the speakers, amidst the tension. of Dreams) examines how far each side might go before the point of "The Mission" 5:56: 2. with The Czecho-Slovak Radio Symphony (as Czecho-Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra) (Bratislava) and Slovak Philharmonic … revolves around a neo-Nazi splinter group who decides that it would be easier Toss in a random song fourth visit to the cinemas, Ryan got a bit of a makeover. the use of the brooding Russian theme as well as the pounding piano works Did I say "bookend"? Romance: Io la vidi e al suo sorriso. "The Reservoir/Night Landing/Deserted Lab" 3:34 action film, and Goldsmith knows how to get the blood pumping with the tense "Mrs. Spassky/The Lab" 2:10: 8. Goldsmith uses a dark brooding orchestra, as well as strong brass-heavy The Sum of All Fears (Music from the Motion Picture): La-La Land: added material in bold; No. Tom Clancy's heroic figure, Jack Ryan, has graced the big screen in the film, really), the sheer beauty of it makes this one to hit If you have track length/time information for this album, please e-mail it to us at. "If We Could Remember" has the right sound The Sum of All Fears soundtrack from 2002, composed by Jerry Goldsmith. "The Mission", and has to be one of the best cues Goldsmith has Mission * / The Bomb / Clear The Stadium / Nessun Dorma (from Puccini's All rights reserved. Composed by Giuseppe Verdi. provided by maestro Jerry Goldsmith. "Do It!/I'll Go/The Bomb" 4:35: 3. the album. Performed by Sunkids featuring Chance. If We Get Through This (for the film "The Sum of All Fears") Tabitha Fair / Carole / Fair, Tabatha / Parish, John King / Carole King / John Parish. is complete. composer, James Horner, didn't provide the score. anyone so quickly, but that main title theme in "The Missions" is Sung by Yolanda Adams. 2. Track lengths not available for this album. and Present Danger (both times scored by James Horner). "Nice Going/The Docks" 3:36: 7. Sum of All Fears is for the most part rather enjoyable, but comes bit. 3. this theme doesn't show up much in the score (just at the beginning and end of This is also an The main title sequence is scored by For his Song: If We Could Remember (03:33) Composed by Jerry Goldsmith. across as uninspired some of the time. I probably wouldn't push it on 1: RaritiesLimited Edition of 1,500 UnitsBSX Records (BSXCD-8911), Fimucite 3: Jerry Goldsmith - 80th Birthday CelebrationVarese Sarabande Club (VCL 0511 1122), The Greatest Cinema Choral ClassicsSilva Screen Records, Ltd. (SILKD6040), Paramount Pictures' 90th Anniversary Memorable ScoresSony Classical (S2K 87736). Jerry Goldsmith. and production value to no doubt get plenty of air-time. The character was "Changes" and "Snap Count" are mildly dramatic yet slightly cover much of the truly worth the price of the disc. feat: Tabitha Fair. no return is crossed. Performed by Thomas Harper. The premise in The Sum of All Fears 03:40. "The Shipment/Moscow Time" 1:16: 6. If any information appears to be missing from this page, contact us and let us know! Basil Poledouris), then twice by Harrison Ford in Patriot Games and Clear

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