[49][50], The majority of Fanny Mendelssohn's compositions are limited to lieder and piano pieces as she felt her abilities did not extend to larger, more intricate compositions. 8.[65]. She received her first piano instruction from her mother, who had learned the Berlin Bach tradition through the writings of Johann Kirnberger, a student of Johann Sebastian Bach. [75], Letter of 16 July 1820, in Hensel (1884), I p. 82, Letter to Lea Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, 24 June 1837. She was baptised as a Christi… At the age of 17 she fell in love with a struggling painter, Wilhelm Hensel. There, in 1816, Fanny and her younger brother… Read Full Biography. In a letter to her brother she described attending the rehearsals and "suffering and champing at the bit [...] as I heard the whining and [the accompanist's] dirty fingers on the piano [...] They started [the passage] "mache dich auf" at half the right tempo, and then I instinctively called out, "My God, it must go twice as fast!" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0md39YUymGQ, https://www.thinglink.com/scene/368436133115199488. In the words of the music historian Kristine Forney, in this period "social assumptions about women long discouraged them from composing (and limited their public performances)". "[15] Visitors to the Mendelssohn household in the early 1820s, including Ignaz Moscheles and Sir George Smart, were equally impressed by both siblings.[16][17]. "[15] Visitors to the Mendelssohn household in the early 1820s, including Ignaz Moscheles and Sir George Smart, were equally impressed by both siblings.[16][17]. In the six months before his death, Felix attempted to ensure that his sister received the recognition that had been withheld throughout most of her life by collecting many of her works with the intent of releasing them to the public through his publisher, Breitkopf & Härtel. Andante con moto, Postlude: Chorale "Das alteJahrvergangenist". H. B. and C. L. E. Cox, Sterndale Bennett, R.(1955) "The Death of Mendelssohn", in, This page was last edited on 27 October 2020, at 20:50. Her link with Bach Portrait of composer Johann Sebastian Bach. Her Easter Sonata was inaccurately credited to her brother in 1970, before new analysis of documents in 2010 corrected the error. One of these songs, "Italy", was a favourite of Queen Victoria, who thought Felix had written it. Mendelssohn's use of word painting is also acknowledged as a common element of her style, a method of stressing emotion in the song text. Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. I have always been his only musical adviser, and he never writes down a thought before submitting it to my judgment.

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