She is serious about her job, because she tries to emulate Tseng, for whom she has undying affection. 's://ssl':'://www')+''+'/siteopt.js?v=1&utmxkey='+k+'&utmx='+(x?x:'')+'&utmxx='+(xx?xx:'')+'&utmxtime='+new Date().valueOf()+(h? Reeve hates Scarlet, most likely because of her ruthless and inhumane personality. Go online and you'll see half a dozen different ways to beat this fight than what you just proposed. The son of President Shinra who created the Shinra Company in a single generation. :), I can honestly say I don't believe I've ever seen a mod comment, much less in anything I've ever posted. Well… we’ll leave that for you to decide.

'' : 'none'; --> The Shinra Company’s general affairs and investigative department, commonly known as the Turks. Nonsense! Before Crisis -FFVII- That’s gotta count for something! Final Fantasy VII Remake: Rational and Irrational, Keep in Mind the People Who are Working on the Remake…. The Rufus Shinra fight is not good. (Of course there are theories abound for those two, but I'm sticking to my main idea) The secondary bad guys who are responsible in the first place for said baddies are Shinra Inc., the electric company feeding off of the Earth's lifestream or "Mako". He does so good a job at this, that even when he is trying to collect Huge Materia as ammo for the mako cannon to fire at Meteor, AVALANCHE tries to step in and stop each attempt. But for the sake of sounding credible, I left my RufusxTifa shipness to myself.

They have endured some of the most horrifying physical punishments we can think of, but that’s not it even the true horror of what […], Hey guys, I’ve had a change of heart and a change of mind about the Final Fantasy VII Remake. Jenova and Arsenal is where ur “challenge” goes. Elena is the romantic, upbeat Turk. Stay up to date with all the latest Final Fantasy VII Remake news on The Lifestream.

They’ve killed 3 of his bodyguards & heavily wounding him. I’ll let you hear my new appointment speech….Old man tried to control the world with money.

However, as the Space Program has fallen by the wayside, he survives by attaching his name to more successful projects and kills the time by involving himself in various self-improvement courses, and by joining local cults. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Barrett even mentions, “Right now Rufus’ fightin’ it. Seeing a theme here? Do they have any actual reason to be?

Now this is where I started noticing things. But now there is a fairly accurate timeline for all the games and animated features put together. The False Advertisement of Final Fantasy VII Remake is More Than Just Video Games. It's long and horrible, since I wasn't very good at writing back then, and I did change a couple of my theories here due to more logical thinking as I got older. I’ll control the world with fear. Rufus stands in his office and barely flinches, seemingly accepting his fate, not running like a coward. Final Fantasy 7 Remake: 10 Rufus Shinra And Turks Memes That Make You Forget How Evil They Are. Dude we’re in shelter in place I got all day. Meanwhile Reno and Rude, working together once again, fight alongside Cloud and the others. Have fun with it, Hard mode arsenal was a pain in normal too till you understand what to do.

We’re counting down the days now… 24 to go! Rufus' rebellious streak stems from the fact that he has little to no love for his father, and is constantly devising schemes to overthrow him. While he is slightly eccentric, he takes his duties as a Turk very seriously, unless somebody like Heidegger or Rufus gives him an excuse not to. “I wonder what kind of person he is…(now)?” “He likes to make speeches just like his father.” She stands the closest to him on the balcony, and he walks to her first. Tseng is the Director of the Turks. Previously, they had stood in the way of Cloud’s team, on the command of Rufus Shinra. "Heck no!

I did a great amount of reading on FF7 theories in the day, and remember hearing that Sephiroth was just a mindless pawn to Jenova and even in the final moments Sephiroth was brainwashed. He also shows a ruthless side; for instance, when his father was killed by Sephiroth, he seemed not to care at all and was glad to take up the mantle of president. Good question Tifa! Hard. The Devs didn’t put enough urgency in this fight to motivate you to counter Rufus’ annoying mechanics. A little fear will control the minds of the common people. Do you think Rufus Shinra really changed in Advent Children? The son of President Shinra who created the Shinra Company in a single generation. The Church of Bob is well-respected. Thanks to RebeccaETripp for the inspiration! An elitist and prideful young man, he is truly skilled and able.

AVALANCHE was able to escape because of dumb luck, not because Rufus secretly favored them. New Screenshots and “Inside” Featurette From Square! Each are an expert in combat, and carried out any mission given to them without fail. He has a strange friendship with Palmer, which allegedly stems from their shared interest in alcohol. Furthermore, the present head of the Turks is a character called Verdot, who is also Tseng’s mentor. Do braver and what ever attacks you got then you can also cast stop on him use braver again and use other attacks lol should end the fight that is how bad the fight is design although it was bad back in the day to.

