Sam is still gay. I folded it and slipped it under the rest of my emotional clutter. Release date TBA. So we are coming closer to Duncan Lacroix. What the fuck happened on the fake, chaperoned Omaze date? It’s ongoing. Popcorn Talk Network is comprised of the leading members and personalities of the film press and community including E!’s Maria Menounos.Current Roster or Shows:-Anatomy of a Movie-Box Office Breakdown-Meet the Movie Press-Guilty Movie Pleasures-Marvel Movie News-DC Movie News-Action Movie Anatomy-Watchalong Series! I've read elsewhere that in some cases an actor can be paying up to 50% of their earnings to their body of agents etc. And other hob nobs from England. If it’s only about money then it’s fine but it seems to be a bit more. But still, suspended in all this privilege, I balked. again, maybe. This is so strange and the question remains why do Shatner and Camuso want him to look straight so badly? The devoted Gabaldon readers may link the Whisky with the books , which would give the product a greater shelf life as there are at least 2 more books to come.. Heughan may spend the next 20 years being a business man rather than an actor. r116, r117 Yes, possible reasons for going to Dublin, but more likely he dropped in to meet up with Nic Rasenti, the South African guy, who is making a movie in Dublin - photos of them there on Rasenti's IG. SAM. I smiled after the tears stopped. H R H likes to involve entertainers with the " common touch " in his charitable foundation work [ think of Ant and Dec ], helps him reach a wider audience and of course they must be very flattered to be asked. Heughan and Jennifer Allen remind me of "pup play" fetishists... R206 Is everybody happy. Duncan stepped in his life probaly 5 years ago. Honestly, it's kind of pathetic. "Wish no one felt the need to have beards. We could do a recap with all the receipts that have being posted in these threads about Heughan being gay ;)). It will be interesting when he finally disengages from OL and broadens his fanbase away from the OL obsessives who are so caught up in their Jamie fantasies - better for him in the long run, no matter how much money he makes from it. No not likely to be a monk if you are right. I am not a great believer of his acting skills if it comes outside of his gay vibe. Maybe he attended the dogs euthanasia with her. And anyway, why should I have to say anything? He's stringing them along because it profits him to do so. Hate has no place in the United States — and on November 3rd we will prove that. One of his groups has that same intense "no talking about his private life" rules and they get very bent out of shape even with the most my minor violation of the rule. Fancy having to hide and plan carefully your every move? Suddenly these have all been deleted from her archived IG stories. I assume he would send her a personal message or that he would've called her. At last I can post again! The site is obviously written by non-English native speakers, and has her age out by 10 years. Jennifer Allen Viewpoint moved on in selling gay actor Sam Heughan to a wider target group long ago. Just a thought. [quote]With all that working out he does and the testosterone flowing, he’s gotta be getting some somewhere......I wish someone would snap a photo of Sam and his man. 4. r487 "He just can't win"? R423 agree that the speech is horrible! They’re not real, they’re just fancy acknowledgements. Unless he has the world's longest index finger on his right hand, looks like he's boning away again. The Order of Release 1746 - Sir John Everett Millais, ( 1829-1896 ). There have been rumours about Duncan's sexuality for quite some time. This is something for a retired elder gay somewhere at a sunny place. Exactly the same that happened with MM after Sam paraded Luke Neal in trips, parties and Outlander events in 2016. Who can really believe that this man is straight? I can’t believe we have fallen for this fucking game yet again. Lovely Sam That’s just lovely! He is not into women, so where should his sense come from to value them. But I'll give you that he's a pro at shilling products. Hi all. he's being seen with a different woman at every event he attends. Sam is in Dublin. So he’s not pretending to be something he’s not because he’s not currently bearding. I'm finding it totally engrossing but at the same time horribly sad to watch Heughan engage in persistent positioning and manipulation of his [ sexual ] image through social media. Who did them and when is not at all clear. It is not so new. Studios know this as well. At the same time I am totally into his persona as I am sure many of you guys are also . In the meantime even the last standing Tumblr accounts die like flies or are openly discussing his gayness. Longtime tumblr places shipping Balfe with Heughan took their personal conclusions that Sam is gay. Sam's been silent on SM the past few days....time for some contemplation I hope. I bet it got interesting which is why she’s shut down. I thought he made a " cock munching " comment sometime somewhere . Can’t find anything about it... 1. I don't think he can have it both ways in the end. Please send a email to, and explain shortly why you want see that content removed. Sam is so good in those commercials. [quote] we bumped into Sam Heughan a while back in a Starbucks in London and he heavily pinged on the old gaydar, quite surprised he’s having to tout himself as 100% straight!! I am still on the train that he has some kind of a genetical disposition for the "Marfane Syndrome".. Scroll down to the bottom of the comments until you see the words newer and newest next to the number of comments on the right. Obviously, they decided that my site was no longer acceptable and they set up specific rules so that tumbex users no longer have access to the contents of tumblr. Bearder is manufacturing a heterosexual PR relationship (the “Relation ship”) using innuendo only For public exhibition. Yes, but his boyfriends and close male friends from the good old times -when Sam was openly gay/in the glass closet (Luke Neal, Fergus,Matt ....) have been 'scrubbed' -and going dark in SM for homophobic reasons since Sam's PR team is trying to straightwash him. Lol. Will Doctor Sam tell to the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland students that, like him, they can be openly gay while studying or being an unknown theatre actor in UK but if they want to make it in Hollywood, they'll have to bury themselves in the closet? I really don’t know what to make of the continued claim that MacKenzie was in the “VIP section” at NYCC on Saturday October 6th. Since he came out as a card-carrying cult member (and batshit crazy to boot) I haven't been able to watch him in anything. So if that boner they keep raising (so to speak) is going to be claimed as absolute proof that he is straight etc etc, looks like there could well be another explanation, even if they don't like it. I suspect he is over OL but he needs it as backup. Really tidied up his social media’s after this. “You’ll regret it”, “actors take what they can get”, “I was never academic etc. How old are you? Why so concerned? Sam hueghan is the actor. I also didn't like the casting for Claire. But can someone also explain to me what it is with Sam and all these women in thongs and their ass-first IG posts? Click on the title of any post. Did all this becoming famous thing, the closeting, denying being gay and the bearding also caught a breakup with his gay pals? I think it’s something that we all aspire to and aim for so, yeah, I would like to think it’s real and I’d like to think that one day I could have that myself. But he’s not a monk. On this man's Facebook page, you can find posts about him being in Thailand a few years ago, and it doesn't appear he was alone or that it was his first trip. 'Samtina' seems to have faded away, with a new focus on Heughan and Hannah James - photo of them in a group of some OL actors and others, with them 'maybe' holding hands. Sad to say, but I'm only one off from someone who saw him in England in April being enthusiastically sexually responsive to a woman . This is reality for gay actor Sam Heughan at those days. How bad is it if JA has to chaperone him like that? Or JA did it, whatever. Some of those on tumblr who don't believe that the wedding took place have also seen that the shill was in dubious taste and add that the photo looks odd and fake (yeh, there is a bit of a fuzzy white edge around him in some parts although that doesn't always mean photoshop). He’s acting kind and polite with his fans and Peakers but it’s obvious he doesn’t really like cons or his fans(being in Dublin because of the EMF). He is a very lucky guy in the moment earning his money for a whealthy rest of his life. His company is not a charity but that is what it says in the articles mentioning him getting the degrees. And sadly, dear PR Oracle (adore you by the way) is still divided with shippers shipping, antis being antis and everyone else.

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