Of 20 members of the State Commission, only Kamanin and two others are actually at the launch site. At 20:00, on the same day, the State Commission met again for the traditional confirmation of the crew. Soyuz 9 is planned to launch at 24:00. Soyuz 9's environmental control system is working well. Credit: Roskosmos, The author of this page will appreciate comments, corrections and imagery related to the subject. Kamanin finds himself out of the decision loop, 'as usual'.

The Soyuz ECS is designed to only operate for five days, but will have to operate 3 to 4 times longer for this mission. Launch is set for 31 May with an 18 day mission duration. (142).

Conversation aboard the flight is about the weather, football - nothing about space. She will fly via An-24 to Yevpatoriya on 7 June with her daughter. The technical management then met at 18:00 local time, with Afanasiev, A.N. Meeting with Mishin. Soyuz-9 embarks on a record-breaking mission In June 1970, two Soviet cosmonauts spent 18 days aboard the Soyuz-9 spacecraft, setting a flight-duration record. However the cosmonauts' condition after landing is awful. During the day of June 3, Soviet reports announced that Nikolaev and Sevastyanov had become the first cosmonauts to shave in space, thus giving the first hint that the crew was in space for the long haul. At 15:00, Mishin and Kerimov, following their bosses' orders from Moscow, announce that they want to extend the flight to 20 days. The Air Force medics proposed to gradually push the going-to-bed time to 2 or 3 in the morning and the get-up time to 11 a.m. or 12 p.m. To Kamanin's surprise, Nikolaev and Sevastyanov strongly agreed with the medics and, starting on May 20, their activities began shifting to later hours. Soyuz 9 (Russian : Союз 9, Union 9) was a 1970 Soviet manned space flight. The result: neither the spacecraft or the booster are ready for an April launch, perhaps not even by the end of May. At the 23:25 communications sessions the cosmonauts report that their appetites are good and they are sleeping well. The cosmonauts re-confirmed their good physical condition and normal operation of all systems aboard the spacecraft. Kamanin objects, he would prefer Kolodin or Grechko, but Mishin won't hear of it. Mishin wants to land 50 km further wesst, near a city with passenger train service. Inspectors have found 15 discrepancies in the spacecraft, 3 to 4 of them serious (including incorrect mounting of the crew head rests, unusable photographic equipment). All is normal aboard Soyuz 9, except that one of the local telemetry commutators in Ryazanskiy's system has failed. Kamanin has been working for seven years on operation and improvement of the TsEZ Central Experimental Facility of he VVS. On June 14, Nikolaev told mission control that he had seen several small meteors entering and burning up in the Earth's atmosphere. Delta V: 10 m/sTotal Delta V: 27 m/s. All is ready for a flight in April, but the Communist Party resolution says the flight has to wait for May. Not surprisingly, the flight program was packed with medical tests.

On May 30, at 11:00 local time, cosmonauts sat inside their flight-ready spacecraft at the assembly building of Site 31 for the final familiarization before the ship was attached to the rocket. On the political front, the capabilities of the Soyuz allowed the USSR to break the flight-duration record set by the crew of NASA's Gemini-7 mission back in December 1965 and it could be achieved in much more comfortable conditions for the cosmonauts then either aboard Gemini or the one-compartment Voskhod-3 spacecraft, which was originally assigned to achieve that feat in 1966.

Kamanin leaves for Tyuratam at 09:00 with 13 others aboard an Il-18 from Chkalov Airfield. Duration: 17.71 days. Telemetry shows the system is generating 25.6 to 26.0 V. There will be an emergency situation if the voltage drops to 23 to 24 V - in that case the crew must land within 1.5 orbits of the earth, or two hours. Final Landing Commission meeting is held. This commission's role is to assess the flight status and to establish contingency plans for the next day in case an emergency return to earth is required.

Credit: Roskosmos, A launch vehicle with Soyuz-9 spacecraft is being rolled out on the launch pad in Tyuratam. Meanwhile the crew is well, preparing for landing. Nikolayev and crew go to Sochi. Due to the limited communications range of ground stations, the game had to be interrupted many times and stretched over three orbits (approximately 4.5 hours) and finally ended in a draw. At 22:15 alarming telemetry is received that indicates that the temperatures in the fuel tanks are getting high due to the extended time of continuous exposure to the sun. Kamanin replies that GUKOS, the General Staff, and Mishin were all opposed to production of 10 additional Soyuz ships for military flights. During December Kamanin, the Shatalov Soyuz 7 crew, Sevastyanov, and their wives vacation at Sochi on the Black Sea. He directed his deputy Anatoly Shabarov and the launch vehicle manager Soldatenkov to prepare an analysis of the situation by May 28.

Nikolayev reports that when oriented to the sun, the system generates 26 V instead of the 31 V it should be generating. There are problems with the environmental control system - the carbon dioxide level is up to 8.5 mm, and the oxygen level down to 160 mm.

On the morning of June 15, 1970, Mishin and his colleagues returned to Crimea to oversee the conclusion of the record-breaking orbital mission. Nikolayev and Sevastyanov fly to Sochi to write out their post-flight debriefing. (The title is translated as "Sucker" in English and "Razinya" in Russian).

The Soyuz 9 crew has completed their 12th day but are beginning to get tired. Today the Soyuz 9 crew set a new space endurance record. On the second day the crew had to engage and disengage the solar batteries 12 times manually. It is the scientific institutes who say they cannot finish development of their experiments - even to meet the May schedule. Mishin indicated that it was the 7th incident with this particular system, though the six other instances affected launches of Zenit satellites.

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