Any questions concerning the hurricane? We have seen after Katrina, after Maria, after even smaller disasters as well, that the approach that we’re taking to managing disasters is not sufficient to meet people’s needs across the country. Montano: There is a couple of ways of thinking about this. Indiana Task Force One is out there today doing assessments. This is — was a serious storm. We’ll probably be going on Saturday or Sunday, and we’ll be heading to Texas and Louisiana, and maybe an additional stop. It just became a tropical storm, 70 miles an hour, on the latest update. What needs to change in order to prevent this from happening as we move forward?

Here’s what matters to millennials.

Evacuation efforts. And again, I want to echo your thanks and admiration for this team and all the — all the first responders and state and local authorities that are represented here. There’s a chlorine fire in Lake Charles that is a focus of our attention to support the state of Louisiana with. I think you’ve heard Administrator Gaynor — I know the Vice President — time and time again: The best response to a disaster is one that is locally executed, state managed, and federally supported. We actually sent Homeland Security officers in to protect the courthouse because they were unable to protect the courthouse. MR. BIBO: Yes, sir. So that’ll either be on Saturday, a little bit in the afternoon, or Sunday. You know, heed the directions of your local emergency manager, your local elected officials. If you need even more incentive to leave, the last Category 4 hurricane to make U.S. landfall was Hurricane Harvey in 2017.
Also, they were impacted severely from Hurricane Harvey just a few years ago. Earther: So when we think of ways to be done or for frontline communities like Port Arthur that will keep getting hit every couple of years or so by devastating hurricanes in our warming climate, what does it look like? Having a strong hurricane hit the Gulf Coast in the middle of an active hurricane season is expected. That data gets into the models; it really helps us here at the Hurricane Center with our watches and warnings and the forecast.
Earther: Why is this such an issue? Lake Charles, La., had issued mandatory evacuations on Wednesday. THE PRESIDENT: Yeah, that’s really — it’s amazing.

It should go very quickly.

Because these disasters are happening more regularly and we’re seeing increased impacts and needs across the country, I think it is becoming more visible how inadequate this approach is. They’re up in the air; they’re conducting search-and-rescue assessments and other types of assessments. This is not at all a problem unique to Texas. THE PRESIDENT: Thank you very much, Pete. Earther: From the thread that you posted on Twitter, it seems that recovery is a recurring issue here, right? The Hurricane Center said storm surge inundation could be “unsurvivable,” affecting areas up 40 miles inland from the coast in southwest Louisiana and that floodwaters may not fully recede for several days after the storm.

The situation shows the way that disasters are piling on top of one another. But in addition, there is an issue with how the U.S. approaches recovery for individuals and households.

And Hurricane Laura brought that eyewall of 150-mile-an-hour winds. The second photo is today - a cleared road. And I’ll see you all tonight. Think of that. You can look at pictures of people who are showing up to get on a bus, and everyone’s wearing masks. We will put out the — the vandalism, because the vandalism and the looting is ridiculous to allow this to happen. I don’t understand, because all they have to do is call. So from FEMA staff that are here in this building, that are embedded with governors and their emergency operation centers in multiple states; Army Corps of Engineers with their power and roof teams that are on the ground, doing assessments; urban search-and-rescue teams. But with a maximum sustained wind of 150 miles an hour — and I saw last night it was up to 185 miles per hour, and I had never seen that before. But this is not just FEMA doing this; this is our great partners, like DOD, National Guard, EPA, SBA — you name it. But not only that — the heavy rainfall, and also the southerly flow that comes out of the Gulf of Mexico, piles up that water.

Some significant wind damage there. The Administrator mentioned we’ve actually forward-deployed plastic sheeting, and we’ll work with the Corps of Engineers in the coming days, as well as the state, to provide support to folks whose roofs have been damaged.

They rode out the storm in Lake Charles, which is in Calcasieu Parish. I was going to Texas. But Portland is a great example. THE PRESIDENT: How many buildings are like that building? Montano: There’s a couple of factors, but two major things here.

I was going to Louisiana, maybe Arkansas.

So I would encourage other states — or, sorry, other cities that are targets and that are experiencing this violence, particularly Portland — the governor needs to send in the National Guard, needs to step up and ask for help if they need it. There are the effects of the pandemic itself on people. There’s an urban search-and-rescue team, sir, from Indianapolis. These are all Democrat- run cities that should do this as they did, really, in Wisconsin. So if you combine the winds and that rain, those folks are going to still see some of those impacts. And there, sir, you can see the actual roof that was ripped off of the residence. Short Hurricane Jokes Q: What did the Hurricane Harvey say to Texas? Unemployment is an issue there right now, so people may not have the resources that are needed to evacuate. And as soon as they got there, the courthouse was protected, but we’d like to go a big step further than that. These hurricanes will continue to get worse every year, the result of global warming. THE PRESIDENT: It’s great, Mike. You'll receive e-mail when new stories are published in this series. One of the areas most at-risk from Laura is Port Arthur, Texas, an area that was also hard hit by Harvey. Today, China responded to Trump's sales of military equipment to Taiwan. But, Mr. President, I just would encourage people to keep — keep the people of Louisiana and Texas — and now Arkansas, where you’ve signed an emergency declaration as the tropical storm moves north — keep them in your prayers, but also keep in mind organizations like Red Cross that are also on the ground, that are providing assistance and support to all of the efforts for families. They’ve been assisting in the search-and-rescue efforts, delivering life-saving supplies, helping restore power to over 600,000 — is that a correct statement? I want to thank Chad Wolf.

So far, I’ve seen reporting locally saying that there are busses available for people who can’t afford to evacuate and they are limiting the number of people on a school bus to 15 so that you can still keep a distance while you’re evacuating. Entergy reports still about 80,000 customers in Calcasieu Parish are without electricity almost two weeks after Hurricane Laura made landfall. As you indicated, Mr. President, it’s one of the strongest hurricanes to ever hit this part of the country, but the experience, skill, and expertise of the entire DHS response and relief efforts have been mobilized, are in the field today responding. @JeffLindner1 #HurricanLaura, Just about everywhere you look you see trucks and workers continuing to restore power. We did have to evacuate one forecast office. They’re operating on generator power, and so far, so good, on that front.

It’s still moving north at 15 miles an hour.

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