When I saw Advent Children, my beliefs were even more confirmed as Rufus ended up being a rather badass good guy, albeit still a little stuck up. Now he’s actually trying to save the world and the heroes are deterring it? Despite this he is a remarkably upbeat person... at least until work starts. People actually expect game designers to dumb them down to the lowest common denominator. Ditto that. This is a corporation that blatantly pushed false advertisement until the very end (and only at the end […], I really wanted this game to come out. The fight is easy when you figure it out. Has a thing for younger guys, and considers herself something of a mentor to Elena. For a military man, he is surprisingly lax in his duty, often getting drunk on the job and encouraging wasteful spending. It'd require a bigger budget, but…".

Im trying to win in this game and the path of least resistance to beating rufus is to abuse limit breaks sip some tea and spam chakra. Alongside all this happening, SOLDIERS are being experimented on being enhanced by Mako, Mako is being extracted from the earth at an alarming rate, Midgar is so badly polluted that you can no longer see the sky, the giant plate that collapses ‘coincidentally’ on Sector 7 which ultimately holds AVALANCHE HQ 7th Heaven.

Here’s what happens to your average player that is low attention span and doesn’t care to play this dance for 40 minutes. Rufus  Reeve  Hojo  Heidegger  Scarlet  Palmer  Tseng  Reno  Elena  Rude, "Okay, why must there be flowers in my happy place?". With the Playstation 5’s advent, I think it […], The debate over Final Fantasy VII Remake is between the rational and the irrational. It takes too much to do it like my old man. Takes like 5 minutes. I read everything about your post, there were are lot of tiny details that I never actually paid attention when playing the game, but now that you mention everything makes so much sense. It wasn’t only until he himself was negatively affected by the planet he exploited that he decided to change his ways. Final Fantasy ... Rufus continues to show good intentions when he was clearly implied to be funding the World Regenesis ... the compilation has already presented enough potential threats to make a sequel without having Rufus be a bad guy again. Barrett and Tifa escape due to the confusion of the Weapon attack, and live to fight another day, thanks to Rufus trying to disguise his good deeds as bad deeds.

If you talk to Tifa, she says “I wonder what kind of person he is..?” Good question Tifa! During President Shinra’s reign, Jenova is unearthed, cells are harvested from her blood, and (I may not be remembering correctly) mixed with mako, and are injected into an embryo in Lucrecia’s womb to create Sephiroth as the ultimate SOLDIER.

Data protectionYour email address will not be published. Perhaps Rufus felt guilty that his father had founded such a corrupt company, and as a way of redeeming himself, sacrifices himself. Rufus was born during the early stages of construction of the City of Midgar. Let's just throw a win button in there as well! Oh yes I am so sure we can trust the Marquis. *sigh* "My sister says that Rufus is evil, but I beg to differ. I’m going to be honest and say that I actually truly believe that Rufus and Tifa have a prior relationship, whether it is a friendship or something closer, and haven’t seen each other in quite a while, because at the time I was playing the game, I thought that it was a possibility that when Cloud left Nibelheim, maybe Rufus could have lived at the Shinra mansion there. They apparently also met the SOLDIER Zack.

The Theory. Rufus Shinra is the President and CEO of Shinra Electric Power Company. That’s fine but quickly the battle turns into a repetitive war of attrition of cloud waiting for his chance, taking small swipes, and healing himself with Chakra. Thanks for the confidence boost! The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. It looks perfect on the outside. I’m not sure they should, personally. In the battle for the life of the planet, while they were both pursuing Sephiroth, he stands opposed to Cloud’s team. In the unseen corners of his heart, perhaps he sees a clear vision of the world restored, and under the control of the Shinra Company…. The population thought that Shinra would protect them. Cloud and gang finally come across President Shinra’s Masamune skewered corpse. Rufus Shinra of the Shinra Corporation secretly helped AVALANCHE fight against Sephiroth. Rufus Shinra was never a bad guy to begin with. Now I will admit that his opening speech is one that makes you think, “Damn this guy is sick.” But I think it’s all a ruse, to continue AVANLANCHE’s hatred for Shinra. Along with the other Shinra executives, Rufus takes part in meetings and strategy, and has special access to his father, personally discussing key issues a… If a terrorist attack, the Shinra army will help you.

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