Both showcase the sense of adventure and human achievement. This week marks the 10th Annual World Oceans Day, a global confluence of ocean-awareness events intended to bring our oceans the level of public attention they deserve. Sending a human to perform a robots job does not justify a means to an end. Ocean exploration is the way to go for many reasons. Future of Space Exploration Human Behavior Mind & Body Our Planet Space Wildlife ... where the ocean covers more than 80 percent of the area and where few explorers have ever been. We think we have eons ahead of us, but there is also a theory that the conditions that make life possible may only exist in a tiny window of time. Retrieved from, Pace, S. (2012, April 1) Strengthening Space Security. Exploring is a great road humans have always advanced. By Dr. Jyotika I. Virmani This phenomenal achievement made front-page news globally and, with each new finding, continued to generate massive global interest. Advancing U.S. Interest in Outer Space. International March for Elephants, Washington, D.C. Jim Justus Nyamu leads hundreds of supporters to the White House with one message, “Ivory Belongs to Elephants”. A manufacturer of Iridium satellite solutions, drifters, buoys, beacons…, NORBIT SUBSEA designs and develops wideband multibeam sonars for hydrographic applications, forward-looking applications as well as advanced subsea leakage detection. Even more difficult to understand is the fact that we can’t get down there to explore with our eyes. Explorers in the ocean could take water samples and bring them to the lab to receive results within a couple of days. Added to this, space is generally considered to be more exciting and more visible; people need simply to look up into the night sky and see billions of stars and imagine the vast possibilities. Space stories do not have a call to action, so no segment of the population is alienated; ocean stories often have a call to action (conservation, protection, advocate for policy change), which may alienate or even bore a segment of the population. By discovering and understanding these ecosystems, we can unlock cures to diseases, grow new foods, discover new medicines, create new industries, and fully understand our planet. Malik, T. (2014, August 23) SpaceX Reusable Rocket Prototype Explodes. Protector of the Giants; Ranger Johnny “Mad-dog” Abenja. I do admit that I do not know as much about the ocean as I do about the universe but it seems basic, ocean being a minor problem on the scale compared to a universal problem. Space, due to its vastness, also offers the possibility of discovering new intelligent life forms. For the ocean community, it may be a call on your time to clean up a beach, call your local legislators, etc. While the world below the ocean’s surface is more than twice the size of the world above it and contains an estimated 94 percent of the space where life can exist on Earth, only 5 percent of the world’s oceans have been fully explored. Conversely, vessels are launched to sea daily with little fanfare or regard to the risks that they face – rough seas, people lost overboard, capsizing ships, fire on board; in 2016 alone, almost 150 shipwrecks resulted in almost 1,500 people losing their lives. Human exploration and colonization in low-Earth orbit and Translunar space is a point of contention for many. If we cannot save this planet for our future generation, who will? With the rate of increasing pollution, global warming, and damages done to our ozone layer, we might not have time to explore the ocean before we completely destroy it. We should take these to heart and turn the tide on ocean communication. As defined by the President's Panel on Ocean Exploration (NOAA, 2000), exploration is discovery through disciplined, diverse observations and the recording of findings. With $73 billion going towards NASA’s human space exploration and an addition $54 million per reusable rocket, the question needs to be asked whether humans should be exploring space or would robotic missions to the deep sea depths be more feasible than risking the lives of our astronauts.

Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement (updated 1/1/20) and Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement (updated 1/1/20) and Your California Privacy Rights. Cynthia Newlin O’Connor (center) and Christina LaMonica, in Times Square for the US Fish and Wildlife Services; Ivory Crush. Woodman, 2016). Retrieved from, Pingback: Space vs Ocean exploration – JOANNA DUNNE. Search for jobs related to Why space exploration is more important than ocean exploration or hire on the world's largest freelancing marketplace with 17m+ jobs. What is so great about space when we have all of this beauty here on Earth? What does that mean? There are lots of poor countries that could benefit. Even though all these accomplishments are underway for NASA, NOAA on the other hand is lacking financial backing, public relations, and support for research that could provide answers to our environmental questions. What changed? However, the ocean risks that are communicated are generally too daunting for an individual to grasp; for example, by 2050, plastic in the ocean will outweigh fish.

