The multibeam tessellation unit shown with circles depicting the half-power points of beams. (1992) and Johnston et al.!forum/barycorrpy. The periodicity search itself was based on that of the Parkes Southern Pulsar Survey (Manchester et al. The spin parameters of the newly discovered systems are similar to those of pulsars previously known in the search region. Moreover, by conducting a survey at high frequencies one is sensitive to pulsars with flatter spectra that were missed in earlier surveys. Among the most interesting new objects are two recycled pulsars with massive white dwarf companions (Edwards & Bailes 2001b), four with probable low-mass He dwarf companions, two isolated MSPs, and one ‘slow’ pulsar with a very narrow pulse profile and small period derivative, suggestive of recycling in a scenario similar to those of the known double neutron star systems (Edwards & Bailes 2001a). Principally, a 3D position-fix could be derived from observations from three different pulsars located in different parts of the sky, but in reality more would be required. Copyright © 2020 by IOP Publishing Ltd and individual contributors, Explore all the latest news and information on Physics World, Keep track of the most exciting research breakthroughs and technology innovations, Stay informed about the latest developments that affect scientists in all parts of the world, Take a deeper look at the emerging trends and key issues within the global scientific community, Discover the stories behind the headlines, Enjoy a more personal take on the key events in and around science, Plan the meetings and conferences you want to attend with our comprehensive events calendar, Consider your career options with valuable advice and insightful case studies, Find out whether you agree with our expert commentators, Discover the views of leading figures in the scientific community, Find out who’s doing what in industry and academia, Explore the value of scientific research for industry, the economy and society, Find out how recent scientific breakthroughs are driving business innovation and commercial growth, Learn about novel approaches to educating and inspiring the scientists of the future, Understand how emerging policy changes could affect your work and career, Follow the latest progress at the world’s top scientific experiments, A round-up of the latest innovation from our corporate partners, Explore special collections that bring together our best content on trending topics, Our contribution to the global media initiative in the run-up to the UN Climate Action meeting, Explore the latest trends and opportunities associated with designing, building, launching and exploiting space-based technologies, Learn how scientists are exploiting bioprinting and biofabrication to create artificial organs and tissues for the medicine of the future, The challenges and opportunities of turning advances in nanotechnology into commercial products, Experiments that probe the exotic behaviour of matter at ultralow temperatures depend on the latest cryogenics technology, Interdisciplinary research on local and global environmental challenges, plus solutions for creating more sustainable technologies and societies, Find out how scientists are exploiting digital technologies to understand online behaviour and drive research progress, Find out how a new crop of quantum technologies is set to make waves in the commercial world, Explore the sights and sounds of the scientific world, Our regular conversations with inspiring figures from the scientific community, Watch our specially filmed videos to get a different slant on the latest science, Tune into online presentations that allow expert speakers to explain novel tools and applications, This e-mail address will be used to create your account, Register to unlock all the content on the site, Meteorite impacts did not magnetize the Moon’s crust, new simulations reveal, Astronomers propose telescope to monitor Betelgeuse dimming, ‘Mutual detectability’ will improve the search for extraterrestrial civilizations, United Kingdom | Scottish Universities Physics Alliance, Nanotech France 2020 International Conference and Exhibition, International Conference on Green Chemistry and Renewable Energy. In the case of results from this survey, the plethora of interference signals across the spectrum resulted in the misinterpretation of many pulsars as interference. Two pulsars show very regular drifting subpulses and are analysed in detail elsewhere (Ord et al., in preparation). 8 shows the distribution of S/Ns in the best detections of new and previously known pulsars.

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