Baret, F. ; Weiss, M. ; Lacaze, R. ; Camacho, F. ; Makhmara, H. ; Pacholczyk, P. ; Smets, B. GEOV1: LAI, FAPAR Essential Climate Variables and FCover global times series capitalizing over existing products. Sub-continental maps over North America in June 2017 and South America in January 2017. So even though its global mission is due to end this June, shortly after its seventh birthday, the plan is to let it go on working.”. Enabling & Support Ending global plant tracking, Proba-V assigned new focus. This enables it to cover nearly the entire vegetated surface of the globe every day. The quality flag (QFLAG) layer has to be read bitwise as follows: The LAI is coded similarly as in Version 2, adding specific values 255 for invalid pixels, 253 for pixels with out of range value superior to the max physical value, 254 for pixels with out of range value inferior to the minimum physical value. The results obtained on the 2018 LAI products are presented in the 2018 Validation Report. 10: Interpolation between the two nearest dates within lengthinterp days, 11: Nearest data within lengthnearest (5) days or missing value. Proba-V satellite Proba-V's extremely wide view comes about because Vegetation is made up of three separate imaging telescopes, possessing 300 m spatial resolution, which rises to 100 m resolution in the central telescope – a marked improvement on the previous generation of Vegetation instruments. LAI displays lower values on wood-cutting areas than on the forest. It coincides with the end of a 10-daily period (reference dekad). The LAI 1km version 2 products are provided as global, multi-band netCDF4 files with metadata according to the Climate and Forecast (CF) conventions (v1.6). Maps of LAI 300m before (June 20) and after (July 10) a hail storm in South Dakota, USA. LAI is recognized as an Essential Climate Variable (ECV) by the Global Climate Observing System (GCOS). The images are kindly provided by CNES. Proba-V’s orbital decay will finally bring it into complete darkness in October 2021, when it will either be shut down, or placed in suspended animation, awaiting a time when its orbit brings it into daylight again. An INSPIRE compliant metadata file, XSLT for XML viewing and a sub-sampled, coloured quicklook image in GeoTIFF format are provided separately. Length of temporal compositing period depends on pixel. After the launch and the commissioning, PROBA-V was handed over from DTEC to the Earth Observation Directorate of ESAon 12/12/2013. Another companion satellite is also being planned, to host either a thermal infrared imager or an hyperspectral instrument, both of which would offer valuable synergies with Vegetation observations, and test the feasibility of small satellite constellations entering operations in future. With this companion satellite we will raise the bar, using an even smaller, cheaper platform.”. The accuracy of the300m LAI products is assessed over the period 2014-2017 using ground-based reference maps generated according to CEOS LPV guidelines. You have already liked this page, you can only like it once. The images have a temporal frequency of 10 days. To ensure the consistency of the time series when moving from SPOT/VGT to PROBA-V, a pre-processing module was added to the Version 1 processing line that performs a correction from PROBA-V spectral bands to VGT-2 spectral bands and converts the format of the S1-TOA PROBA-V data into PROBA-V “VGT-like” P-segments. In the past Proba-V made such lunar acquisitions on a monthly basis. Shortwave infrared reflectances and climatology information are omitted. In addition, every year, it is checked that the LAI products capture well the impact of some environmental events on vegetation, like hail storm or large fires. Temporal compositing is adapted to provide a near-real time (10-daily) estimate and successive updated estimates until a consolidated value is reached after about 2 months. The 'V' stands for Vegetation. Story. “But this isn’t the end of the mission. Focus on. Proba-V's extremely wide view comes about because Vegetation is made up of three separate imaging telescopes, possessing 300 m spatial resolution, which rises to 100 m resolution in the central telescope – a marked improvement on the previous generation of Vegetation instruments. An INSPIRE-compliant metadata file in XML format, corresponding XSLT for XML viewing and a subsampled, coloured quicklook in GeoTiff format are made available separately. Copernicus Global Land service web site is hosted by VITO NV on behalf of the European Commission Joint Research Centre (JRC). Quality assessment, Providing bio-geophysical products of global land surface. “Proba-V began as a ‘gap-filler’ mission to ensure data coverage between the Vegetation instruments flown on the full-sized Spot-4 and -5 satellites and Copernicus Sentinel-3,” explains ESA Earth Observation operations manager Roberto Biasutti. Temporal smoothing and small gap filling is applied to the instantaneous LAI estimates, discriminating Evergreen Broadleaf Forest (EBF) and no-EBF  pixels. Camacho, F. ; Cernicharo, J. ; Lacaze, R. ; Baret, F. ; Weiss, M. GEOV1: LAI, FAPAR Essential Climate Variables and FCover global time series capitalizing over existing products. Neural Network is applied on Top Of Canopy (TOC) input reflectances in red, near-infrared and shortwave infrared bands, normalized over a period of 30 days. from … The quality flag must be read bit per bit. The version 1 products were reformatted from tiled HDF5 into global-coverage netCDF4, with similar metadata and quicklook. PROBA-V LAI 1km Version 2 (left) and Version 1 for the first dekad of May 