Instead, Magic for Liars is about the lies we tell ourselves, and each other.

The author gets away with never quite explaining the rules of the magic system, which ends up being fine because the book is really about all of the relationships that exist with magic as a complicating, background factor.

She lives in the black box. The author gets away with never quite explaining the rules of t. I really enjoyed reading this. [that ending conversation doesn't appear in the book either. Then, the murdered woman is a lesbian.

I really enjoyed Sarah Gailey's previous works (I've read both short stories in American hippo) and I've been following them on twitter for a while now and always enjoy what they have to say.

Our mc is a non-magic PI which I thought was a really interesting perspective for a story about magic school (we usually get a magic-users perspective).

If you love the fantasy genre, this is the season for you! How?

I honestly gobbled this story up.

Adrienne Martini Reviews Magic for Liars by Sarah Gailey, It’s Harry Potter meets Megan Abbott in fantasy noir Magic For Liars, "Announcing the 2020 Locus Awards Finalists",, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 22 October 2020, at 19:10. I think it does work as an emotional story that contains magic: a tale of two sisters, each at her own turning point, heading unavoidably towards collision.

When a faculty member dies under suspicious circumstances at Osthorne Academy for Young Mages, authorities rule that it was an accident. When any of us reads a story about magic, we're always on the outside looking in, no matter how magical we wish we were.

Club was less positive, particularly faulting the portrayals of students Dylan and Alexandria as lacking "the development needed to make them feel like anything more than moving pieces of the plot", and comparing Ivy's interactions with Rahul to a "rom-com plot" that is "almost entirely disconnected from the rest of the story", ultimately concluding that despite being a "lovely look at sibling rivalry", the book "feels so close to being magical, but never finds a way to achieve its full power". I think if the ending would have been much more satisfying with either (1) a conversation with Torres that wrapped up the mystery, or (2) a conversation with Rahul that decided the relationship. [3], The Verge found Ivy to be "a far more relatable character than most other magical detectives", with Osthorne "more than nearly any other magical institution, feel(ing) like a high school," and lauded Gailey's worldbuilding as "clearly establish(ing) a much larger world.

A mystery set at a magic school is right up my alley, particularly because the detective, Ivy, is distinctively non-magical and has to solve a case at the school where her estranged twin is teaching.

We Insist: A Timeline Of Protest Music In 2020. Nor can magic help a student escape being bullied, getting ogled by a creepy teacher or getting pregnant.

I'm talking "a few sentences to describe a hand on a doorknob" stuff. Magic for Liars is a 2019 murder mystery/fantasy novel, by Sarah Gailey. It's slow paced in the extreme, and overflowing with mundane description. The worldbuilding is solid and done with care. It was first published by Tor Books.

I honestly gobbled this story up. Ivy Gamble is a private investigator and completely non-magical.

And the murderer is her partner, though again it was an accident. [7], The story was listed as a finalist for the Locus Award for Best First Novel.

Magic for Liars NPR coverage of Magic for Liars by Sarah Gailey.

[1] Publishers Weekly called it a "wonderfully quirky mystery filled with inviting characters and gripping surprise twists", but noted that Ivy was "petty, petulant (and) hard to like". The solution was perhaps a tad obvious, but the emotional weight with which the mystery is treated–it is deeply rooted in the characters’ past traumas and dysfunctions and insecurities–made that matter less. I don't know whether Magic For Liars works as a crime novel; Ivy is believable as a sharp investigator, but the narrative may hand her a few too many gifts.

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