We will not walk in fear, one of another. ... Don't be afraid to go in your library and read every book. And whose fault is that? A Republican and former McCarthy supporter, Gore cited the senator with subverting President Eisenhower's authority, disrespecting Wisconsin's own Gen. Ralph Wise Zwicker and ignoring the plight of Wisconsin dairy farmers faced with price-slashing surpluses. McCarthy said it was "wrong" to distribute it; though staffer Jean Kerr thought it was fine. "[54][55], There is some dispute about whether or not McCarthy actually gave the number of people on the list as being "205" or "57".

"[72] DCI Roscoe Hillenkoetter was called to Congress to testify on homosexuals being employed at the CIA. "[163], Mr. Costello, Hero was adapted in 1958 by X Minus One into a radio teleplay and broadcast on July 3, 1956. Several comedy songs lampooning the senator were released in 1954, including "Point of Order" by Stan Freberg and Daws Butler, "Senator McCarthy Blues" by Hal Block, and unionist folk singer Joe Glazer's "Joe McCarthy's Band", sung to the tune of "McNamara's Band". ]Mc­Carthy was a pop­u­lar speaker, in­vited by many dif­fer­ent or­ga­ni­za­tions, cov­er­ing a wide range of top­ics. Eisenhower refused, saying privately "nothing would please him [McCarthy] more than to get the publicity that would be generated by a public repudiation by the President. Senator Margaret Chase Smith, a Maine Republican, delivered her "Declaration of Conscience" on June 1, 1950, calling for an end to the use of smear tactics without mentioning McCarthy or anyone else by name. The Democratic candidate, William Proxmire, called the late McCarthy "a disgrace to Wisconsin, to the Senate, and to America". [47]

After being elected president, Eisenhower made it clear to those close to him that he did not approve of McCarthy and he worked actively to diminish his power and influence. [119], An increasing number of Republicans and conservatives were coming to see McCarthy as a liability to the party and to anti-communism. [83], During the Korean War, when President Truman dismissed General Douglas MacArthur, McCarthy charged that Truman and his advisors must have planned the dismissal during late-night sessions when "they've had time to get the President cheerful" on bourbon and Bénédictine.

The morphine was paid for by the Federal Bureau of Narcotics, right up to McCarthy's death.

McCarthy's methods also brought on the disapproval and opposition of many. Unlike many Democrats, John F. Kennedy, who served in the Senate with McCarthy from 1953 until the latter's death in 1957, never attacked McCarthy. His freewheeling style caused both the Senate and the Subcommittee to revise the rules governing future investigations, and prompted the courts to act to protect the Constitutional rights of witnesses at Congressional hearings. McCarthy hid the source of his list, stating that he had penetrated the "iron curtain" of State Department secrecy with the aid of "some good, loyal Americans in the State Department". He was far less well liked among fel­low sen­a­tors, how­ever, who found him quick-tem­pered and prone to im­pa­tience and even rage. [173], McCarthy remains a controversial figure. Marshall had been involved in American foreign policy with China, and McCarthy charged that Marshall was directly responsible for the loss of China to Communism. .] [146], Still, McCarthy continued to rail against Communism. It is necessary to investigate before legislating, but the line between investigating and persecuting is a very fine one, and the junior Senator from Wisconsin has stepped over it repeatedly. In Salt Lake City, Utah, a few days later, he cited a figure of 57, and in the Senate on February 20, 1950, he claimed 81.

"[4] It is believed that a Seabee heavy weapons platoon provided the fire support he needed that day. [9] In succeeding years after his 1950 speech, McCarthy made additional accusations of Communist infiltration into the State Department, the administration of President Harry S. Truman, the Voice of America, and the U.S. Army.

Chicago newspapermen later tallied 335,000 names while another 50,000 were said to be hidden in Minneapolis, with other lists buried on Sauk County farms. The word "censure" was then removed from the title of the resolution, though it is generally regarded and referred to as a censure of McCarthy, both by historians[141] [176][177], In Blacklisted by History: The Untold Story of Senator Joe McCarthy and His Fight Against America's Enemies, conservative journalist M. Stanton Evans argued that evidence from the Venona documents shows significant penetration by Soviet agents. McCarthy sought to discredit his critics and political opponents by accusing them of being Communists or communist sympathizers. 1,001 Things Everyone Should Know About American History.

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