Rackham tells him that he has actually been the fleet commander of the Third Invasion and that he just destroyed the buggers completely. If I break this rule, they'll never let me be a commander. It means that mankind really had a right to destroy the buggers. There is much irony in Ender's final battle because by then he has given up. The next day Mazer Rackham introduces himself to Ender by attacking him and subduing him, explaining to the boy that he will be his teacher because he will be his enemy. At the end, when Ender was destroying them, the buggers tried to communicate with him. Rackham explains why the buggers stopped fighting after he attacked a single ship—he destroyed the queen ship. He is sad because he destroyed the buggers, and he did not want to hurt anyone. Graff points out that it was necessary for Ender to be ready. He did not want to hurt anyone and now has destroyed an entire race without his knowledge. (probably has something to do with the fact that the buggers Aiua needed to connect directly to Enders, without the philotic web in between.). It makes sense to me that the buggers would choose a planet that was nearest to humans to leave their message. Ender is lonely and tired, but he does not stop. He looks at it like a game, and he cheats in it, and the cheating is what allows him to win the war.

It would be too dangerous. Anyways, when they realized that they could not talk to Ender directly, the came up with a plan to send him a message another way. command by questioning the three month vacation that he let Ender take. Proximity; as in the later books the Hive Queen can only communicate with Ender (and other humans) when they're close to her. His finest moment, I must say. After the final battle, Ender spent some time on Eros, and then boarded a colony ship with Val to one of the distant bugger worlds. Time and time again he is put in a situation where the only way out is to play the game a way it is not played. At the end, when Ender was destroying them, the buggers tried to communicate with him. Explain the whole Ender becoming speaker for the dead thing. I would only add to the 'freak accident' of ending up on the planet where the buggers left a message. "I don't care if I pass your test, I don't care if I follow your rules. You may be looking for other uses of Ender's Game. Then he sees the battle, and he despairs, for he is vastly outnumbered. Throughout the book, Ender has been a part of games, and the end of the novel blurs the distinction between game and reality. Rackham tells him that he is preparing more and more complex simulations and that Ender cannot quit because winning is everything. leaders knew that, and that is why they had to make it seem like a game. Chamrajnagar tells Graff of their plans for Ender, and Graff says he is only there to help the boy. Ender sleeps through the five days of war on earth and when he awakens, the Locke Proposal (put forth by Peter to settle the war) has been accepted and all of his friends are there to tell him what he has missed. After a year Ender finds it easy, and he says so to Graff. Ender's Game is the first novel in the Ender Quintet, preceding Ender in Exile. Ender dreams strange dreams about the buggers and he has difficulty sleeping. Ender's final game, in terms of war, is his last battle against the buggers. However as they are buggers, and he is human, it didn't work.

Welcome to r/ender, the community for Orson Scott Card's Enderverse series. Again and again Ender has triumphed over impossible odds by coming up with a brilliant solution that breaks the rules of the game, but in doing so, his anger was always directed at the game itself. In this game Ender starts commanding a single fighter but soon is in charge of an entire fleet. Admiral Chamrajnagar welcomes Colonel Graff to I.F. I'll never have to play a game again. It's not quite a freak accident. He thinks there should have been a way to save mankind without war, and if left to himself he would avoid conflict.

Press J to jump to the feed. His brother recognized the style, asked Ender to write a book about him. He feels only sadness and anger. Ender's final game, in terms of war, is his last battle against the buggers. He looks at it like a game, and he cheats in it, and the cheating is what allows him to win the war.

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