Chapter 1. So far I've not had that much of a struggle with Hard Mode, there's been a few rough patches but after 1 or 2 tries I get over the hurdle and move on. Try the strategy that ShotgunMIkey posted that I replied to. I'm trying to conserve all the MP I can b/c there's 4 boss fights coming, so attempting to substitute Prayer for Healing - but I'm getting interrupted so much I doubt I could cast much anyways.

Upon completing Final Fantasy VII Remake the first time, you’ll unlock chapter select and hard mode. Whittle him down with Fire spells and the occasional one-two punch, saving your big direct-damage abilities for use when he's pressured. Published May 4, 2020, 11:02 p.m. Blocking all day is no longer entirely effective at this point, and you need to carefully pick your opportunities to go on the offensive. The fight's basic plan is still in place in Hard Mode. He has won World War II 49 separate times. Roche also does a comedic amount of damage on Hard Mode. Final Fantasy VII Remake. Ghoul - Hard Mode Chapter 12 Tips. I just got to this point, and I can confirm, this is the correct strategy for this fight. So far I've not had that much of a struggle with Hard Mode, there's been a few rough patches but after 1 or 2 tries I get over the hurdle and move on. Roche continually pressures you with strikes from his sword, and will very occasionally back off and harass you with magic. You'll want to stay at or above 5000 HP as much as possible, as a couple of Roche's attacks can easily knock off 2600 to 2800 of your HP if they hit clean. Final Fantasy VII Remake Hard Mode: Defeating Roche. Yeah but even with lifesaver how do I not die in 10 seconds.thats not long enough to build any ATB to even do Counterstance or triple slash. Stick around on Prima Games for more tips, such as: More RPG bosses should be nice enough to restore your health before the fight. I have Gotterdammerung on Cloud, along with First Strike & Time, with Elemental + Lightning on both Cloud & Barrett (on their weapons) along with 2 MP Ups &: 2 HP Ups, and both have Prayer.

what about when no maxed warding, second tip? No other setup required. 49.

Pissing me off. That goes double for Roche on Hard Mode, which can be a pure brick wall between you and clearing Chapter 4. This room/encounter is the hardest part of the entire game for me so far, in part because of the MP restriction and the need to conserve most of my MP for the future boss fights. are you sure this works? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Makes you immune to stop. I've tried casting Stop on the first Sledgeworm I see and nailing it with Ascension but even that's not enough to take it down and then I just get stopped/poisoned/stagger-locked and die. Now, he's harder to stun, his attack speed goes up, and gains a rushing slash that you can't counterattack with Punisher Mode. Even better, when you block Roche's Plunge and Combustion Sword skills while in Cloud's Punisher Mode, you'll automatically launch a counterattack for some free, decent damage. Sledgeworm was the only monster I had real trouble with in hard mode, this strategy worked first time, wish I'd thought of it myself .

For your duel with him, you'll need to be careful, patient, and smart. I never knew this, or thought about it. Wow. If you need mp, find boxes, break them, save then reload they respawn and repeat. By completing the Main Story quests up to Chapter 18, you'll gain access to Hard Mode. Even if you just sit there and block everything in phase 1, his standard attacks can hit for around 100, and a lightning spell might take 900. I didn’t even notice, I just spam triple slashes to whoever is available. Scorpion Sentinel - Hard Mode. Chapter 14. Play as conservatively as you can during the rest of Jessie's mission. You receive an Elixir on all difficulties for beating Roche. Be sure to use HP and MP Up Materia on Cloud; ideally, you want to go into hard-mode Roche with 9900 or more HP. I've reloaded 3 times in front of boxes with Barret on his solo part and didn't got a single mako shard. All I did was give Barret Gottergammerung and used his limitbreak catastrophe. General Tips and Strategies.

He'll stand in place and wind up before he launches the rush, and if you can dodge it, you'll get a window of opportunity to land a few hits on Roche while he's recovering. If you're comfortable with the timing, you can also use Cloud's Counterstance ability, which you learn from leveling up his Twin Stinger, to block and punish Roche's Plunge for big damage. Remove this ad - … I make sure to use Steelskin of Barret and he’s always ready to cast prayer. Roche doesn't play quite as fair in Hard Mode and won't replenish your HP or MP before the fight. On Hard Mode, you also get The Art of Swordplay Vol. about

