So this is a drink where coffee meets caramel, ice, and milk. So, making a frappe actually means that you are blending a beverage. Rory, 9 hours ago For the flavored syrup, McDonald’s uses Torani caramel sauce. allNutritionValues[22].uomDescription : ''}}, Total Carbs So you need a machine that deals with ice efficiently and is good for making smoothies. This beverage is easy and quick to make at home too. This drink is available in three different sizes: small, medium and Large at McD. "0" : allNutritionValues[21].value}}{{allNutritionValues[21].uom}}, {{isUndefined(allNutritionValues[21].value) ? ? Ingredients: Corn Syrup, Sweetened Condensed Milk (Milk, Sugar), Sugar, Water, Butter (Cream, Salt, Natural Flavor), Salt, Pectin, Disodium Phosphate, Natural Flavor, Caramel Color, Potassium Sorbate (Preservative). Contains: Milk. "0" : allNutritionValues[9].value}}{{allNutritionValues[9].uom}} Blend on Med To High Speed. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Your email address will not be published. '0' : allNutritionValues[10].value}} allNutritionValues[21].uomDescription : ''}}, Total Fat The small McDonald’s caramel frappe costs $2.39, while the large version costs $3.39. McDonald's App download and registration required. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. "0" : allNutritionValues[4].value}}{{allNutritionValues[4].uom}} There are many fast food companies that make this drink, such as Starbucks and Dunkin’. {{allNutritionValues[29].uom ? {{isUndefined(allNutritionValues[2].value) ? Required fields are marked *. McDonald’s Caramel Frappe is made with a rich caramel flavor, it has a hint of coffee in it, and is blended with ice. What Are Some Ingredients in a McDonald's Frappe. Additionally, there is an added extra of whipped topping and a drizzle of caramel. You can use any caramel ice cream topping as well. Note that the ingredients are for 1 serving and can be increased according to the servings. allNutritionValues[9].value}}{{allNutritionValues[9].uom}} {{allNutritionValues[21].adult_dv}}, Total Fat {{allNutritionValues[21].adult_fulldv}}, {{isUndefined(allNutritionValues[22].value) ? {{allNutritionValues[10].uom ? allNutritionValues[4].uomDescription : ''}} The coffee used is mostly pre-mixed, like it is in your mocha frappe. It is important to note that the ingredients vary, depending on the flavor. ? Below are the ingredients that you will need to make Frappe. Anything with "natural flavors" is a possible problem for people with celiac disease. Order a McDonald's Frappe today and pick up on your terms through the drive thru or with McDonald's curbside pickup when you Mobile Order & Pay! Continued use is acceptance of our Terms of Use, and Privacy Policy. McDonalds Frappe Ingredients Below are the ingredients that you will need to make Frappe. You can adjust according to your liking. She aspires to help others create a happy organized home, and a cozy living space and shares easy recipes, DIYs, and home improvements for busy families. {{isUndefined(allNutritionValues[21].value) ? '0' : allNutritionValues[22].value}} {{allNutritionValues[22].uom ? allNutritionValues[10].uomDescription : ''}}, {{}} {{data.nutrientDetails[0].value}} {{data.nutrientDetails[0].uom_description}} {{data.nutrientDetails[1].value}} {{data.nutrientDetails[1].uom_description}}, {{data.orderNowJson.accessibleLableforCloseIcon}}, {{data.orderNowJson.deliveryFromText}} {{}} {{}}, HACER® Scholarships for Hispanic Students. A frappe is iced. This site places cookies on your device (Cookie Settings). Dunkin’ Donuts is my preferred coffee if it’s hot but if it’s cold and decadent, I love a McDonald’s Mocha Frappe. '0' : allNutritionValues[2].value}} {{allNutritionValues[2].uom ?

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