He had a couple of Syrma S107G helicopters with spare rotors last year.

Glad I found this thread!I found one of these near a lake, 6 weeks ago,the led lights still light up, but no controller or charger-maybe if I buy one complete from kmart, I will then have 2- if the frequency is the same?Would it lift a pen camera?

These things are pretty cool for the price. From what I've read the original V262 can carry quite a payload (like a Mobius camera) and lots of people have modded theirs for full FPV! Well, just had my first outdoor flight. The first 2 charged fine last night, but the 3rd one burst into flames at 12.15am early this morning. I'm still under $100 and its epic. The quadcopter will run for about 5 seconds and then the motors will completely cut out (the LEDs stay on).

Is there a better charger that isn't too expensive? Does someone mind linking me the actual batteries they have bought for these? I have ordered a proper Lipo charger after some advice from sed8ed (Thanks!! I'm certainly no pro!

I've recently purchased one of these quadcopters. also found this a projector that projects an i love you image, http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/WLtoys-V959-V222-V912-V262-V333-RC-Quadcopter-Parts-Projector-/131258115368?pt=Radio_Control_Parts_Accessories&hash=item1e8f97e528, and this 2000mAh-Battery should get the flight times way up, http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/WLtoys-V262-RC-Quadcopter-Spare-Parts-7-4V-2000mAh-Battery-/261534783251?pt=Radio_Control_Parts_Accessories&hash=item3ce4b01713. Hmmm it seems to really struggle with thermals. Still a great bargain. I told him "I'll be surprised if you haven't broken this before the end of the week-end". Pretty sure we heard it try and take off, and then a dog going nuts.Then nothing. Even if you can get more than 10mins flying time from a battery Id let it rest halfway through to save the motors. Amazon doesn't ship to aus on this item.. That one from amazon is going to be $64 plus postage.

Although I've found that if it's placed on level ground for around 5-8 seconds after binding and before flying it's pretty stable and level in a hover and there's no need for any trim. This quadcopter is more robust and easier to fly forward and flip 360 degrees than the cheap helicopters with their crappy upwards-facing tail rotors. Had a try in my driveway before work.

They had a stack of them in November but they sold like hot cakes, the one I got was hiding behind the returns desk.

The frame is easily fixed with a hot glue gun and it takes an absolute pounding! Read up on all the inputs, did a bit more digging and saw this, which might be a better option for including camera at bit more cost –. The the exact same quadcopter that Kmart sells is online for between $70 and $100 believe it or not its cheaper to walk in and buy it off the shelf at Kmart.

The second shot shows the heat generated. Only two blades needed a bit of balancing I've got a keychain spycam on its way. Just give it a try! Two photos of where the LiPO4 battery fire took place. Turn on the quad first you will see the led lights flashing fast then place it on the ground then turn on the transmitter you will hear a beep then the led light will blink slow its done all this needs to be done on a level surface if you want it to fly strait and hover well i found the cricket pitch in the middle of the oval work well for level ground, its so cheap that it doesn't matter if it brakes, i have had more fun with this then any RC i have ever had over the years, That video i posted about 50% was at 100% it takes a bit to get, practices high above the ground i like going in a strait line then doing a front flip back to a strait line again the sticks need to be around 60% to 70% for full throttle once you do a flip 100% throttle it needs to come back to 60% to stop it doing more than one flip.

It is tiny. It would ether be full on or off. So if this copter can not take a 7.4V battery without being fried than I am curious.

My issue became keeping it at a level height, but that's more on the operator than the unit itself :p. I got one of these. Does the kmart quad have the same radio as the skyking?or is it the same type used by wltoys http://img01.cp.aliimg.com/imgextra/i1/79004505/T2qCDAXkVbXXXXXXXX_! As it stands, it's the best locally available beginner quad for the money.

Just got one of these, very good value for the money! Note: Before returning items on which you've saved personal information, such as laptops, cameras, or other … Can't seem to find the $49 quadcopter anymore. But it could be the indoor weather it creates itself as you say.
The link is http://www.wicked-gadgets.com/quadcopter-with-camera/. I've tried being very gentle, it still flips almost immediately though. To get it to drop you have to throttle back to the point where it drops but remains stable, that is a controlled decent. It's rechargeable as well and I have 2 of them so if it works I can do the same to the other copter. I've flown large and small scale RC planes for a while but quads/multirotors are all new to me! Last month, the company began rolling out Apple iPads and iPod Touch devices in nearly 450 Sears and Kmart stores for associates to help customers check inventory, access product information and order products online from anywhere in the store.

Bar Codes, DM Codes, QR Codes, and even UPC Codes can be scanned with your S4. Thinking of getting another, but what I want to know is if anyone has succesfully bound one to a different controller? I use a suitable laptop charger. I found one of these near a lake, 6 weeks ago,the led lights still light up, but no controller or charger-maybe if I buy one complete from kmart, I will then have 2- if the frequency is the same? Hi everyone, first of all thanks for all your knowledge sharing aboutthis quad. Also, we were lucky to get over 5min each with ours.

Anyway, on Sunday morning saw him out in the yard. I'll say 100 meter range max.With the new batterys it flew non stop 11 minutes, time taken with stop watch, it was a bit windy but this thing was solid for $49 bucks and the spare lipos $3.20 a pice from hobbyking it's great cheap fun. Can anyone comment on it? I took mine out today. Umm, shouldn't that question be: "How do you attach them in parallel"? Does anyone know what's going in at the old Kmart building?

She's stuck up there now. Just buy the stuff online. I tried this & the copter is back in business again.

Report a technical problem related to this website. I will try using the battery on one copper and see how it goes. Next thing I know my copter is starting to fly itself before I have a chance to sync my controller.

The main board is different and I can't find any specs on it.

Also for the question above..Standard battery easy last 10mins. In most cases you just open the camera on your phone or tablet, point it to the Code and confirm opening the page. No way you'd get that thing to lift a GoPro sized camera. $28 buys you the HobbyKing ECO 6 5A/50W Lipo/Nimh Charger.

They look similar to AA batteries but are larger and don't have the button bit at the end (flat on both sides). I will have to rig up a method of attaching them to the craft as the specs say they are wider than the battery holder. Think I will get one. I missed out on the Kmart quad so I can't speak for it but the X5C is definitely a great beginners quad.

Practising inside for the maiden outdoor flight at sunup tomorrow Best time for low wind. No idea how you'd mod that to make it work.. http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2143273the control board might also be the same as the kmart quad? All 3 stores in my city have been out of stock for a few weeks now so this must've been a cancelled lay-by. I don't think it will catch fire when drained. 1.1k. I grabbed one of these a few weeks ago....its amazing for the price. When appropriate, I'm going to put foam floaties on the Kmart (like the Bell helicopter in Skippy) and land and take off from water (after covering the sparky bits).

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