You’ll find straightforward and actionable tips on how to optimize images for the web and how to improve your site’s performance scores quickly, with tons of examples and resources, and a comprehensive FAQ at the end.

Use a good image compression service/tool. Implement as many of the image optimization tactics explained above, and you’ll see considerable improvements in the performance tests: Alternatively, you can use this great new performance tool: Page Weight by imgIX. Optimizing your homepage speed is a start, but it is not enough. Plus... fresh free articles, actionable tips and curated links from around the web - sent directly to your inbox (twice a week). Website. Turn to GIFs for small, simple animations. 526 677 151. Each file format comes with unique benefits, limitations, and best use scenarios. Leave a comment below (after checking the FAQ section) and share your insights! You are free to unsubscribe at any time. The goal is not to compare zoomed-in 1:1 previews of high-res files (where you’re more likely to notice JPG artifacts), but to compare images at “realistic” pixel dimensions (which usually look sharper and without any meaningful visual differences). Otherwise, those one-time set of credits will go by really fast. While you can’t prevent this completely, you can try to limit the dimensions of your site’s images so that their possible usage is limited: smaller images can’t be used for high-res graphics, can’t be printed at decent sizes, and can’t be resold on stock photography sites. Let’s deconstruct the 3 main guidelines for reducing image file sizes (without sacrificing quality too much, of course): It all starts with finding out the right image dimensions needed for your pages, to help you better prepare them on your computer first. 236 298 53. Option 3: DASH + @ symbol + size modifier, alaska-northern-lights@0.5x.jpg (half smaller version), alaska-northern-lights@2x.jpg (double version for retina screens), for smaller site graphics, consider using vector images (SVG with GZIP compression) instead of JPG and PNG. If you can, I recommend bulk-optimizing all your past images (from the WordPress media library): Here’s how ShortPixel stacks up against Imagify, Ewww and other image optimization tools. who wants to help fill in these gaps, please check out our submission guidelines

Set a smaller maximum dimension for your images. WordPress users, install either ShortPixel or Imagify, and configure it to: And then, using the plugin you just installed, do a bulk optimization of your past images. There are a bunch of great plugins that do a lot of work for you, automatically. Burst is a free stock photo platform that is powered by Shopify. Besides creating a nice image optimization workflow for your future uploads to the site, you should also use the tools above (like ShortPixel’s Bulk Optimization feature) to scan and optimize your past photos. You can also save a photograph as a PNG, and will sometimes notice it’s a higher-quality than a JPEG. How are you optimizing your images? Before we delve into specific file formats, let’s differentiate between the two most common types of image files — vector images and raster images. OK, so you’re ready to upload images to your website. Notice how this site’s theme uses the full-scale image in the link (which gets used when opened in the lightbox view/slideshow), and smaller sized image files for smaller screens at different breakpoints. On mobile devices, images get resized by the browser anyway, and that 1500px size is enough to look crisp on smartphones with high-PPI “retina” screens too. pictures of animals, nature photos, textured shots and background images. and use web fonts (as opposed to overlaying text in images), CDN usage can further improve load speeds, but be mindful of the, WebP image delivery is slowly becoming the norm, so make sure the site automatically generates and sends WebP image versions to compatible browsers, Lazy loading images is a must (see the “4. That professional headshot on your website? bloggers and entrepreneurs with access to beautiful free stock photography. Other sites use a slideshow that still takes the entire width of the page, but that’s shorter in height (leading to an aspect ratio of around 3:1).

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