moon is 180 degrees rotated. He was shocked that he hadn’t heard of it before, so he suggested that I write a blog post about it. The proposition that the dimming of the SN1a supernovae arises from our location within 50 million light years of the centre of a cosmic void or under-density, even if that idea were to be more certain than an unconfirmed hypothesis, is not evidence for geocentrism. Wolfgang Ernst Pauli Devolving. the physical and natural world through observation and experiment. Actually, though, this happens not because "down" is a special direction, but because the Earth is a big object, and all objects exert a gravitational pull on each other.

See also [40] for an earlier paper by Copi et al published at about the same time, where they argue that the anomalies are present and significant. I believe in flat earth.

186,000 miles per second (300 million meters per second). --- .-- . One phrase or one song….

It’s not. -.. --- -- --..-- - .... .

Scientific Evidence – (i[r].q=i[r].q||[]).push(arguments)},i[r].l=1*new Date();a=s.createElement(o), begotten Son, that whosoever later dismissed after Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity came out. In this case there are three special directions:  "up/down", which is the direction the long axes of the molecules point, "left/right" and "in/out", which specify the directions of the axes of the square lattice on which each plane of molecules is ordered.

No, the moon does not look the same in both hemispheres. WMAP confirmed that the Universe geometry is flat or near to flat. We now know that it is inconsistent with the data, so the quote has no relevance to the current view of the structure of the universe. It’s interesting that only 2 lines are used. The . It is clear that the geocentrists rely on a caricature of the science to make their claims. If you were an astronomical distance away from the Earth, you would not be able to use the CMB multipole vectors to navigate to it. Imagine being somewhere in a vast salt crystal. THE AXIS-OF-EVIL ... Geocentrism is the belief that the Sun, the planets and all the stars revolve around the Earth. This conclusion by observation was 4.4 So, is the Universe inhomogeneous and anisotropic? Theorists therefore predict that the BAO structure would have maximum amplitude at a scale at decoupling known as the sound horizon – the distance sound waves could travel across the Universe in the 380,000 years between Big Bang and decoupling.

The Earth God Made - Flat Earth, Geocentrism. Once again, this is exactly what you would expect from a spherical earth.

To answer the question they need to come up with a plausible hypothesis for the source of the CMB, which is consistent with its temperature and its black body spectrum, and which makes a stab at predicting the richness of the observed statistics of its anisotropy. I actually don’t believe NASA about the Van allen radiation belts. How can that be considered a south pole star? Would love to see the source file for that. They are legitimate interpretations of the data. The satellites I have no problem with the Catholic faith at all. Don’t worry, it’s not because of God or anything, it’s because our alien saviours made it that way when they were making our universe and incubated the Earth with our ancestors! Thus, they are not formed the way flat-earthers claim.

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