Staff members who have completed 10 or more years of service are entitled to a retirement pension.

Capability to advise and guide colleagues in the use of data, statistical tools and techniques.

Switzerland has signed the 1963 Brussels Supplementary Convention (BSC), the 1964 Additional Protocol to amend the BSC and the 1982 and 2004 Protocols to amend the BSC.

Our work promotes policies to improve the economic and social well-being of people around the world. Copy the URL to open this chart with all your selections.

The OECD continues to strive for accountability and transparency; is certified by the Economic Dividends for Gender Equality (EDGE) assessment; and actively participates in the Workplace Pride Benchmark Survey.

**, Expatriation allowance, as well as a removal and installation allowance.**. Talrijke afbeeldingen illustreren belangrijke lopende kwesties. Ability to develop and implement effective short and long range plans and follow up arrangements in order to deliver the work programme.

French public holidays are also observed.

From policy experts and economists to corporate functions and administrative support, the range of professionals who work in the OECD …

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Teleworking – ad hoc, regular or from abroad. Through the provision of high-quality policy advice drawing on multi-disciplinary perspectives and peer-learning approaches, the OECD is a unique International Organisation that sets standards and defines best practices in almost every field of economic and social policy. © Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, Salaries exempt from income tax in most member countries.*. The remuneration for temporary staff is taxable.

A drive to improve professional knowledge and openness to new ideas in statistical techniques, models, IT and public policy applications.

Organisation for Economic, Belgium: keep up reforms to increase employment and productivity growth. The Brussels Supplementary Convention establishes a scheme to provide compensation supplementary to that required by the Paris Convention. The Commission is set to present a legally binding directive at the end of October, according to two people with knowledge of the file.

OECD sounds warning on jobs.

Annual leave amounts to two and a half working days for each month of full-time service and French public holidays are observed.

As an equal opportunity employer, we welcome the applications of all qualified candidates who are nationals of OECD member countries, irrespective of their racial or ethnic origin, opinions or beliefs, gender, sexual orientation, health or disabilities. Project management skills – acting like a trainer/mentor to team members. The 1963 Convention Supplementary to the Paris Convention of 29 July 1960 (the "Brussels Supplementary Convention" or BSC) was adopted to provide additional funds to compensate damage as a result of a nuclear incident where Paris Convention funds proved to be insufficient. Follow the NEA on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube. With Offices in Brussels, Geneva and Luxembourg, the Secretariat of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) offers opportunities for highly specialised and qualified staff aiming at promoting free trade and economic cooperation between its members, within Europe and globally. The healthcare insurance covers staff members and their dependents.

Tracking of changes in the international environment that will affect statistical needs. Stress resistance.

Progress your career in European affairs today.

Self-motivation and results orientation; tracking of the latest developments in the field; recognition of own strengths and weaknesses and appropriate development actions. The Brussels Supplementary Convention stipulates that public funds are to be provided for this purpose, not only by … Creation and use of documentation that will facilitate change processes. Ability to identify and build relationships with people – internal and external to the OECD -  who can be helpful/influential in creating opportunities, in getting things done and in achieving work-related goals. Staff from a wide range of academic and professional backgrounds bring diverse viewpoints and experiences, which enriches daily collaboration. Family allowances and education allowance. The following is a sampling of the articles related to the BSC that have been published in the Nuclear Law Bulletin: * Country with at least one nuclear power plant in operation. The EFTA Secretariat provides services to the EFTA Member States.

OECD - Total Benefits and wages: Net replacement rates in unemployment Database OECD Social and Welfare Statistics: Data warehouse Database OECD.Stat: Society at a Glance Publication (2019) OECD Employment Outlook Publication (2020) OECD Pensions at a Glance Publication (2019) Good Jobs for All in a Changing World of Work Publication (2018)

General government debt, % of GDP, 2018, Household debt: With Offices in Brussels, Geneva and Luxembourg, the Secretariat of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) offers opportunities for highly specialised and qualified staff aiming at promoting free trade and economic cooperation between its members, within Europe and globally.

Temporary staff are affiliated to the French social security system and receive complementary coverage under the OECD mutual system. A core strength of the Organisation is that its employees reflect the rich diversity across all its member countries. This in turn not only allows us to attract and retain the best talent from all cultures, identities and abilities across generations, but also creates a healthier and more productive organisation, which is associated with better decision-making, increased innovation and more relevant policy outcomes.

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Acknowledgement of others’ skills, experience, cultural background, knowledge and creativity.

Team Working and Co-ordinating with others.

Receive monthly updates on NEA work, activities and newly released reports. On 11 March 2009 Switzerland deposited its instrument of ratification of the 1963 BSC as amended by the 1964, 1982 and 2004 amending Protocols. The OECD strongly believes that diversity and inclusion must go hand in hand to be successful. OECD360 biedt u de meest recente analyses en gegevens uit belangrijke OECD-publicaties. As an employee of the Organisation, you will have the opportunity to conduct and contribute to high-quality research and policy advice, helping the Organisation achieve its goal of better policies for better lives.

The following is a sampling of the articles related to the BSC that have been published in the Nuclear Law Bulletin: The Brussels Convention and Liability for Nuclear Damage, by P. Sands and P. Galizzi (NLB 64, p. 7).

The EFTA Secretariat is a place of equality and mutual respect among employees, who shall be treated fairly and enjoy equal opportunities. Staff may request: The rules and regulations governing Official staff at the OECD are publicly available and provide more detailed information including on salaries and other benefits.

A sound general knowledge of economics or the specialised subject area and ability to apply this knowledge to statistical situations in order to achieve statistical relevance. 30 days of annual leave.

Active participation in projects. The EFTA Secretariat provides services to the EFTA Member States. EURACTIV plays a vital role in bringing Europe closer to its citizens.

Display of sound, logical and structured thinking. 115.0 % of disposable income. More information on the Brussels Supplementary Convention, including the text, is available here. Find jobs in EU Institutions, International Organisations, NGOs, Brussels, Europe in EU policy, law, economics.

The OECD brings together governments, members of parliament, businesses, community leaders, civil organisations and academics to seek solutions to common problems, develop global standards, share experiences and identify best practices in a collaborative effort towards - … A structured and methodical approach to the identification of patterns and connections between issues/situations that are not obviously related in order to understand complex situations and solve problems.

The dashboard should have a minimum width of 768px to be displayed properly. A strong feel for the strategic overview. Child care support including limited nursery spaces reserved for OECD staff.

Details of all current vacancies at the EFTA Secretariat (Brussels, Geneva and Luxembourg duty stations), as well as for the Financial Mechanism Office, affiliated to the EFTA Secretariat in Brussels, can be found here.

Ability to make statistical insights accessible and understandable to a wide audience – clear and unambiguous presentations.

Copyright © 2020 OECD. Use this code to embed the country dashboard into your website.

Comprehensive medical insurance as well as paid parental leave and paid sick leave. Clear understanding of where statistical contributions/analysis are most useful.

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