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I still have my original CD, but there is no known way to make the game work on modern operating systems. Join the community to add your comment. Some store links may include affiliate tags. PCGamingWiki; PCGamingWiki The beta version also has different names for some of the stage…

Na versão de N64, enquanto o Agente Ed, o protagonista do jogo, limpa a nave espacial em que está, ele encontra um inseto e tenta golpeá-lo. Ed controls very differently and feels heavier due to a less-precise jump and tank-like controls. External links.

Tonic Trouble is an action-adventure game played from a third-person view. I would really love to play the Special Edition again. In this video, I try out the Nintendo 64 version of a game I used to play all the time.

{{ notifications.notificationsCountLabel }} pending, See new chat messages, friend invites, as well as important announcements and deals relevant to you, Play, chat, and share experiences with your friends on GOG.com. It was my first 3D game and very awesome. Um ex-bêbado, que, depois de ter sido expulso de um bar por não pagar a conta, bebeu o Tônico e, dessa forma, ganhou poderes sobrenaturais e se coroou como rei da Terra.

Uma adaptação do jogo para Game Boy Color foi desenvolvida pela RFX Interactive e lançada em 2000 exclusivamente na Europa. My old CD broke a long time ago and I've been wishing to play the PC version again since. Ed mata a robô, pega sua zarabatana e liberta o Doc, que lhe diz para coletar as peças necessárias para criar uma máquina que o levará até o reino de Grögh.

Okay, let’s try something stupid. Depois de uma longa batalha, Ed mata o Magic Mushroom com seu Peashooter e recupera o último porco. Com sua máquina concluída, Doc catapulta Ed até o Reino de Grögh, onde Grögh pilota um robô de luta gigantesco para lutar contra Ed. I would love to be able to play Tonic Trouble again.

At first, in an unsuccessful attempt, I tried to tweak it into GetCurrentDirectoryA call.

Some things may not work as they should (or don't work at all).

The plan here is to cover all the versions of the Retail release, but since we’ve to start somewhere, we’ll begin with the latest of the latest, the Review English version, released in Italy and Spain, of course.

After hours of debugging (keep in mind, I didn’t know anything about PE format structure, leave alone rebuilding one) on a real Windows XP machine (not VMs, since the game has requirements their virtualized GPUs don’t meet), I gave up. Debugging is more to see what the program is doing, and how my changes behave. Tonic Trouble ist das neue Highlight der Schöpfer von Rayman. Some old games tend to be a bit tricky to make work on modern systems, and Rayman 2 Tonic Trouble is no exception. For the graphics department, a video wrapper will be included (the magnificent dgVoodoo), to max the resolution to desktop.

After inspecting the executable, all of them have the same English directory, but changing it didn’t do anything, so the configuration has to be somewhere else. It would also be awesome if they included the "Tonic Trouble Special Edition" which is actually the beta for the game. The goal is to make an all-in-one (AIO) program that deals with everything (a launcher, if you like), from those more straightforward things as the graphics wrapper and its configuration, as well as the more technical stuff, that will be the main focus of the article and deeply explained in the rest of the writing. Also, we want to be the most dynamic we can get.

Gamekult.com. Description of Tonic Trouble Windows. Later on it’ll make more sense and be part of the several re-releases all over Europe.

I've tested it myself and have since completed the game. Already being a fan of the Rayman series, I had an idea of what to expect.

Some old games tend to be a bit tricky to make work on modern systems, and Rayman 2 Tonic Trouble is no exception.

IMO, Tonic Trouble is better than Rayman 2. @DREWMCKAY i guess your right!!

Thanks! You can't chat with this user because you have blocked him. Both the retail version and the special edition (beta).

Depois de admitir a derrota, Grögh devolve a lata para Ed.

Especially now that anything past Windows 7 just won't play the game, including the Special Edition.

Tonic Trouble é um jogo eletrônico de ação e aventura desenvolvido pela Ubisoft Montreal e publicado pela Ubisoft.

I've wanted to buy Tonic Trouble for a while now though I'm wondering if it works on …

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