The hollow, low-gauge needle used for the piercing can be either straight or curved, depending on the piercer's preference. Getting the piercing done by a professional and practicing proper aftercare will lower the chances of these side effects.

Piercings made to this portion of the ear are commonly referred to as Tragus Piercings. Travel pillows can come in handy to prevent pressure.". According to Howell, "As piercers, we’re looking for a small flat area that will support being pierced. Celebrities from Zoë Kravitz to Rihanna to Scarlett Johansson have all been seen sporting an adorned tragus. The area is cleaned thoroughly to avoid infections. these tips from the Association of Professional Piercers, 45+ Elegant Cherry Blossom Tattoo Designs of 2020, 55+ Ingenious Angel Wings Tattoo Designs for Men & Women, 109 Small Wrist Tattoo Ideas for Men and Women (2020), 110+ Best Tattoo Fonts For Men & Women (2020), Tattoo Infographic: What to Consider when Getting a Tattoo, 21 Side Tattoo Ideas and Designs with Images, 110 Best Japanese Koi Fish Tattoo Designs and Drawings, 52 Best Phoenix Tattoo Designs with Images. Placement: The small piece of cartilage over the entrance to the ear canal, Pricing: $30-$40, plus the cost of the jewelry. While not all bumps are serious, it's important to see a doctor if you notice anything more than minor irritation in the area. A tragus piercing is the perforation of the tragus, which projects immediately in front of the ear canal, for the purpose of inserting and wearing a piece of jewelry. You may have also heard of a surface tragus piercing, which is placed in the same area as the tragus piercing, except rather than puncturing the cartilage, just the skin is pierced. What Type of Jewelry Is Used for Tragus Piercing?

The price of a tragus piercing depends entirely on the studio you go to as the type of jewelry they use ranges.

In terms of anatomy, the outer ear is made up of cartilage and skin. Provided your ear is suitable, [tragus piercings] look great on pretty much everyone.". He recommends cleansing the piercing itself with saline or a product like NeilMed Piercing Aftercare Wound Wash ($15). Here's What to Know, Thinking About Getting A Dermal Piercing? Before changing your tragus piercing (or any piercing, for that matter) be sure to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water, and to clean the area regularly to disinfect and "avoid getting any bacteria in the area," says Sobel. The tragus piercing is a puncture of hard cartilage just above the earlobe. One of our favorites is the tragus piercing, which "In terms of history, [is] quite new, probably first seen around the 1980s," says piercing expert Jasmine Howell. Dr. Howard Sobel, founder of Sobel Skin and attending dermatologist at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York, says to avoid "soap, shampoo or any disinfectants for the first day." At 108, for example, the piercing … Tragus piercings are generally not very painful, due to the small number of nerve endings in the tragus, but the sound made may be uncomfortable due to its proximity to the eardrum. No pain, no gain, right? Instead, opt for a bar as your initial ear jewelry. Sure, pain is relative—to a point. The steps that a piercer will proceed will be as follows: The person is told to lie down, either upside down or straight on the back. "A lot of things will factor into the healing time of a piercing, but generally, we would say anywhere between six to 12 months," says Howell. Blisters: "If you have any irritation or see a blister/bump, it could be from hypertrophic scarring, or it could be an infection/abscess fluid trapped under or behind the piercing," notes Sobel. Still, the tragus continues to be a popular choice as far as ear piercings go. Although, people are sensitive in different areas, so the amount of pain you would feel will vary depending on the person."

Tragus piercing aftercare swimming must be avoided at all times. The piercing itself is usually made with a small gauge hollow piercing needle, and typical jewelry would be a small diameter captive bead ring or small gauge post style piercing jewelry. By using Byrdie, you accept our. While any ear cartilage piercing is tricky to heal, the tragus, in particular, gets in the way when talking on the phone, listening to earphones/earbuds, or using a Bluetooth earpiece. When in doubt, most piercing salons will change out an earring for free. The cost of tragus piercings typically falls within a range of $30 to $40. Avoid removing the piercing until it's completely healed. Howell says, "Most cartilage piercings to me feel like pressure rather than pain. Common sensitivities include nickel, copper, and lower quality gold. To put it simply, leave the piercing alone unless you’re cleaning it!". Tragus barbells will … If you're sensitive to any metals, discuss this with your piercer before committing to a piece of jewelry. The person is told to lie down, either upside down or straight on the back. He also suggests turning the earring once per day during the healing process and applying polysporin to the area. "If you have any irritation or redness, it’s important to discuss with your dermatologist to find out the best solution for your specific needs," Sobel adds. A tragus piercing sits on the small area of cartilage that partially covers your ear canal. Bleeding is bound to occur naturally, but there is nothing to get worried about. Allergic reactions: It's possible to have "allergic reactions to the type of metal used" for the earring, according to Sobel. Damage to the ear is prevented by placing a cock within the canal.

The popularity of tragus piercings began to increase around 2005, according to a BBC report. Since the tragus piercing can swell quite a bit more than other ear piercings, a ring would be much more challenging to heal, as it may not accommodate room for swelling. Pop is sometimes heard as the needle pierces the cartilage and because cartilage is being pierced. "I would even consider not using earphones/earbuds for the first 4-8 weeks after the piercing," he says. There are 3 types of the tragus piercings: The vertical tragus piercing. It's advisable to avoid anything from coming into direct contact with your tragus for at least a few weeks after getting pierced.

The price of a tragus piercing will depend on where you're getting it done, less for reasons that have to do with the act of piercing than for the piece of jewelry. The “Tragus” is referred as the oval small cartilage flap which is located right outside the ear canal.

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