The plane, a 1997 American Champion 8KCAB fixed-wing, single-engine aircraft, was badly damaged in the crash. Examples are used only to help you translate the word or expression searched in various contexts. © 2013-2020 Reverso Technologies Inc. All rights reserved. We use "might have" for question forms: Positive question form may/might have done 推测现在 “may/might+动词的完成式”表示对现在情况的推测。例如: She might have got up now. -I don't know. Definition of MIGHT HAVE DONE SOMETHING (phrase): when something was possible but did not happen These examples may contain rude words based on your search.

等你到达的时候他可能已经离开了。, 注意:may have done 和 might have done 表推测时,might 所表示的可能性比 may 小,语气较委婉:, How quickly time passed! 没有你我们肯定完成不了。, They may not have known it beforehand. A preliminary report for the Sept. 13 plane crash at Groton Municipal Airport indicates the pilot might have been attempting a low-altitude aerobatic maneuver at the time of the wreck. Elapsed time: 139 ms. Word index: 1-300, 301-600, 601-900, More, Expression index: 1-400, 401-800, 801-1200, More, Phrase index: 1-400, 401-800, 801-1200, More. 现在她可能已经起床了。 may/might have done 预测未来 “may/might+动词的完成式”表示推测将来某时之前的情况。例如: He may have left when you get there. -我不知道,他可能迷路了。, You might have read about it in the papers. It might have happened yesterday. Results: 213.

夏日的风可以带来凉意,冬日的风可以吹起漫天的雪花,此外,风还有什么作用呢?For centuries, farmers have used windmills to pump water, crush grain and perform other tasks.

None of the witnesses were aware of any planned aerobatic maneuvers as the flight was part of a group of pilots attempting to raise money to help youth gain interest in aviation, per the report. © 2020

"She might have done it by now."

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他不可能有出席会议,他这周出公差。, We couldn't have done it without you. "He might not have done it yet." -Whatever has happened to George?

Question form We don't use "must have" or "can't have" in question form because we use them for definite beliefs. Your California Privacy Rights / Privacy Policy.

他们事先可能不知道这事儿。, They mightn't have regarded me as their friend. There is also the possibility that someone, You're agitated... because you've only just found out what he, She thinks terrible things that somehow got into her head... that I. It means you was able to help her really but you didn't help her and now you feel regret for it.

-乔治发生了什么事? These examples may contain colloquial words based on your search. 他或许已经看到了我惊异的表情。, might have done 除了能够表推测,还能表示过去本来可以做而实际并没有做。这时带有轻微的责备之意。例如:, The proposal might have been refused. Tina Hansen was transported to a hospital where she died, according to authorities. 你可能在报上已经看过这个消息了。, (之前我们做过can have done用法小结,can have done表推测时都是对过去进行推测,但是may have done不仅可以推测过去), He may have left when you get there. The pilot, Doug Hansen, 64, died in the wreck, as did his passenger and wife, Tina Hansen, 55. We can use "yet" with negative forms e.g. 时间过得好快啊!这事好像就发生在昨天。, He might have seen the surprise in my face. 我本可以走另一条路。, 之前我们讲到过 can't/couldn't have done 是表示“不可能”,而 may not/mightn't have done 则是表示“可能不”,要注意区分哦:, He can't have been at the meeting, he's on a business trip this week. Exact: 213. A preliminary report for the Sept. 13 plane crash at Groton Municipal Airport indicates the pilot might have been attempting a low-altitude aerobatic maneuver at the time of the wreck. Two other witnesses said in the report that the maneuver appeared intentional. According to one witness, the roll was at an altitude of 75 feet to 100 feet, the report read. "He can't have done it yet." For example, you say "I could have helped her".

Doug Hansen died at the scene.

They are not selected or validated by us and can contain inappropriate terms or ideas.

Witnesses saw the plane take off and accelerate down the runway before the nose pitched up at a 45-degree angle, according to the report authored by the National Transportation Safety Board. "He must have done it by now."

All rights reserved. 这个建议本该拒绝的。(有轻微的责备之意), I might have taken another path. Firstly, "Could have + Past Participle" is used when you was able to do something in the past but you didn't and you feel regret for not doing it. The plane then rolled right and inverted before exiting the roll maneuver prior to hitting with the ground. Rude or colloquial translations are usually marked in red or orange. 他们可能没有把我当作朋友看待。, might, may, could, can, will, would, should, ought to, must等9个情态动词,可以表示推测性意义,其后可以接动词的一般形式、进行体形式和完成体形式。其实,“情态动词+完成体”除了具有推测性含义,还可以. Translations in context of "may have done" in English-Italian from Reverso Context: Whatever your brother may have done, he didn't deserve this. A detailed wreckage examination is pending, according to the report. The 11 a.m. crash was during the Groton Fly-In/Drive-In. He may have got lost. 等你到达的时候他可能已经离开了。 注意:may have done 和 might have done 表推测时,might 所表示的可能性比 may 小,语气 … A family member of the pilot said Doug Hansen routinely performed low-level aerobatics in the plane he was flying, according to the report.

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