Darkstar heals Rufus whenever you do much damage to him, so until the dog is put down, you won’t make much progress. What is the strategy here? Check out the rest of our Final Fantasy 7 Remake guides so you don’t miss a single secret or collectible.

Red XIII; Domino; Wedge; Sephiroth; Professor Hojo . Inside the Third Ward, get ready to face some Unknown Entities. Three strikes lets you hurt him without getting attacked back. Rufus and Darkstar have a bunch of tandem attacks, where the dog knocks you down or holds you up, and Rufus closes in for a shotgun blast and a lot of damage. Switch groups and head up to the door to the Third Ward, where you’ll also find a break room. As you escape the Shinra Tower, you’ll get chased down by another robot boss. In the second room at the end of this path, spin around and check the southeastern corner for a chest with two remedies inside. When you exit the Third Ward, go down the stairs and head south to another staircase to find a chest behind it, which contains an ether. In the next area, … We’re quickly nearing the end of Final Fantasy 7 Remake, but there are more bosses to fight and secrets to find along the way as the story ramps up toward its conclusion. After you fight two Zenenes, you’ll pass through a hallway into Robotics Testing.

Melee attacks are pretty ineffectual against this giant robot, which is basically all sawblades; Cloud’s sword will bounce off the sides of the creature, and it has a saw in its head that’s likely to mess you up if you’re in front of it. You can avoid the fire of Guns Akimbo if you run sideways, but it’s a riskier endeavor than just guarding. If the boss pulls ahead, reduce your speed a bit to avoid the electric bombs it drops on the highway ahead of you. Generally, Motor Ball doesn’t throw anything at you that you can’t see coming.

When the boss readies its “Primary Fire” attack, step out and shoot its cannon, the weak point. By Alexandria Turney 6 days ago. You need to hit him at a particular moment: when he reloads. Sorry, but you can’t access this content! Past the next door, open the chest to find the Twin Stinger weapon for Cloud. As you follow Tifa and Aerith out of the room, be sure to check the cells on either side of the hallway for chests with an Enfeeblement Ring accessory and a phoenix down. In the meantime, watch out for Jenova casting a Reflect spell on itself that will bounce your spells back at you; focus on the tentacles around the room instead.

You can pressure Darkstar with Punisher attacks, but the best way to push up its stagger meter is to damage Rufus. Make sure all four of your characters are outfitted with weapons and Materia before you leave Aerith’s room. It hides a Poison Materia at its end. This is because the entire game has been remade and now includes updated graphics, voice work, a new combat system, and additional content not in the original game. Keep an eye out for the Primary Fire attack, which you can interrupt by attacking the Arsenal’s main cannon, just like before. The good news is, there’s plenty of cover in the first part of the fight, allowing you avoid damage while you wait for your moment to attack. You want your guard up most of the time to stop Rufus’s quicker, smaller gunshots, while staying ready to dodge the big ones. In the room full of cages, go around the ones on the east wall to open a chest and get a mega-potion. Meanwhile, Jenova’s generally somewhat resistant to magic, so Aerith is best used as a support teammate here, although big spells will still hurt the boss as well. All other strikes will leave you vulnerable to his counters. Comment. It’ll regrow the tentacles periodically, so keep cutting them off to pressure it and get more damage in.

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