While Sunrider and Cay Qel-Droma were astonished to learn that it was Qel-Droma, Coruscant suddenly found itself under attack by the Mandalorian forces of Mandalore the Indomitable, now under the command of Qel-Droma. He was destroyed by the massive concentration of Light Side energy. During this time, Sunrider was among a number of Jedi who had the rare opportunity to be taught how to ride the native flying beasts of Onderon. [19], Sunrider's love also manifested itself in another way—through her daughter. He only wanted what was best for Nomi and Vima, and said that Nomi could take Vima back as an apprentice. The ensuing confusion provided her the opportunity needed to escape the palace and request aid from Cay Qel-Droma and Doneeta, who were orbiting Cinnagar in their ship. During the Cold War it was recovered by an unknown Jedi Consular in an attempt to find a cure for a strange sickness afflicting the Jedi Master Yuon Par. The Jedi departed the jungle moon, and set about rebuilding the Republic and the Jedi Order. Dark Horse Comics #7 Includes Star Wars Nomi Sunrider Debut 1993. [30], Additionally, Sunrider was chosen due to her superior powers to direct the full force of the Wall of Light erected by thousands of Jedi to trap the spirit of Exar Kun on Yavin 4. Vima Sunrider[8]

Luckily it paid off and Sylvar found herself unable to strike down the defenseless man, no matter how much she hated him. He deactivated his lightsaber and refused to defend himself. The ensuing galactic turmoil forced events in motion which caused Qel-Droma to turn to the dark side, betraying the Jedi and Republic, and ultimately breaking Sunrider's heart. Nomi Sunrider was the wife of Jedi Andur Sunrider. While on this planet, Sunrider gave birth to a baby girl, whom she and Andur named Vima. [43] But at one point, Jolee does call her "Nomi Sunrider" in a conversation with the player. He refused to leave and argued with her. [26], After the events of Qel-Droma's trial, Sunrider and her daughter Vima accompanied Sylvar to see Master Thon on Ambria for a period of quiet healing and further training. Sunrider and the other Jedi quickly arrived and challenged Qel-Droma for control of Coruscant. Free shipping . [7], Sunrider carrying Vima while fighting during the Great Sith War, Following her teachings with Odan-Urr, Sunrider was among the large number of Jedi to travel to Coruscant in response to the reports that a rogue Jedi Knight had been leading attacks against Republic shipyards. While Sunrider tended to Qel-Droma's wounds, the joint fleet was ordered to retreat from the Empress Teta system. While probing Keto's mind, Sunrider discovered that a number of the Krath ships were actually Force illusions as well, just as the space grazers were. The remaining pirates fled back to their ship under Sunrider's onslaught.

Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi - The Sith War, Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi - Redemption, Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi - Dark Lords of the Sith. The Krath were still strong and some even began to worry that Ulic’s plan had back fired and he had allowed himself to fall to the Dark Side and instead of a ruse to infiltrate the Krath and destroy them from within, he really was one of them now. An attack on the Krath was authorized, but the Masters warned that extracting him against his will would make things worse. Ulic was defending himself rather well against Sylvar, despite no longer being able to use the Force. Sunrider and her daughter arrived just in time to watch the final stages of the vicious, one-sided duel—Qel-Droma, realizing that continuing to defend against Sylvar's attacks only fed her anger, switched off his lightsaber and refused to carry on the fight. Sunrider, seeing this, believed that the Vultan was going to suffer the same fate as her late husband, Andur. Master Bnar proceeded to tell Sunrider the history of the Jedi's age-old fight against the dark side, and concluded by stating that Sunrider would play an important role in the momentous events to come. Nomi and Ulic Qel-Droma led the attack to rescue Master Arca and were able to defeat King Ommin and drive out the influence of the dead Dark Jedi Freedon Nadd. To stop this, Sunrider decided that she must somehow make contact with Qel-Droma. Keto ordered a full withdrawal from the planet, and Mandalore, believing that his Lord Qel-Droma was dead, obeyed the order.

While the Jedi debated the proposed strategy, Krath war droids descended upon the assembly—the battle saw young Vima snatched by a war droid, only to be rescued by the Cathar Jedi Sylvar, who returned her to Sunrider. He lashed out at them with Dark Side energy, drove them off and they were forced to go home empty handed.

Character » During the time of her training under Thon, Sunrider used her latent Force abilities to save her daughter from a pair of hssiss from Lake Natth. [22] Sunrider, though she was unaware of Qel-Droma's ulterior thoughts, managed to use her battle meditation against the soldiers guarding her cell, causing them to fight and kill each other. [42], During the writing of the Tales of the Jedi comic series, Dark Horse Comics introduced several characters with the last name "Sunrider."

The two engaged in a fierce lightsaber duel. It would lead her down the same dark path he took when trying to avenge Master Arca’s death. The debate was broken short when Krath war droids attacked the Jedi. Bogga had his personal sail barge prepared and he gathered several members of his gang, setting out to follow Sunrider and the treasures she possessed. It was soon discovered that Nomi had the ability of Jedi Battle Meditation, a rare and powerful skill which allowed her to project images in her foes minds and influence the outcomes of battles.

Andur followed Chamma's orders and took his wife, daughter, and the family's personal droid A-3DO aboard the Lightside Explorer to the Stenness system.

While it is shown in the pages of The Saga of Nomi Sunrider that Sunrider lived with Andur on the planet of Darada prior to going to H'ratth, it is never stated that Darada is her homeworld.

Sunrider remembered that it was not her choice to become a Jedi, but instead that she had been forced by the circumstances of the time to pick up where her husband had left off—she realized that that was the difference between Vima and herself: Vima had made her choices of her own free will.

She was unable to change his mind and reluctantly helped him prepare for the mission before he departed. It was in development by Alex Irvine, and was tentatively titled Mandorla. With Ommin defeated, Sunrider and Qel-Droma managed to free Master Jeth from his captivity. Sunrider was able to rescue Thon by slicing through the Mandalorian manacles which were holding him. Sunrider watched as Master Baas handed Qel-Droma over to the Republic officials, who declared that he would stand trial for his crimes and that the punishment would be death. [43] As a result of this, it appears that Lucasfilm was allowed continued use of their characters as long as the last name of "Sunrider" was not used. However, at that moment Qel-Droma charged Ommin and slashed at him with his lightsaber, disarming and neutralizing the old man. The two were soon sent to deal with the growing Krath threat in the Empress Teta System. Upon discovering the small house, Bogga and his gang immediately set about attacking it and the surrounding property. Thon became frustrated by his apprentice's stubbornness concerning the lightsaber, and, seeing no other way to convince her to use the physical aspects of her Jedi abilities, he surrendered himself to the pirates. [9], In the game Star Wars Galaxies, the player can find a lightsaber crystal with the name "Sunrider's Destiny," which could have possibly been named after Nomi Sunrider, or another member of the Sunrider family.

Explore all of Wookieepedia's media for this article subject: Wookieepedia is a FANDOM Movies Community. Affiliation(s) Sunrider listens as Ood Bnar prophesies about her future.

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