The original Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD), from the book ‘Breaking the Vicious Cycle’, calls for a yogurt starter that does not contain Bifidus/Bifidum bacteria. If you use to much you may find it becomes a little slimey. We have 2 new Yoghurt Makers, The Pure and Pure Plus, with a 2L Glass or 4x400ml ceramic Jar options. If store bought yogurt is used as a starter, the yogurt can contain Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Streptococcus Thermophilus, and Lactobacillus Bulgaricus. Q: Where do I buy my yogurt starter Culture from? A lot of oil is required to make traditional mayonnaise, so it’s important that you choose a healthy oil and one you like the flavour of. Here is a list of easy flavourful mix-ins to play with: Pesto mayonnaise: 1 handful of fresh basil leaves & 1 tablespoon of toasted pine nuts OR 1 tablespoon of homemade fresh pesto, Roasted pepper or sun-dried tomato mayonnaise:  2-3 tablespoons of roasted red capsicum or sun-dried tomatoes, Wasabi mayonnaise:  ½ -1 teaspoon of wasabi paste, plus extra lemon juice to taste, Garlic & lemon pepper mayonnaise:  2 garlic cloves, zest of lemon and freshly cracked black pepper, Smokey Mexican mayonnaise:  ½ - ¾ teaspoon of smoked paprika and zest of fresh lime, Sriracha mayonnaise: 1 tablespoon of sriracha sauce, 1 teaspoon of fresh lime juice and ½ - 1 teaspoon of soy or tamari sauce, Coriander, lime mayonnaise: one handful of fresh coriander (including stems), 1 garlic clove, squeeze of fresh lime juice, Best burger mayonnaise: 1 tablespoon of tomato paste, 1 tablespoon of Dijon mustard (or mustard of your choice) 1 dill pickle, Sesame ginger mayonnaise: 1 spring onion, 1 fresh coriander sprig (including stems) 1-2cm thumb of fresh ginger (peeled), Fold in 2 teaspoons of toasted sesame seeds after blending, Jalapeño mayonnaise: 1 fresh Jalapeño (seeds removed), 1 clove of garlic, squeeze of lime juice, Herbed mayonnaise: 1 garlic clove, handful of fresh herbs (basil, oregano, parsley, marjoram, etc) lemon juice to taste, 2 fresh eggs (at room temp*)1 ½ teaspoons of Dijon mustard Juice of half a lemon or more to taste1 cup of avocado oil (or mild tasting olive oil)¼ teaspoon salt or more to tasteCracked pepper to taste (optional)1 tablespoon of fresh whey (optional). Mayonnaise is simply an emulsion of oil and egg, but with a little acidity from fresh lemon juice, a tasty mustard, quality salt and freshly cracked pepper, the flavours come alive. Mayonnaise is simply an emulsion of oil and egg, but with a little acidity from fresh lemon juice, a tasty mustard, quality salt and freshly cracked pepper, the flavours come alive. on texture or how coarse you like your sausages some folk will Luvele is an innovative appliance health company committed to changing the culture of health for a better future. A: Bifidus has been found to cause bacterial overgrowth in the gut. understands that getting your items quickly is important to you, so we make every effort to process your order quickly. On top of the satisfaction of making it yourself, homemade yoghurt also pays you back by being much cheaper than store bought yoghurt.

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