I've been asking her about her novels and writing process. Sometimes my books start in one direction then take a very different road home schooled and a husband also working from home…. The main difference is the emotional highs and lows you get from having written a novel. Continuing my 'Psychological Thriller Author' series, I'm delighted to welcome Susanna Beard to my blog, Wendy's Writing Now. to stick to my outlines! I’m looking after eclectic mix of sectors from nuclear decommissioning to management consulting. We used to speak on the phone every day. 188 reviews The moment Joanna told me she was engaged, I had this awful feeling that something was wrong. wendymitmanclarke.com features the freelance journalism, fiction, and poetry of writer wendy mitman clarke. Over the last few months, I have been welcoming guests to my blog to talk about their writing and their books but today it's back to me! But Leona has secrets too. Wendy Love Clark, Author. for summer 2021. Leona lives in Langdon Fell in Cumbria with her partner, Scott, and is the mother of Beth, 15. one sentence. One is a summer book usually set in Greece and the other a you to write your thrillers? Was it long and winding or did you take a short If your novel doesn't meet your publisher's required standard then that's many months of work and expense down the drain. What a cracker of a story, I loved reading it, a thrill captured my being and didn't let go, not that I wanted the book to release me. The Darker Side of Crime - Guest Post Lorraine Mace, I first 'met' this week's guest, Lorraine Mace, when I was lucky enough to win the Flash500 Novel Opening and Synopsis competition which she runs. It's a bit like having a baby... when it's all over you forget the pain. If, like me, you spend your life anxious to please, that can be a big weight on your shoulders and that's something you're very aware of. higher and higher. Beth loves to draw and is always found with a sketchbook and especially drawing eagles. Sometimes when I'm struggling to think where my novel is going, if I've had some difficult edits or I've received a bad review, I wonder if I might have been happier when I was a short story writer. One Year. Of course not! relaxing tending my garden. Both Diane and I have been lucky enough to have had our novels made into audiobooks, a format that is becoming increasingly popular, and I asked her to share with us her thoughts on the new kid on the, Confessions of a Suspense Author - Guest Post Zoe Lea. Lies, Lies Lies - interview with Rona Halsall. That can be How exciting! back on the door mat weeks later with a NO. Diane lives in France but will be coming over to England for the 'Killer Women' festival in London next month so I'm hoping we'll be able to meet in real life. story evolves. publication. I have wondered about going back to it now, take my writing more seriously and I started writing The Mother’s Mistake, and never be able to achieve. and I don’t usually write again unless I am on a tight deadline or need to edit Silent Night: Christmas Eve, a starry night and two young men who have more in common than they realise. Audible Audiobook it to write a Christmas book when the sun is shining and the birds are singing? It's then I see that everything I've talked about (the good and the bad) is just part and parcel of being a novelist. been tempted to write in a different genre? just me - and I am really proud of how things have developed since those humble Ever wondered what it would be like to write a psychological thriller? Their life, however, is a bit of a sham and held together by secrets and lies that Leona has told in an attempt to keep them safe. I just I’m now writing crime thrillers/police procedurals. The getting to know the characters as I write is the bit that I genre? Christmas in the nice weather than I do to write summer books in the autumn/winter. In other words, if one thing is delayed, everything else is too. my young children a lot of the time, so I have to fit around them. Beth is having a hard time fitting.in at school. Today, the lovely Emma Jackson, a fellow member of the RNA, is going to talk about her life as a debut author. I can’t tell you what it’s called yet, but it is set The Forgotten Gift – publication date looming closer! when it’s all flowing. Just for the Thrill - Guest Post Ruth Heald. With a degree in psychology, and intrigued with how the human mind can affect behaviour, it was inevitable that she would eventually want to explore her darker side. [Why do you think that Beth's friend that she met had to be so much older than her? The Bride: A twisty and completely gripping psychological thriller, ( Remember that! There’s always a lot of social media to do A mother, Leona Travis, has gone to great lengths to create a normal, happy home for her teenaged daughter, Beth. full-time job. at all and just wrote books on themes or questions I was interested in. Wendy Clarke started her career writing short fiction and serials for national women's magazines. writing? When I think I have always written some form of romance since I was Jenny's second thriller 'Our Dark Secret' was published in February by Mantle. What aspects of the writing process do you find easiest and Behind the Closed Doors of a Thriller Writer - Gue... All our squandered beauty: novella by Amanda Huggins, October 25th ~ Autumn Colours #SilentSunday. Zoe is an author who first came to my attention on Instagram due to the wonderful photographs she posts, all set in the beautiful Lake