Dolores is not so kind-hearted anymore. They’re free, and yet, they’re still kind of reciting the same tired lines from Lee Sizemore’s hack brain. If you think the world-building of Westworld is impressive just wait until you see what the show does with Shogun World in less than an hour. There’s a tenderness to their interaction that only serves to reinforce a greater point that Dolores has made directly and Maeve has made indirectly: not everyone will survive this new world, and Teddy is one of them. As with much of Westworld season 2, the new bits make the show shine while the old characters, and their slow-paced storylines, struggle to captivate. If something works, why not use it again? If it worked for Akira Kurosawa and John Sturges, it ought to work for two different worlds in an adult theme park. There was a problem. We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. "Maeve needs to be in every scene of every episode. I can’t really speak to the authenticity of Shogun World - which is based on Japan’s Edo period - but one thing I can say with confidence is that it’s wholly captivating in a way Westworld isn’t. “Akane No Mai” is the best episode of Westworld yet. This post discusses the plot of “Akane No Mai,” the May 20 episode of “Westworld,” in extensive detail. The scene in which Akane comforts Sakura by reciting the story of how she came to Japan—a repeat of Maeve’s scene comforting Clementine after a bad dream in the Mariposa—is incredibly touching, more so because Maeve finishes the story for Akane and Sakura while they embrace. Spoilers ahead in our review of a masterful Westworld episode... There’s a bit of blurriness when it comes to Westworld. Books. Visit our corporate site. Episode 5, as you can probably guess from its title, Akane no Mai, is more interested in another area of the park. Does Dolores still choose to see the beauty in this world? Different and yet the same, you’ll no doubt have the same reaction to these new characters as Maeve - you’ll barely be able to tear your eyes away from them. Of course, most of the explanation of the new characters we meet doesn’t come from Lee’s information so much as Maeve’s reaction to meeting them and the way the introduction of Shogunworld plays out. It … With the Shogun Hosts still semi-trapped within their loops, the Westworld group realise that they have very similar storylines to each other... in fact, they’re almost identical (“You try writing 300 stories in three weeks,” moans Sizemore)! The geisha has freedom, as does Maeve, and that freedom gives her a different opinion than Maeve when it comes to her own daughter-like relationship with Sakura.

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