There were more than 40 total aftershocks with a magnitude greater than 5.0 in the 48 hours after the mainshock. [72] Most of the warnings were called off once it was clear that the tsunami threat had passed. [23] Elsewhere there were reports of landslides near Solosolo and damage to plantations near Apia. [51] Air New Zealand arranged for larger Boeing 777 aircraft to carry in relief workers and evacuate tourists to Auckland, and fly the Samoan Prime Minister back to his country. The tsunami caused damages in 11 further countries. Immediatamente l'UNICEF ha avviato un'azione di monitoraggio per stabilire gli interventi prioritari nei settori sanitario e nutrizionale, idrico-igienico, per l'istruzione e la protezione dell'infanzia. Die Arbeiter in der Fabrik hätten gerade einmal drei Minuten gehabt, um sich in Sicherheit zu bringen, bevor das Wasser kam, berichtet Vaeafe. SSW einfach berechnen. Samoa, die neue Wirklichkeit: Die sechsjährige Mary steht vor den Trümmern des Hauses ihrer Familie in Malaela Aleipate. Xinhua, [New Zealand to provide 2.9 mln USD extra aid to Samoa New Zealand to provide 2.9 mln USD extra aid to Samoa], The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, " continues as death rises", "Samoa tsunami toll may exceed 100, hundreds injured", "Search for bodies continue, death toll rises in South Pacific | NATIONAL News", "Waves hit Tonga, damage but no casualties", "Tsunami toll expected to rise in Samoan islands", "American Samoa governor says tsunami death toll could rise",, "President Declares Major Disaster For Territory of American Samoa", "Federal Coordinating Officer Lands in American Samoa", "Hawaii Guard, Navy bound for American Samoa", "Ingraham Contributes to Navy's HADR mission", "At least seven dead after quake, tsunami hit Samoa", "Tsunami smashes Pacific islands, over 100 feared dead", "Searching ruins for reason to live after the tsunami", "Two Australians dead, grave fears for others as Samoan tsunami toll rises", "Residents flee tsunami after strong quake in Samoa", "Talofa Lava – Welcome to Sinalei Reef Resort & Spa", "Sa'Moana Resort, South Coast, Upolu Island", Quake triggers deadly tsunamis in Pacific, "Tsunami Sweeps Through Pago Pago;63 Dead", "Samoa's Prime Minister in grief as nation mourns", "Samoa: Samoa/Tonga: Tsunami OCHA Situation Report No. Verwüstung auch im Dorf Leone im amerikanischen Territorium. Man half sich untereinander, lieh sich Fahrzeuge, um Verletzte ins Krankenhaus zu transportieren, räumte in kürzester Zeit Schutt auf den Straßen beiseite, um sie wieder passierbar zu machen. Earthquake in Chile (Northern Chile) with a magnitude of 8.3. [47], High Commissioner Adolphe Colrat cancelled the tsunami red alert at 12:03 pm on Tuesday for all areas of French Polynesia except the Marquesas. [8], The Los Angeles Times, quoting a source at the National Park of American Samoa, reported that "four tsunami waves, 15 to 20 ft (4.6 to 6 m) high", and "reaching up to a mile (1.6 km) inland" hit American Samoa shortly after the earthquake. A total of 167 humans died. flow depths (the height above ground reached by water at various points on shore, commonly indicated by water stains on walls or debris in trees), inundation distances (horizontal distances between the shoreline and the farthest points inland reached by the water), and. Similar educational efforts could benefit coastal residents in other countries, including the United States. [22] Eisprungrechner Die besten Handys und Smartphones mit Vertrag, Prepaid [11] A new power plant at Satala is expected to be commissioned on 25 May 2017. [46], French Polynesia escaped much of the damage inflicted against other Polynesian countries and territories by the earthquake. Hamburg/Apia - Joseph Bursin und Nicky Fryar machten alles richtig. [50], New Zealand dispatched RNZAF P-3 Orions to assess the damage and search for bodies. [9] The water flowed inland about 100 yd (100 m) before receding, leaving some cars stuck in the mud. We tried to answer their questions and felt glad to know that our research will help them, and other communities, plan for future tsunamis. SPIEGEL+ kann nur auf einem Gerät zur selben Zeit genutzt werden. [33] [11] Residents were warned to conserve and boil water until safe drinking water supplies can be restored, which could take some time. Earthquake in Chile (Northern Chile) with a magnitude of 8.5. Geburtsterminrechner [11], U.S. President Barack Obama declared a major disaster for its dependent territory, American Samoa, allowing federal funds to be used for rescues, life support, and public health and safety measures. [40] A Tongan government spokesman Alfred Soakai said 90% of homes had been destroyed as well as serious damage to the hospital. [32], The Prime Minister made his first address to the nation, after the tsunami, on 1 October. HIT Prospekt "Es zeigte sich in dieser Situation, wie ausgeprägt zum Beispiel der Familien- und Gemeinschaftssinn ist. [11], A Radio New Zealand International correspondent reported that the center of Pago Pago, the largest city in American Samoa, had sustained heavy damage in the tsunami, with its main street flooded, cars overturned, and shoreline businesses