I mean the game doesn’t even have a victory jingle for when you catch wild Nexomon, what’s up with that? @doctorhino Well that didn't work, though they made sells in the end so I guess it doesn't matter. They were more limited in scope, sure, but the fact that a non-Game Freak spin-off on 2001 hardware still looks better than Swoosh, both artistically and technologically, is simply unacceptable, especially for the largest media franchise. Physical Releases on Switch – Paradise is Burning! Clocking in at £16.99 on a normal day, money that made me glad I got a free review copy, the game does give you value for your money with an original story that did admittedly start to grab me, plenty of quests that reward you handsomely, and a plethora of unique and colorful monsters to catch with even cooler evolutions… if what you are looking for is Pokémon on a budget. Lol at "screw sales" and at "real fans".Screwing sales was never an option, every single Pokémon game has always sold gangbusters and will keep doing that, based on brand power alone. By giving you all nine to choose from, from the beginning, you may at first think the game is generous and be like “cool I can start with a psychic type!”, but what the game actually does is require you, from the start, to master the strengths and weaknesses of all nine types, instead of easing you into it. Hit n miss sure, but I did actually manage to find a few favorites.

@Cool_Squirtle Yeah, weird to think the freshest spin on the monster catching formula in years was Pokémon GO...The market leader isn't playing it safe and is reaching hordes of new players who never played the original. Discussion. @doctorhino I think they could have been if they hadn't rushed things to align with the anime. API key not valid. 4) the GC games were spin-offs developed by Genius Sonority, which speaks volumes about how good a job they did at the time shaking up the formula more than GF ever did, and/or how low the bar is for the Pokémon games made by the main devs. The transition between overworld and battle is near-instantaneous, battle animations are short and to the point, and even healing your Nexomon at a “not Pokémon centre, honest” is simplified to a quick flash of the screen rather than seeing each Poké Ball slowly entered one by one. It's plainly demonstrated by the fact that this empty husk of a game sold 16+ or so million copies, more than objectively better games like Splatoon 2 for example. @Apportal I'd like to believe that, though people are only going to look at sales. All is still not completely well in today’s Nexomon world though as we soon come to learn, as our hero, their name and appearance of your deciding, is scheduled for a ceremony where you along with three other youths, are to receive your very first very own Nexomon partner and become a real tamer. Those who have been asking for a more challenging Pokémon outing may welcome this, but it doesn’t feel particularly respectful of your time – we often had to head back to the aforementioned “not Pokémon centre” after only a battle or two. That's just me though. I read there are tons of items in the game hidden to find. Nexomon: Extinction does enough to make it somewhat distinct, but the unique elements can also be its undoing. It’s yet another example of a perfectly good twist on the existing formula which is let down by messy execution.

The lack of multiplayer caught my eye. I downloaded the mobile version of this last year, played it for about twenty minutes, and never opened it again. Seems fishy to me. It sounds to me like he's made up his mind already and decided to discard the GC games just because they're spinoffs, while at the same time elevating GF's work to unreasonable heights. And the amusing thing is, it feels like they all think they are the first to attempt it. The dragon is about to make short work of the two of you, when a mysterious girl suddenly appears before you, warning you of the dangers you will face in the future, and offering you a choice between 9 different starters, one of each element. But from experience professional reviewers have zero patience with anything getting in the way of their “reviews per hour” metric. Instead of being able to use each move a select number of times, creatures now have an overall stamina gauge with the more powerful moves depleting the gauge faster. Not sure why a lack of multiplayer is a problem when the game doesn't pitch itself as a multiplayer experience. Nexomon: Extinction.

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