As with the Huntsman, you should also junction Fire Materia to your sword with Element, so your standard attacks target Roche's weakness. ... Hard Mode Final Fantasy VII Remake. It's easy to get into a bad situation where you need to drop a big emergency heal on yourself, but Roche finishes you off while you're in the Cura animation. That goes double for Roche on Hard Mode, which can be a pure brick wall between you and clearing Chapter 4.Here's how to beat him. He'll drop an Elixir on you when it begins to fully replenish your HP and MP. Check Out Other Endgame Content Here! Hard mode has been pretty decent just until now and I’m getting my ass handed to by these shit worms. Thanks!! Keep healing up as needed, defend at length, and wait for your chance to strike. In a way, this fight serves as a belated tutorial on the value of blocking in FF7R. Press J to jump to the feed. Since Roche is vulnerable to fire spells like most human opponents in FF7R, cast Fire whenever you've got an opening. You'll be able to select Hard Mode when accessing the Chapter Selection feature after clearing the game.. He likes survival horror, Marvel Comics, and 2D fighters, so that one part of Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite where Spider-Man teams up with Frank West and Chris Redfield was basically his fanboy apotheosis. Roche may be a pain to fight in the Final Fantasy VII remake, but at least he's sporting about it.

I do have time-magnify though. 25. I'm nearing the end, now, on Chapter 17 and I'm controlling Barrett & Cloud - taking on four Sledgeworms where in Normal you just had two right before fighting the brain orb mini-boss. New Hard Mode exclusive battles will also be unlocked at the Shinra Combat Simulator after beating the game!

Failed Experiment - Hard Mode. Eventually, he'll wear himself out and leave himself open for a few seconds. Here's how to beat him. 26. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Hard Mode.

Welcome to the unofficial subreddit for the Final Fantasy VII Remake! Roche's Stagger bar actually goes up fractionally whenever you block one of his sword hits. They cast stop? Thank you! 50. Final Fantasy 7 Remake post-game unlocks and endgame guide Not a traditional new game plus, but still plenty to unlock By Jeff Ramos Apr 24, 2020, 3:58pm EDT You're welcome.

Anyone got any tips they can share? Thomas has been writing about video games in one capacity or another since 2002. 27. Worked first time for me as well. This is a guide and walkthrough to Chapter 13: A Broken World, a story chapter in the game Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7R). We're still burning through a full guide for every challenge within the FF7 remake. Don't be afraid to let a fight wear on for a few seconds longer than it needs to so you can drop a Chakra or Pray on yourself for free healing, and smash as many crates as you can find for Mako shards. I've wiped 6 times now, most I wiped on any other encounter thus far was twice on Hell House. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Hopefully this works for you too. I’m literally stuck on the same part dude. Roche is one of the first difficult bosses in Final Fantasy VII Remake. Protective Boots, Lifesaver, counterstance and triple strike with lightning+elemental. Posting for anyone still having a problem on this, use protective boots to protect from stop, use chakra to clear poison and heal, and use elemental + Lightning to attack until they’re pressured, then use focus thrust with cloud, their stagger meter fills very quickly when they’re pressured, then it’s gg (for that one at least), New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the FFVIIRemake community.

Hard Mode Shinra Battles Also Unlocked.

This means that one of the first challenges here is to not use up too many of your available resources on the way towards the end of the chapter. The fight with Roche--technically the second fight, after your motorcycle clash--is a solo challenge with Cloud that plays out more like an extended duel than a traditional RPG boss fight. If you try to wade in and match him blow for blow, it won't end well for you; Roche's offensive pressure is just too consistent. ... Chapter 13 Tips.

VI Hard Mode - Found in the large ventilation fan, which is the same location that you would have found the Chocobo & Moogle Summon Materia . Don't burn any items or MP healing up before you step into the room with Roche. This worked well for me, got it on first try with this strategy. VI, one of Cloud's Manuscripts. I'm nearing the end, now, on Chapter 17 and I'm controlling Barrett & Cloud - taking on four Sledgeworms where in Normal you just had two right before fighting the brain orb mini-boss. Read on to learn locations of items, rewards for completing this chapter, as well as useful tips and strategies for getting through this part of the story. Wish I'd known sooner, I would've been a bit more loose with my MP. Chapter 6 - Hard Mode Difficulty Way of the Fist Vol. Where to find all the hidden Discovery quests, How to collect all the music discs and unlock the Disc Jockey Trophy. The Shinra battle VR with a single member was pretty easy but this one is a pain with 3 of them. You won't do much of anything to him with standard attacks besides slowly pick away at him, but you've got Limit Breaks and Firaga spells to wipe him off the map once he's staggered. Keep blocking Roche's moves in Punisher mode and whittle away at his Stagger bar, then lower the boom on him while he's vulnerable. If you've got another favorite RPG boss with a weird sense of honor--shout-out to General Belleza from Skies of Arcadia--talk them up with us on our official Twitter, @PrimaGames. It's also worth noting here that if you can clear the initial motorcycle chase in Chapter 4 without losing more than 20% of Cloud's health, you unlock the Biker Boy Trophy. Roche will progress to his second phase following a short cutscene. Chapter 1 Tips. Warding + Time materia.

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