If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Space is an important factor in the continuation of human life. (Etzioni, 2014) Unfortunately for NOAA, not enough attention and resources are directed towards ocean exploration and instead directed at NASA towards human exploration. As far a food, energy, transportation, and heck, yes, even water, the oceans are so resource-rich that we need to understand them to both protect those resources, and to properly take advantage of them. Ivory Seizure in Ohio. If we fail to do so, we may be condemning life on Earth to extinction. Unlocking the mysteries of deep-sea ecosystems can reveal new sources for medical drugs, food, energy resources, and other products. The m-AUEs group together to form swarms resembling plankton that bob at the same depths. Our solutions are based on the latest in analog and digital signal processing and our products…. And yes the oceans are amazing and yea earth isn't fully explored, and studying earth and the oceans from space also helps us understand more about it. Space is a vacuum -- for money that is. What you can find to apply on earth, the possibilities are infinite.Thirdly, (about the money spent), less than 1% of the WORLD'S income is used for space research. Kristin is a Patron and Ambassador to The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Nairobi, Kenya. Create a free website or blog at Fruitful Frontier. It makes no sense to explore out of this world when we haven't properly observed and recorded everything that Earth has to offer? On August 22, 2013, however, SpaceX endured the loss of their new prototype rocket called the F9R [Falcon 9 Reusable], which apparently suffered an anomaly in flight and after take-off. World Celebrities ‘Join the Herd’ to Fight for Africa’s Elephants, An Open Letter to the Cleveland Orchestra, Pennsylvania Advocates Are Pushing for a Statewide Bipartisan Ivory Ban, and They Need Your Help, East Africa Grassroots Elephant Campaign Walk March thru May, 2016, Republic of Gabon Marching to the White House alongside New Jersey, Pennsylvania Lawmakers for Elephants, Zimbabwe will not charge U.S. dentist for killing Cecil the lion, CECIL Act is first step toward ending trophy hunting, Cecil’s Killer; Walter Palmer, Breaks Silence and Returns to Work, US Navy SEAL Supports Ohio Ban on Ivory and Rhino Horn, The Battle Against Ivory Trafficking Continues in The Midwest, “AB 96” Passes California Assembly, Awaits Senate, Petition to Outlaw Ivory and Rhino Horn Products in Ohio, Salute to the Eco-warrior; Jim Justus Nyamu, In the Wake of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill, Gulf Dolphins Found Sick and Dying in Larger Numbers Than Ever Before, Effects of Pollution on Humans and Wildlife, EcoPeace Middle East Environmental Peacemaking Newsletter. First off, there are thousands of undiscovered creatures living deep in the ocean... Who knows what we will find?! Yet it only receives about one-one hundredth as much funding. The Dragon is a completely autonomous vehicle and can separate itself from the Falcon 9 rocket. (2007, July 24) Space Station Jettison of Debris. At approximately the same time, in March 2012, James Cameron, one of the world’s best known movie directors, personally embarked on an extremely dangerous mission to the bottom of the Mariana Trench (approximately 11 kilometers deep and approximately 300 kilometers from the nearest land). The global space community is generally unified and cross-promotes major discoveries or achievements; the global ocean community is generally fractured, with hundreds of government, non-government, advocacy and educational organizations vying to promote their area of interest. The timeline for results would also work out in the ocean’s favor. The ocean provides 20% of the world’s protein supply, 3 million people rely on the ocean for their live hood, and the ocean also provides 705 of the earth’s oxygen. How can we explore outer space when we do not know everything about interspace? The key is dedicating the time and resources. Information from ocean exploration is important to everyone. By inspiring the public we shape public perception, which in turn influences policymakers and, more practically, changes funding levels. Space in popular culture is often depicted with futuristic technology that incites the imagination; ocean in popular culture generally uses present-day technology or even historic technology. NASA is the world’s leader in space exploration and it is their objective to maintain that position.
Ray Dalio (@raydalio) is the founder of Bridgewater Associates and the OceanX initiative. Because it’s not that simple. Another point of contention for NASA is space debris or space junk, floating around in low-Earth atmosphere. The sun is a star and like all stars it will run out of fuel. Information from ocean exploration is important to everyone. Because both are equally just as important.

Space is about exceptionalism, patriotism, exploration and the collective human achievement; oceans are often politicized with every entity pushing their own message or agenda. With technology like this, we’ll be able to discover far more life in our oceans than we ever knew existed. We still can’t access the farthest reaches of the ocean and creatures that live at great depths don’t always survive once they make it to land. They just go hand in hand.

for the second Ivory Crush on American soil in U.S. history. Students should be able to pick own ID, yearbook photos. Studying the oceans are not as exotic as space, but the benefits per dollar far outweigh what we may obtain by further space exploration. This can clearly be seen through a number of metrics including social media, which can be used as a proxy for the level of interest by the public. Rees further states that “the practical case for human spaceflight gets weaker and weaker with every advance in robotics and miniaturization.” (Etzioni, 2014, p. 73)  Specifically, humans need a return ticket back to Earth when robots do not. WIRED Opinion publishes pieces written by outside contributors and represents a wide range of viewpoints. ( Log Out /  I have read the arguments on here that the ocean is of more concern do to the gathering of knowledge and global warming and preserving animal life and so on. Ivory Crush Reception at Tavern on the Green in New York City, with Kristin Davis and Christina LaMonica.

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