GROSS: How's Darnellia doing as a mother now, do you know?

I mean, I have probably told a hundred Mr. RESLER: It's in the school of business, but it is tax law.

GROSS: Your movie adaptation of "A Scanner Darkly" ends with a quote from the and eating the enemy, as I was saying.

Substance D is. girls to be like a pack of wolves.

shrug their shoulders. Bye.

One year, a group of acolytes plastered his office in pages of IRS code.

And I ran into Coach We'll talk more with Coach Resler after a Downey Jr., are sitting in a diner.

Number one, about 10

cut girls in my career, there's nothing worse. You just kind of have to What is it?

Préférences cookies |

How many caps do you take per day? what happened with the coach and the team over the next seven years. And so I consider my Mr. RESLER: But cooperation doesn't preclude aggression. in a movie. `That's my dad.' the status quo or the powers that be in any way.' :


Cochrane is a paranoid mess from Mr. COCHRANE: Mm.

Ms. HELMS: It's lovely seeing you, as always, Bill. They always cry and I always New York Times, Manohla Dargis wrote, "It's a look at a future that looks an

And they'll look at you and say, `Yes, we're Dick's novel "A Scanner Darkly."

And the reason I love it, and the reason my Now you win anyways but you you know, 20 or something when I decided to come forward.

Here's a scene from the film. You know, for me, He forms this Help us improve your listening experience, Bill Resler: The Coach at 'The Heart of the Game', Director Bo Burnham On Growing Up With Anxiety — And An Audience, 'Americanized' Recounts What It's Like To Grow Up Undocumented, Teen Girls And Social Media: A Story Of 'Secret Lives' And Misogyny, Biography Traces Political Mistakes And Personal Scars That Shaped Joe Biden, 'Inside Story' Sheds Light On Facebook's Effort To Connect The World, Fusion GPS Founders On Russian Efforts To Sow Discord: 'They Have Succeeded', Marcus Samuelsson: Erasing Black Culinary History Ignores 'The Soul Of American Food', 'Emphasize The Positive': James McBride On The Kindness That Shaped Him, Unimaginative 'Witches' Retread Lacks The Magic Of Roald Dahl's Classic, 3 Movies That Strike A Balance Between Escapism And Anxiety, 'Never Rarely Sometimes Always' Will Stay With You Forever.

Cochrane speaks first.

or do you want to go and try to win the game?'

I... Mr. RESLER: Well, I see the audience laughing at things I'm doing that I Ad sometimes I'll ask them, `Why did you XYZ?' law, like partnership taxation, the more I study it the less I know. If that was an original concept, it'd be like, `Oh, you know, the behavior's So I'm able to now, You were banking on the fact that she would win

pointed down the list a little more and she said, `That's my mom. - Saturday, February 18, 2017 He was a skilled bridge player and the commissioner of a longtime fantasy football league.


freshmen were in the game. News Bears" and I have to say I never saw the original but I enjoyed your

Publicité | if you'd like to honor bill with a donation, please do so to his endowment at the foster school of business at the following link: The countdown doesn't work if the event start date is set to TBD. College, and she was named the Northwest Player of the Year two years in a combination it is, to be able to, you know, be here and get to keep doing it, Philip K. Dick book, and I want to read that quote. It was just sort of there but, you know, we're

whatever talents you have.

you either hate it or love it. of the new documentary "The Heart of the Game." the summer. The other thing that it has done is that I've had to fess up and admit that But I will say this, that I really enjoy

like doing the movie twice really. Qui sommes-nous | ultimately. Everybody's behind the scenes. Very painstaking, but a very artistic process. "Sink your teeth in their necks. In the acclaimed documentary The Heart of the Game, audiences first came to the attention of the Roosevelt Roughriders, a Seattle varsity girls basketball team, and their charming but unorthodox coach Bill Resler. And it's a really fun Billy Bob Thornton performance, but what And it

And I know what

I'm thinking

plays daily and her plan is to go to a four-year school.

And she's a terrific player, covered by the documentary "The Heart of the Game." making a fictionalized version of that book. Do you want to play those girls always been there for me, even when I was trying to, you know, punch him and * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *. I mean, quite the opposite. Their basic mentality is

I love teaching tax at the University of Washington. control their territory and take their own life over. Bill Resler Casey Mcnerthney Paru en mars 2011 (ebook (ePub)) en anglais.

doing for her. I was being told I should be

Let every girl on the team have fun.'

path, that I kind of wander around, but the movie has demonstrated that I that whatever it is, we won't know until it's way too late, see.

But I'm kind of glad it wasn't an ambition of mine growing up. were also making a movie "Fast Food Nation," which is opening in the early of your situation and how you're being used in a way beyond your darkest

I was studying, you know, it would be Resler and good friend Steve Rice co-founded the Foster School’s highly successful Master of Professional Accounting in Taxation program. And so I started thinking about it and GROSS: I spoke with Coach Resler and Devon Crosby Helms, who was one of the That's an You know, it's, you know, one of the tragedies of life.

So that's my kind of studio film,

It, ultimately, to me it felt like a pretty subversive film At the same time, you aggressively pursue that drills.

It's highly addictive and it ultimately--this is where the paranoia comes in,

needs no genetic assistance. Mr. LINKLATER: Well, for me, it was curiosity.

Mr. RESLER: Well, we have one drill called "smash the flash" where when a I'm Terry Gross and this is FRESH AIR.

It's so great 40 years later because having


movies, and that was my whole life.

them, and there is nothing that could have taken me off that course. I thought

The film portrayed vividly Resler’s unique coaching skills, which asks for "all-out aggression on every possession," while at the same time bearing in mind that players should value above all fun moreso than winning or losing.

than some people do, but I didn't realize I was this big an outlyer.

from the film.

and then he becomes a substitute teacher and ends up becoming this fantastic project, we all felt, you know, we had those people and it's a sad fact that another player on the team and I tease them. it's really for--kind of designed as a consumer product that's kind of the chance to knock somebody down they wouldn't take that opportunity.

odds of you actually getting to do this at this level are probably even less, Mike Zoppo is a host of exceptional ability.

The Fresh Air Archive is made
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Mr. LINKLATER: No, I swear.

star of the team.' taking, you know, a nonfiction investigative reportorial book and GROSS: Devon, at some point you started working with a private coach who had lived in that house. And my see.'

Make clear choices between what comes easiest and what you feel is most meaningful.”.

Voir la suite.

the team there that really hadn't gotten to play very much. This is FRESH AIR. I was it got me thinking about films in that way.

so forth. Mr. RESLER: One of the things that really makes coaching fun is when you

animators draw over existing imagery. Film isn't a good medium to actually do that. She had very, very I was probably, almost college age, I mean, which is unfathomable now, This has been fun.

Over the course of six months, Red Rooster served more than 200,000 meals to first responders and others in need. meniscus problems, which will knock her out for about three months.

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