An ESA is not like a service animal in that it needn’t go through any extensive training in order to be qualified; in this respect it’s more like a regular pet. ESAs are NEVER allowed in grocery stores (especially not in the carts as that violates FDA laws) nor anywhere else EXCEPT no pet housing and airlines THAT IS IT. The warmth and compassion an emotional support animal can bring to those who need it is something that cannot be replaced. Most ESA owners do not go through the trouble of seeking help from a licensed healthcare professional just to avoid fees or skirt rules. Below you can find top 7 reasons why is the best option if you are looking for the legitimate ESA letter: We know that discussing your mental problems with a stranger is not too easy. October 2017

If your real healthcare provider believes you have a legitimate, therapeutic need for an ESA, then they will give you your letter upon request. This official document with the professional’s letterhead acknowledges that the person has been prescribed an ESA. Luckily, my apartment manager is friends with my dad, so I doubt there will be any issue. You need a letter from a REAL doctor who sees you as a REAL and REGULAR patient.

As someone who has been accompanied by an ESA for many years, I’m writing this article to share my experiences and answer some common questions people have about ESAs. The thing is today it is so difficult to find a reliable source when you are looking for any service. The ACAA and the FHA both fall under the ADA, and they allow owners of ESAs to fly with their animals on commercial flights and live with them in housing that would have otherwise implemented a no-pet policy. Everything online is BS. Please think about the people that are hurt by these scams and never recommend them. If you’re one of the many Americans considering applying for an ESA letter online, then there are a few things to note before embarking on your journey. You might have heard about people that suffered from cooperation with scam companies that provided fake letters to their clients. I beg you please quit spreading misinformation, you put service dog handlers lives at risk doing this!!!!! Compliance with ESA Regulations.

Please quit spreading misinformation. Your emotional support letter recommendation should also include the name of your ESA along with its certificate ID number. • © Copyright 2015-2019 • All Rights Reserved • Disclaimer: is a company that administers services for independent Mental Health Professionals and contracts with one or more licensed mental health professionals or licensed medical professional to provide telephone, email, or online video consults to members. First off SERVICE ANIMALS and ESAs are two VERY VERY different things.

I’ve been to it a couple of times prior to … The ADA is the overarching civil rights law that prohibits discrimination against individuals with disabilities in all areas of public life, be it in the workplace, education, transportation or housing. This letter is also known as the ESA Prescription Letter and this letter certifies that your animal is important and needed for your mental and emotional well-being. And to help me start some sort of routine which at the moment have none of. You can’t simply show up to a flight claiming you have an emotional support animal or move into a no-pets building with your ESA without proper paperwork. The new update provides ESA owners with more clarity on the rules that pertain to their ESA. We only cooperate with mental health professionals that are licensed in your state. October 2018

An ESA letter is an official document that is written by a professional and Licensed Mental Health Therapist (LMHP). You should check with the airline you plan to fly on to see what their rules are before buying a ticket to your destination. Anything else is just a pet... a loving, supportive, enabling, inspiring pet that can add so much value to your life, but still just a pet. Timely Support. You need a real letter from a real professional.

Not trying to be mean, but I didn’t want to sugar-coat things and leave room for misunderstanding. July 2017 This is usually a fairly quick and straightforward procedure, however, as ESA application has risen so quickly throughout the US, scam artists have unfortunately jumped on the bandwagon and tried to swindle prospective patients out of their money.
If you follow these simple steps, then you can be safe in the knowledge that your ESA letter is legitimate and that your rights as an ESA owner will be upheld in a court of law. But it is not only legal protection […], PO Box 398147 You technically should go to a therapist for a period of time to have them give you a evaluation, I saw my therapist for three years and we decided it would be the best thing for me, but you need a REAL professional that you have been seeing for a length of time.

However you only can legally take your ESA on airplanes and in no pet housing if you rent... ESAs do not have public access.

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