2014. Recommended. IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing. The LAI 300m Version 1 product is distributed as global, multi-band NetCDF4 files with metadata according to the Climate and Forecast (CF) conventions v1.6. The product is displayed in a regular latitude/longitude grid (plate carrée) with the ellipsoïd WGS 1984 (Terrestrial radius=6378km). Data rates from 10-100 Mbit/s are available. These developments have been paid with Belgian and Luxembourg contributions to ESA. In addition, the plan is to launch in 2021 an additional tiny satellite carrying a single telescope version of the same Vegetation imager aboard Proba-V. European and National meteorological services.Research institutions. Further, Version 2 provides a near real time estimate while Version 1 values are representative of 12 days in the past comparing to the latest day of the synthesis period due to the time compositing method applied. Proba-V will also be increasing its observations of the Moon. Algorithm adaptation is in progress to improve the estimate of NRT values. Version 2 will reach Stage 2 as soon as validation results are published in peer-reviewed literature. This accuracy assessment is updated every year using the most recent ground reference data available. Input reflectances are corrected from ozone, water vapour, and surface pressure. It means that the longitude of the upper left corner of the pixel is (pixel_longitude – angular_resolution/2.). It consists in an inter-comparison with existing global products (LAI 1km V1 and V2 and MODIS C6) using the LANDVAL network of sites to perform the statistical analysis and a direct comparison with ground–based reference maps (e.g. Table 5: Typical specification of the X-band transmitter Details are given in the Validation Report. Here are some technical characteristics of the LAI 300m (LAI300) versions. “There is a precedent for such an arrangement,” adds Roberto, “with predecessor mission Proba-1, launched back in 2001, hosting a hyperspectral camera. The details of the algorithm can be found in the ATBD. Part 2: Validation and inter-comparison with reference products. Some specific values are used: 255 for missing pixels. The resolution of the grid is 1/112 degrees. Neural Network is applied on Top-of-Canopy (TOC) input reflectances in red, near-infrared and shortwave infrared, at 1km resolution, to get instantaneous LAI estimates. Results are published in peer-reviewed literature”. Proba-V passes the torch. Tugged by the gravitational pull of Earth’s equatorial bulge, its observing time is gradually growing earlier in the local morning. 09/07/2020 4829 views 75 likes. Part 2: Validation and inter-comparison with reference products. The Proba-V VEGETATION Raw products (L1C/P) and synthesis products (S1 = daily, S5 = 5 days, S10 = decade) ensure coverage of all significant landmasses worldwide with, in the case of a 10-day synthesis product, a minimum effect of cloud cover, resulting from selection of cloud-free acquisitions during the 10-day period. The LAI 1km version 1 and version 2 and the MODIS C6 LAI products are also compared for benchmarking. According to the CEOS/LPV validation hierarchy the LAI Version 1 is validated Stage 2 “product accuracy assessed over widely distributed set of location and time periods via several ground truth and validation efforts. PROBA-V Platform issue Due to an on-board GPS issue that occurred on 5/5/2020 and 6/5/2020, data could not be processed of following areas: 5/5/2020: NW-America, New Zealand, East Australia Satellite image of King Sound, Australia | PROBA-V PROBA-V 100 m image of the Gulf of Batabanó, a shallow (61 m deep) straight or inlet between the main island of Cuba and the.. PROBA-V 300 m image of the tropical cyclone Mekunu as it hit and flooded Socotra Island, before making landfall on the.. Remote Sensing of Environment 2013, vol. Practically, the LAI quantifies the thickness of the vegetation cover. LAI 300m provides a NRT estimate, which could display some instability, and three consolidated modes calculated after one, two and five dekads. “It started with a two-year mission lifetime, which was repeatedly extended, and the satellite remains in excellent overall health. The quality assessment of the Sentinel-3 based LAI 300m products (version 1.1) is ongoing, following the same approach than used for the evaluation of the PROBA-V products described hereafter. The transmitter has a mass of 1 kg, a size of 160 mm x 115 mm x 46 mm, an in-orbit life time of 5 years, and a radiation hardness of 10 krad. instantaneous Top-of-Canopy reflectances from Sentinel-3 OLCI (v1.1 products). The animation shows the status of the vegetation (the Leaf Area Index) over the entire globe changing from winter to summer in the period from January 2011 till February 2012. The quality flag of the LAI Version 1 product must also be read bit per bit, yet with different meaning to the bits. The representative date of the product is given in the name of the file. Instead ESA will be applying its excellent geometric and radiometric performance to make test observations in Europe and Africa, particularly the African Sahel where its results help provide early drought warnings. Spatial and temporal consistency of the product and with similar products has been evaluated over globally representative locations and time periods. Development stages It consists in an inter-comparison with existing global products (LAI 1km V1 and V2 and MODIS C6) using the LANDVAL network of sites to perform the statistical analysis and a direct comparison with ground–based reference maps (e.g.

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