When progressing towards a ramp or ledge where it is possible to do a trick, the player must simply press the jump button. Team Heroes then meets up with Amy, who says she was being pursued by the robots as well. Grinding Rails) according to formation type, but according to the extreme gear they ride. The bomb can be transferred to another character using Gravity Control. The scene then switches to Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy, in Tails' vehicle driving through Megalo City. Jet is the leader of the group of thieves known as the Babylon Rogues. The Babylon Rogues retrieve an Ark of the Cosmos, one of five relics capable of controlling gravity, intending to use them all to power Babylon Garden's warp engine. [8][9] The Official Nintendo Magazine gave the game a score of 72%, praising its solid multiplayer action and the amount of bonus features but criticized it for its rough controls. Then they landed in front of Sonic and his friends. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. It was announced at the Lepzig Games Convention 2007. New Extreme Gear can be unlocked via the in-game shop, with different Gear providing different advantages and unique abilities. Once players gain a certain number of rings during a race, they can choose to activate one of their Gear Parts. A meteor flies through the sky towards the tower. She is also not present in the final boss. Eggman reveals that one of the robots, SCR-HD, was struck by the Ark that hit Crimson Tower, giving it sentience and leadership over the other robots. Although still fairly new to being an Extreme Gear mechanic, Tails is always working on ways to improve his gear repairing skills. Survival Relay is basically a relay race where two-to-four players make a team(s) riding a single Extreme Gear, using it as a baton to pass on to the next character. In addition to the returning Board type, Skate type and Bike type Extreme Gears from Sonic Riders, the game introduces as well three new types of Extreme Gear in the series, namely the Yacht type, the Air Ride type and the Wheel type. Sonic then says that they should catch up. Unlocked By: Coming in 1st in a race against SCR-HD. A total of 18 playable characters can be unlocked, including guest characters from Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg, Nights into Dreams, and Samba de Amigo. Shadow's artwork in this game has a striking resemblance to his. In Survival Relay, teams of two compete in a relay race, using their Extreme Gear as the baton. After bumping into his machine, Wave grabs the master Ark that fell out.

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