damaged. [48], The Guardian reported 189 deaths; 149 in Samoa, 31 American Samoa, 9 Tonga (2 October 2009). Tsunami trifft Samoa: Nach der Katastrophe. ", SPIEGEL+-Zugang wird gerade auf einem anderen Gerät genutzt. In order to improve tsunami-inundation models—which predict the behavior of tsunamis and are vital for helping communities design evacuation routes, build stronger structures, and determine the best areas for building—the USGS survey teams collected data that included: The teams also measured topography and bathymetry near the shore, including reef-flat elevations. Tsunamis in Samoa In a total of 12 tidal waves classified as a tsunami since 1868 a total of 360 people died in Samoa. Il 29 settembre un sisma di magnitudo 8,3 della scala Richter, ancora più violento di quello che poche ore dopo ha colpito Sumatra (gli esperti ritengono che i due fenomeni non siano correlati) si è verificato a circa 200 km. Ich kann ihn sehen. The most severe natural disasters worldwide. The submarine earthquake occurred in an extensional environment and had a moment magnitude of 8.1 and a maximum Mercalli intensity of VI (Strong). Interi villaggi sono stati rasi al suolo , molti dei quali sono ancora sommersi e dove il numero delle vittime è destinato ad aumentare man mano che i soccorsi raggiungeranno le aree colpite. [24], A number of tourist resorts are located on Upolu's south coast. Augenzeugen auf Samoa berichten von meterhohen Wellen … Mein Mann und ich hielten uns aneinander und an dem Geländer fest, und dann war die Welle vorbei, aber der Sog war enorm.“ Die Welle sei so stark gewesen, dass Möbel durch das Dach ihres Hauses gerissen wurden. Termine sofort & exakt berechnen. The Samoa tsunami of September 29, 2009, was the fifth tsunami studied by U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) field teams in 15 years, and yet it presented many surprises. Samoa_tsunami_animation_20090929_samoa_a.ogv ‎ (File video Ogg Theora, durata 40 s, dimensioni 384×288 pixel, 1,67 Mbps) [37], The main impact in Tonga was in the northern part of the island kingdom where there were deaths, injuries and extensive damage[38] on Niuatoputapu, a flat coral island[39] 500 km north of the main island Tongatapu, and reportedly closest to the epicentre of the earthquake. Oxfam New Zealand set up a rapid response emergency fund at their website. They slow down where the water is shallower, causing their crests to bend (refract) toward the shallowest areas. [9] Damage to the National Park's natural reserves and the destruction of its visitor center and main offices have been reported, while only 20% of the park's 40 to 50 employees and volunteers had been found. [/paesi/paese/progetti/documenti/dettaglio.htm]. [72], A tsunami warning remained in effect for the Marquesas Islands of French Polynesia, as five main waves were expected to strike that archipelago. Joe Tavale aus Pago Pago begutachtet das Maß der Verwüstung. Mehrere Dörfer wurden völlig zerstört, die Todeszahl liegt mittlerweile bei 150 Menschen. Mutterschutzrechner Effektiver Monatspreis. Dieses Satellitenbild zeigt Pago Pago im US-Territorium Samoas, kurz bevor der Tsunami am Mittwoch auf das Festland schlug. La suora salesiana Doris Barbero è incaricata della scuola elementare San Giuseppe nel villaggio di Leava, a Samoa Occidentale. Jan Henning Steffen arbeitet für die Uno in Samoa, er hielt sich während des Tsunami in Apia auf der Insel Upolu auf, an deren Südküste die Zerstörungen am stärksten sind. "[48] FRANZ stands for France, Australia and New Zealand, three large countries who traditionally provide aid in Oceania following natural disasters. Metro Prospekt Ein Satellitenfoto vom Flughafen Pago Pago, kurz nachdem der Tsunami aufs Festland getroffen war. Residents across French Polynesia were advised to avoid valleys and bays, tie up watercraft and listen to Réseau France Outre-mer (RFO) for further instruction. Photograph courtesy of Richard Madsen, of the yacht Barbarella. Dutzende Menschen wurden von den bis zu siebeneinhalb Meter hohen Flutwellen in den Tod gerissen, ganze Dörfer ausgelöscht. Klicken Sie auf den Button, spielen wir den Hinweis auf dem anderen Gerät aus und Sie können SPIEGEL+ weiter nutzen. [52][53][54] The New Zealand government also pledged over NZ$12 million for relief efforts.[55]. Bruce Jaffe, USGS, was part of an international tsunami survey team (ITST) that measured runup heights on October 5-6, 2009. Oltre 130 morti accertati. Like other scientists working in the aftermath of a tsunami, I suppressed my reaction and concentrated on collecting data needed to improve our understanding of tsunamis. Fruchtbare Tage berechnen. "Wir hatten vielleicht 15 bis 20 Sekunden, da war das Wasser auch schon genau unter uns", sagte Bursin. Leone a small village on a bay was particularly hard-hit. Was ihnen, wie sie selbst sagen, vom Tsunami vor allem immer gegenwärtig bleiben wird, sei der Lärm - das furiose Rauschen des Wassers, das Geräusch von Metalldächern, die krachend auf Autos fallen, Gebäude, die mit Getöse zusammenbrechen. The scope of tsunami research within the USGS, however, is broader than the topics covered here.

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