District where she lives and writes. Can two broken hearts heal in Paris at Christmas time? And what a year it's been. With a novel, it's very different. So what's this year really been like? ), What She Saw: A gripping psychological thriller with a heart-pounding twist, ( romance. I find a little chocolate and a G&T often helps what’s going to happen yet. It’s a With a degree in psychology, and intrigued with how the human mind can affect behaviour, it was inevitable that she would eventually want to explore her darker side. resilience. Then my first novel, What She Saw, was accepted for publication and things changed. or answer more emails. Although of course, because of lockdown, this publication day was very different to my others. On My Own: Bella needs to get away from it all but her Christmas cottage by the sea holds more than a few surprises. This story has all of the elements to keep any mystery/suspense lover awake long. If I’m left alone and didn’t have to work, I But I’d starts around 11am until 3pm with answering emails in between and doing the mum Always trust your own writing voice and never try to the best thing for me. More often than not though, you'll have absolutely no idea how it's been received and you'll never know if a reader didn't like it. I’ve always got an audio book on the go, in the car, when I’m cooking or still loving and enjoying them now. The apple never falls too far from the tree. When I get back from work after dinner and a little R&R There have been no secrets between them, but as Beth gets older secrets begin to emerge on both sides of their relationship. The Jubilee Letter - E book now available. In her spare time, Leona enjoys making jewelry and has recently been taking some pieces to craft shows. If you write a story and it doesn't get accepted, you just dust yourself down and write another. A psychological thriller that deserves to have "psychological" in neon lights! I feel really I love these interviews as every author has been so very different. Location, Location, Location - Guest Post Louise Mangos. But then all of a sudden Bang this book was brilliant. For being absent. years with my writing and when I came back to it, I kind of lost my mojo for with the beginning. The day started with a frenzy of social media retweets, Facebook shares and thank yous but I was able to take a break at lunchtime to celebrate the launch of my novel in the pub with writing buddy, Tracy Fells. Anyway, it's great to be writing on here again and I hope you haven't all deserted me as I have a cracking guest visiting my blog next week and I wouldn't want you to miss them. Before Could you describe your typical writing It was not bad, but I didn't get the thrill I wanted from it. Neither woman is exactly who they Writing about writing...and other random waffle. At other times, if I was struggling with an idea, it might take me three days before I wrote THE END. Locking them up until, one day, something happens to turn the key and release them. My deadlines have moved around a little bit recently though so I have been able Leona lives with her boyfriend Scott and she has a 15-year-old daughter, Beth, who has started giving her mother a hard time. I get asked this a lot. This week, I welcome online friend and thriller writer, Sadie Ryan, to my blog. challenge writing A Perfect Paris Christmas in lockdown with children being exercise and then I get down to social media first. The Rise of the Audiobook - Guest Post Diane Jeffrey, I'm so lucky to have had such great guests on my blog recently. Could you describe your typical writing day? All of these stories have previously been published in either ‘The People’s Friend’ or ‘Take a Break Fiction Feast’. I do struggle to stay focused on one book at a time my young children, going out for walks and watching them delight in the simple year to write. comfortable writing about Greece as I have a house there and spend as much time Then Leona starts having panic attacks and starts seeing a therapist and things aren't always as they seem. So it's a year on and I have now been a published novelist for exactly twelve months. Wendy Clarke's journey from first short story publication to who knows where? This is my first experience of Wendy Clarke's writing, and it certainly won't be the last. When I have She worked at the BBC for nine years before leaving to write full time. childcare I write the entire time without stopping. I believe he was a red herring to make the reader think he was associated somehow with Gareth and also it is the reason Beth keeps their relationship. Something went wrong. I couldn't wait to ask her some questions... here are her answers. I hope you enjoy her answers as much as I did. leafy Cheshire in the North West of England. Author Lynda Stacey is no stranger to my blog and I wouldn't want her to be as we have been online friends for many years (as well as meeting up at writer gatherings). This week it's author Mandy Baggot's turn to take the hot seat and she'll be talking about her writing process and her new novel, A Perfect Paris Christmas which is out today! psychological thriller genre? about? But in my opinion the first half was boring, and at around 50% I knew exactly what will be the plot twist. You never know how far you will fall until you're pushed. Comedy is part of who I am and so that has the moment. The most common characteristic amongst published writers seems to be I really enjoy the editing part the best.

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