Interestingly enough, most of the gangs portrayed in the film were neither symbolic nor imaginary, but were based on various real gangs who existed at different periods throughout the fifties and early sixties.Many of these gangs were not real gangs in the common theatrical sense, but were specific ethnic groups of teens from different Bronx and Manhattan neighborhoods.

The original group members -- Ray Pollard (lead), Frank Joyner (tenor), Robert Yarbrough (baritone), and Sheppard "Shep" Grant (bass). They began their career in 1952 as the Barons. They are best known for their cover material, and had minor East Coast hits with "For Your Love" and "Thinking of You." I still have pictures.

Janet left the band a month after the recording and we replaced her with Jack Petersen. The band continued until 1972, playing many of the same clubs as Ted Nugent, Bob Segar, and The Frost. Of course, each group developed its own mythical idea of what the other groups were like, and in his novel, Richard Price used much of this teenage myth and lore.Of all the well-embellished epics common to the teens in the Wanderers' neighborhood , those dealing with the Duckies were the most detailed and commonly accepted. The keyboard player and his brother were killed in a car accident in 1971, our main bass player’s brother joined the band on guitar in 1970 and was killed years later in a crane accident.

Your email address will not be published. He had a gift of listening to a song on the radio, and could predict what song was going to be a hit.

The Wanderers They went through another stylistic change to keep with the times, focusing on a more commercial R&B sound for their cover of Ed Townsend's 1957 classic ballad "For Your Love."

Check out our picks for family friendly movies movies that transcend all ages. They recorded one album before splitting up.

He was an awesome guitarist back then….I can’t imagine his playing now.

A young girl whose father is an ex-convict and whose mother is a junkie finds it difficult to conform and tries to find comfort in a quirky combination of Elvis and the punk scene.

That label changed names a month later (in April of 1958) because of the proliferation of small labels using the name Orbit, becoming Cub Records. The management had sold tickets for two shows, so they cleared the building and we did our second show for the late crowd, and wheeled our PA back for their second show. so thanks for all the information on them.

Directed by Philip Kaufman.

In June 1981, they released their cover version of the Bob Dylan song "The Times They Are A-Changin'" (B-side: "It's a Little Bit Frightening") as their last single.

I even switched to the drums for awhile. I don’t know if you still remember me or not I was Margie Norman the nappy headed kid in your class went to belding high School wow you really made it to the top I knew you were special I do hope you remember me cuz I do remember you I remember Don Ziegler I remember Guy Kenny dying Randy Holt Leslie Yost introducing the future just to name a few, Your email address will not be published.

I was looking through all my dad’s old pictures and found a picture of The Wanderers and I decided to search the web for more info/pictures. [1][3] The concept album tells the story of  ex-CIA agent Peter Beter (who allegedly provided secret information on tapes) from the perspective of a teenager who wants to fight "the system" only to ultimately succumb to it. Don and the Wanderers were from Belding, Michigan, about 30 miles east northeast of Grand Rapids. “On the Road” was side one and “Sleeping in the Sun” was the flip side. I remember Ed Jenner, he could twist fingers to grab chords that fingers were not meant to be twisted. Meanwhile, the group was still performing strong, appearing with non-R&B acts and even making the rounds of TV shows like Ed Sullivan's Toast of the Town in 1955. Don wanted to drive it but didn’t know how to shift yet, so one night we switched places with the car in motion so he could drive. Their first release was "Hey Mae Ethel," which earned enough airplay in the New York area to attract booking agents who began to get them regular appearances in clubs, including an opening slot for Big Maybelle (who was already waxing huge R&B hits for Columbia's Okeh subsidiary) at Harlem's Club Baby Grand. Never thought I’d be displayed in a museum while I was still alive! So are you still in the area or somewhere else in the country. No part of this website or the articles published here may be reproduced or transmitted in any from or by any means, without prior permission from the author.

The audience response to the Wanderers' version provided them with some hope and began to clearly define the outlines of a smooth pop vocal career. 1st: The Wanderers were a UK Punk band fronted by ex-Dead Boy. I’ve known Don and his brother Bob for over 40 years as well as Devers for a long time. I still can see your equipment set up in your house for practice. Adult life awaits them. They even have the option to be a roaming band for ultimate flexibility! The club was set up with a stage at each end of the main room. Read Full Biography. 682 likes. For a time, they were calling themselves the Larks (not to be confused with either the Eugene Mumford-led gospel act nor the L.A.-based Don Julian-led group from the early '60s).

My band was the Village Gayte from Muskegon and we are also on the poster and played there that Wednesday. The Wanderers combine the best in Mumford & Sons style folk with all of your favourite party songs.

The were eventually dropped by MGM in 1962.

When he is killed, The Warriors are falsely blamed and now must fight their way home while every other gang is hunting them down. Focusing around a football game where the different gangs play with and against each other, then at its grand finale, come together in a mass of union to defend their honour and their turf. I had one until the late 80’s and it was broken. We did our first set, and wheeled our PA to their stage for their first show. He’d buy the 45 record, and made sure we had our parts down and ready for each practice, and by the time the song hit #1 we already had it in our song list. The MP3’s I sent were the masters and my brother had them done just last year from the original tape.

At least we had the experience of recording and being part of that era. The album got great reviews from the magazine Sounds, while the magazine Record Mirror reacted somewhat cautiously to it.

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