Bowser Jr. From Brawl onwards, however, the attack can be angled by holding the control stick or C-stick in the desired angle as the move's charging period ends. It can reflect projectiles if timed correctly.
Attacks with a two-handed, downward sword slash.

A spinning kick where he slightly reels back beforehand. Rears his head back and then performs a powerful forwards headbutt. Creates a portal just behind her to summon. You can discuss this issue on the talk page or edit this page to improve it. Super Smash Bros. Starting in Melee, forward smashes can be charged for a maximum of one second (or 60 frames), resulting in up to 1.4× the damage and knockback. Slashes downwards and inwards with their sword. Throws a cross, a downwards body blow, or a wide-angled uppercut, depending on the angle.

The Ramram offers a larger hitbox with more active frames, the Megawatt possesses incredible power at the cost of range, and the Dragon features a laser when held down. A change from his old down aerial.

If active, Arsene swings both his arms downwards in an X-shaped slash. Takes out an RPG-7, aims it at the ground in front of himself, and then detonates a rocket at his feet. Forward Throw: Extended launch distance. This article or section may require competitive expertise. Leans forwards while holding a large bowling ball, then drops it to strike the area beneath. It also now has a bite hitbox in its ending animation, punishing foes who attempt to DI close to him to punish the ending lag. This can be angled upwards or down. Leans far forwards and performs a tremendously long-ranged whip crack with the full length of the Vampire Killer. Thrusts his palm forwards and unleashes an electric explosion. Lifts Ragnell over himself and slams it onto the ground. From SmashWiki, the Super Smash Bros. wiki, This attack has considerable starting and ending lag, however, it's one of Bowser's strongest attacks. Bowser can use his down-smash or the quake hitbox on his up-smash to hit foes attempting to roll into him; the latter can keep foes close for another Koopa Klaw. Performs an inward reverse-grip slash with a water blade. In Ultimate, they can be held for an additional two seconds (120 frames) upon reaching full charge.

Defeat Giga Bowser in World of Light.With the exception of the third method, Bowser must then be defeated on Mushroom Kingdom U.

Can meteor smash. The shockwave can lead into most aerials, an up-tilt, or a down- or up-smash. Ultimate: Definitive Edition/List of Spirits, The unseen gunman fires off three consecutive shots of increasing distance from the dog and duck, who comically try to dodge them. Due to his weight, his recovery is lackluster, and he can be easily overwhelmed. Instead of conventional sweetspots and sourspots, Min Min instead deals more damage with her forward smash while it is traveling than when it first starts moving and is fully extended.

Bowser is mostly unchanged from his Smash 4 appearance, with his moveset having slight changes. Stabs forwards with the Monado, then opens up its physical blade to stab a second time with the light beam hidden within it. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The keystone of Bowser's combo potential is Koopa Klaw, which returns from Melee with some reworking. This is also complimented with his Tough Guy ability, which prevents him from being flinched by weak attacks while he has low damage. One of his quickest aerials, and is used for his spacing game. One of his most powerful aerials in terms of usefulness.

Furthermore, the first hit of Link's forward smash in, In addition to possessing three different variants based on. Even if Bowser can't get his opponent to make a mistake, Bowser's long range and Super Armor allows him to be safe and barrel through his opponent's defenses. Plants its vines onto the ground and uses them to vault itself forwards for a full-body tackle. Swings Falchion straight downwards in a wide arc from behind him onto the ground in front of him. Punches fowards, extending his arm. Rushes in, and performs a forward kick. From SmashWiki, the Super Smash Bros. wiki, She can use them consecutively. Swings his knife downwards in front of himself while leaning forwards. Leans forwards and performs a double palm thrust, blasting aura outwards alongside it.
Its range and damage increases with the charge. Forward Throw: Extended launch distance. Causes an earthquake when coming down. Bowser Jr.

At full charge, when hit clean and sweetspotted, it has enough power to KO any character at 35% from the middle of Final Destination; this is popularly seen as a punish option on opponents that have had their shield broken by Bowser Bomb. Performs two quick jumping kicks, moving slightly forwards. Play VS. matches, with Bowser being the 3rd character to be unlocked. A two-hit natural combo, with the second slash requiring a second press of the A button. From SmashWiki, the Super Smash Bros. wiki < Bowser Jr. (SSBU) Jump to:navigation, search. Performs an aerial cartwheel. Bowser (バウザー, Koopa) is a playable starting veteran in Super Smash Bros. Swich, returning from the Super Mario series. Cracks a party popper, causing an explosion of confetti in front of herself.

Unleashes an electric spark from its cheeks.

2. He was confirmed along with Mario, and Peach as one of the first characters to be revealed for the game. A rock remix of the Stage Clear theme seen in the Mario series.

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