Charisma Armor. Generate 0.6% Ultimate charge every 1s while Combat Trance is active. Tiberius is exhilarated by the opportunity to match blades with a worthy foe. He doesnt need the ability to be viable its just a shred now button with no down sides. However with the release of Tiberius I find myself playing less. ult charge on q 5, hp 4, heal on hit 4, ammo 1, ammo on q 1. Game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of their respective publisher and its licensors. That slow is just so damn annoying. This topic has been deleted. @shadowchess Tiberius got 2 cards that focus on his charkram to heal combined Test of Strength 250 heal every 1s and Bragging Rights 125 heal when land a hit makes Tiberius a 1v1 walking tank im ok on tiberius DMG its slow to throw but his Q goes on cooldown once its active also the DMG is the same as his primary fire it need to be 500dmg when Q is active and it will not go on cooldown once his Q is still in active this is the reason why he can do Q fast.. his blade is ok throw and rebound dont always land a hit if you got a team cant read the timing...i hardly got hit by tiberius rebound sword cause i know the direction of the throw. Raum is awful on his own and now we have Tiberius. I use him in casual I went 17/6 120k dmg. Reduce the Cooldown of Heavy Blade by 3s. Legal. 2. Increase the range at which you see nearby stealthed targets by 30 units. Also, his ultimate can wipe out an entire team stacking on the point if used correctly. Increase the jump strength of Crouching Tigron by 24%. I feel that Tiberius should either receive a health or damage nerf because he feels unbeatable at the moment. Your weapon shots reduce the effect of healing on your target by 75% for 1.5s. Or reduce the downtime to 30s. Support Gain a 100-Health Shield for 3s after falling to or below 50% Health. I recall the sword instantly as by the time the see the damage the return is already through them. Reduce the Cooldown of all your abilities by 10%. Playing Grover I have died multiple times to other powerful characters like Viktor, Skye, Strix, Maeve and Talus. Account Settings. Can someone explain to me how it’s fair that Grover does 300+ damage every 0.9 seconds but Tiberius can do 650 damage every 0.7 seconds? I do like that his Ult is not CC protected (his Combat trace is?) His is a tale of charm and daring — heroic feats backed by deadly prowess. The best counter is someone like eminence Lian or a sniper who can deal more damage than Tiberius from afar. The only negative to him is his shitty mobility skill. Adored by the people, feared in battle — Tiberius, The Weapons-Master, knows no equal! Gain a 75-Health Shield for 3s after activating Crouching Tigron. Charisma Armor. Born of the Tigron, Tiberius is the pinnacle of their values. Heal for 250 every 1s while Combat Trance is active. Combat trance is on a 15 second cool down so i think its can be played around. Reduce the Cooldown of Heavy Blade by 1.2s. Reduce the damage on the sword to 500 out 300 back and remove the slow Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Paladins Tiberius new champion sustain PTS gameplay, build and first look! Tiberius can be damage immune during the whirling blade part of his ult. I don't get why they can't just release characters that are actually decently balanced and not just a bunch of spam that obliterates anyone attempting to flank them. To me, he is a strong champion as you can put out so much damage with his 2 weapons. So it has the down side of like drogoz salvo... You have to not be shooting looking for that opening to use it. Imani has it on a ball that moves at the speed of snails. Studios. They then tell you that you're trash because they claim to never die to any of these people. Level 5. Hello! @AYYDIMITRI said in Tiberius is too broken! Please disable your adblock. The slow on his not-Dredge harpoon sword is a bit too much. Generate 2.4% Ultimate charge every 1s while Combat Trance is active. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Reduce the Cooldown of Heavy Blade by 1.2s. This can be very strong but require a good hit. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Please download a browser that supports JavaScript, or enable it if it's disabled (i.e. I started playing towards the end of last season and I love the game. Data provided by Hi-Rez Studios. tanks are now easy to get killed right now. Use someone like Io or Ash, people who can cc him off the map. ), but when they play off their support or flank even a little, it's pretty devastating. 2. Also, his ultimate can wipe out an entire team stacking on the point if used correctly.

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