Echo In The Canyon, Beck, Jakob Dylan. You may occasionally receive promotional content from the Los Angeles Times. On the whole, it seems as if Slater and Dylan were not sure what they wanted the movie to be. Jakob Dylan & Jade Castrinos), The Bells of Rhymney (feat. There is, though, one cagey bit in which Crosby talks about the Byrds doing “Mr. (There are several books and movies that paint that picture thoroughly, including Michael Walker’s 2007 book “Laurel Canyon: The Inside Story of Rock-and-Roll’s Legendary Neighborhood,” Harvey Kubernik’s 2009 tome “Canyon of Dreams” and portions of Barney Hoskyns’ 1996 “Waiting for the Sun: A Rock & Roll History of Los Angeles.”), Instead. Treasures all, especially in their original forms. “Even if it wasn’t true, it looked true. A second blaze started hours later in Corona and forced evacuations in Yorba Linda. Download on Amazon - The Bells of Rhymney (feat. Dylan, left, and Slater have been friends since the music manager began working with the Wallflowers frontman in the early ‘90s. Jakob Dylan & Beck), You Showed Me (feat. Starring: Jakob Dylan, Ringo Starr, Michelle Phillips Those would be the years between 1964 and 1967, which encompass the prime of folk-rock, the music made when the Byrds played the songs of Pete Seeger and Bob Dylan with an electrified jangle. But what was being in that world really like — the energy of the spontaneous get-togethers and drop-ins at neighbors houses in which songs were created and shared, the chance encounters at the Country Store or other places that led to collaborations, the romances and breakups that inspired many songs, the drugs that enlivened and destroyed the creative environment? David Crosby, left, speaks to Dylan about his time in Laurel Canyon in a scene from the film. “Maybe in a sense, we were rejecting the contemporary music business — or the contemporary music business was rejecting us,” Slater said, now steering his car out of the canyon and toward some old recording studios on Sunset Boulevard. If it was, indeed, about life in the Canyon being comparable to that in Gertrude Stein’s Paris, then a stronger, deeper case needed to be made. He said he’s normally asked about his father at the end of an interview, and that ends up being the headline of the story, so he tries to avoid “the curiosity factor — my background growing up, which is usually less about me than it is about somebody else.”. I don’t think bands act or behave like that anymore,” added Dylan. A lot of people are nervous to step off the treadmill, but it’s been a nice diversion from the same ol’, same ol’. Jakob Dylan (left) and Tom Petty in a still from Echo in the Canyon. Music Reviews: Various Artists – ‘Echo in the Canyon’, plus the Claudettes, David Childers, Hot Club of Los Angeles. Or more to the point, who isn’t — specifically Joni Mitchell, an artist as identified with the rich legacy of that landscape as anyone. Slater didn’t need to get every last Canyon musician on camera, but to avoid mentioning many of them altogether is a total dereliction of duty. Slater, meanwhile, is keen to continue directing. “So maybe there is some voodoo in Laurel Canyon,” Slater suggested. While he’d worked on music videos before, he didn’t feel he knew enough about the craft to tackle the job. What was that movie even about? Dylan, whose last album was released in 2012, said he was eager to get back to his “normal job” after the movie is released. I haven’t heard the word ‘preproduction’ in like 20 years. Instead, they wanted to go back even further, to what Slater calls the “initial age of innocence,” when Roger McGuinn saw the Beatles in “A Hard Day’s Night” and picked up an electric 12-string guitar. Jakob Dylan & Neil Young), Expecting To Fly (feat. They stumbled across a movie on TCM called “Model Shop,” a 1969 Jacques Demy film about a young man finding himself in Los Angeles. 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But it wouldn’t be long before the music manager’s penchant for partying got the best of him. If it was about the making of the album and/or concert, then structure it that way, with those ventures inspiring the exploration of the culture and personalities behind the songs. Curiously, one that resonated after seeing the movie was the Byrds’ “Goin’ Back,” written by Gerry Goffin and Carole King just after King moved to the Canyon. Get the Indie Focus newsletter, Mark Olsen's weekly guide to the world of cinema. They’d cruise around together in the Firebird, trying to figure out what the singer wanted to record. “You know, there’s not much to look at here, anyway,” Slater said, as the car lurched toward the English country cabin where Mama Cass Elliot, the late Mamas and the Papas member, had lived. Greenwich Entertainment Some music is so ingrained in our collective minds that it's … Jakob Dylan, Stephen Stills and More Gather to Celebrate Laurel Canyon’s ‘Echo’ Roger McGuinn, Ringo Starr, Cat Power and others also turned up for premiere of … “You’re asking a lot of people to look back 50 years and tell you what it was like,” he said. Orange County under siege by wildfires; 2 firefighters gravely burned. Not long after, he and Dylan were hanging out one night, flipping through the channels on television. Slater had been driving his convertible up and down Laurel Canyon for the better part of an hour, stopping in front of historic homes once owned by the likes of Stephen Stills and Micky Dolenz in the ‘60s. In “The Craft: Legacy,” writer-director Zoe Lister-Jones reboots the 1996 goth favorite but can’t quite pull it off. “It’s still not easy to ask. Dylan, of course, had a different vantage point on Hollywood. Sacha Baron Cohen: ‘It was pretty clear to us’ what Rudy Giuliani did in new ‘Borat’. He wasn’t asked to appear in the movie, nor has he seen it yet. Variety and the Flying V logos are trademarks of Variety Media, LLC. By the time I came along years later, I don’t think anything looked or felt the same. Does that soften the landing? The non-musical highlights by and large are the vivid tales of that life. Jakob Dylan & Regina Spektor). Echo In The Canyon celebrates the explosion of popular music that came out of LA’s Laurel Canyon in the mid-60s as folk went electric and The Byrds, The Beach Boys, Buffalo Springfield and The Mamas and the Papas gave birth to the California Sound. Because he is a fellow musician, Dylan said, his subjects may have “felt more free” opening up to him on camera than they might with a journalist. Certainly there are plenty of non-musicians who were there who could have shared their memories to fill out the artists’ pictures. Jakob Dylan & Norah Jones), It Won't Be Wrong (feat. And in my phone — because I’m respectful of people — his initials are the same as Elvis Costello, so I do get confused sometimes with which one I’m trying to talk to. “None of these people were allowed to get in the studio until they had proper songs. I know — I sound awful when I say that.”. But it feels like you’re going to get something done. Wallflowers frontman Jakob Dylan, right, and former Capitol Records CEO Andrew Slater made “Echo in the Canyon,” a documentary about the influential music scene in Laurel Canyon … McGuinn shared some great glimpses into the genesis of L.A. folk-rock. He moved there because he wanted to be surrounded by mountains and trees — not because he was trying to harness any magical music vibes that might be floating around. “Holidate” knows it’s hitting every branch as it falls down the cliché tree. I wish I was recording something.”. The Wallflowers frontman was sitting in the passenger seat of a silver 1967 Pontiac Firebird next to his longtime friend and manager, Andrew Slater. “I don’t feel ghosts or anything. That’s at the core of the imbalances in the celebrated new rock doc “Echo in the Canyon”: It’s a movie with too much Beach Boys and Beatles — as strange as it seems to make a complaint of that — and not enough of the people who really lived in the Canyon.

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