It is also secure and error prone which make it enough robust for critical industrial applications and environments. We have created Python language blocks in Snap! #automotive #automotivegram #cars #car #technician #mechanic #autotech, Cricket is a 19-year-old Aircraft Maintenance Apprentice working at a flight school in Atlanta, GA! on Windows, Macbooks, and Chromebooks. Its light payload messaging makes an ideal feature to communicate with servers with less power and less bandwidth. Announcements This is the category for Snap!Con 2020 Announcements. Sean has worked on so many cool projects we can’t fit it all in an IG caption. #makersandfixers She uses her “tiny” size to her advantage to work in tight spaces. We believe that critical optimism, creative disobedience and courageous curiosity are ingredients for a rich and self-determined life in the 21st century. The job had everything I was looking for; airplanes, mechanics, electronics troubleshooting. will have an enaging program! We will DM you for mailing information! At Moonshine Harley Davidson, he’s able to work on bikes, as well as show off what he does on YouTube and Instagram. One Block to Rule Them All - From Media Computation to Data Science with Snap! #auto #bodytechnician #autobody #collisionrepair #bodyrepair #technicalschool #apprentice #mechanic, Meet Brianna! . Even though he’s traveled all over, Ryan said his favorite project is the one still sitting in his garage at home- a 1971 AMC Javelin SST. . Those new programming environments are often extensions of general-purpose block languages such as Snap! The talk will show how independent work in programming courses can be enabled and encouraged. The session will be the Show and Tell of what happened during the first virtual and international Young Thinkers Learning festival which took place this week Monday to Wednesday as SnapCon2020 pre-event. . Celeste grew up working on cars with her dad, then went to school for diesel repair. Teachers, students, and parents were faced with a new challenge of online teaching using exclusively digital media. Adam does it all. #auto #autobody #shopowner #mechanic #technician #femaletech #femaletechnician #femalebusinessowner #femaleentrepreneur #girlboss, *GIVEAWAY* Without the work you do, cars, planes, trucks, motorcycles and machines would come to a halt. In the past we’ve faced difficulties using some sensors and actuators in our academies. and design thinking processes to build awesome games. In this presentation we will describe and show the key features of DBSnap, a web application to build database queries (based on relational algebra... Poster and Demo presenters will have a chance to give you a preview of their posters/demos. I’ve worked on everything from custom one-off Tahoe’s that are converted into undercover police vehicles, repairing brand new front line ladder trucks on the emergency scenes, to my most recent undertaking, converting a military surplus truck into a high water rescue truck for heavy flooding near the coast. #hydraulic #cat #caterpillar #cylinders #heavyequipment #technician, Danny’s career has taken him from Oxford, England, to underground mines in Saskatchewan, Canada. code was used in her ELA classroom as part of a language arts unit. close out Snap!Con with an interactive discussion on the future of Snap!. (The engine he was re-building exploded.) 1. He was a GM Master Tech for 22 years, and has been an Independent ASE Master and L1 since 1990. Anyone who guessed correctly on yesterday’s post will be getting a free Makers and Fixers magnet! #weld #welding #steel #fabrication #cnc #machinist #femalewelder #womanwelder, “I got into my line of work by blowing up my mom’s car. We're sad to see these four days come to an end, but are so delighted that everyone could join on online! . But it can be daunting to manage a whole classroom working on different activities. But years later, Juan has worked his way up to being the Lead Transmission Technician. . . . . The repairs are still going on today, but Tim was proud to have played an important part in the recovery of his home. . . #aviation #aircraft #apprentice #airframeandpowerplant #aircraftmaintenance #aviationmaintenance #aircraftmechanic, Like so many Makers and Fixers out there, Autumn started out working on a project car with her dad. On the other hand, also professional knowledge has to be acquired and methods have to be trained, which means for informatics training coding for instance. GitHub. #technician #kia #auto #car #ford #family #dad #son #international, When Jessa was 19, her mom enrolled her in aviation school....without telling Jessa about it. How can you get students talking and sharing across projects? Using a drag-and-drop style coding system, students can create their own games directly within Minecraft. Throughout his life, Jimmy’s dad taught him as much as he possibly could- and led him towards his career as a Small Engine Technician. Controlling Make to Learn Invention Kits with Snap! . . Now Miguel can say the coolest project he’s ever worked on was an airplane! View Conference Announcements Raise is the nation's largest digital fundraising platform for teams, schools and youth groups. Keep it up and congrats! #makersandfixers . . W... One of the most important issues in many modern school curricula is the development of soft skills like teamwork, creativity, problem solving, self-organization and so on. Snap!Con 2020 #carguy #cars #auto #automotive #gm #generalmotors #mastertech #mastertechnician #jeep #machineshop #ase, Meet Jaime, a Technician in Querétaro, Mexico! In the early days of her career she says, “Every day I worked hard and gave 110%.

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