It’s this engine, unveiled in 1990, that lies at the heart of Nakamatsu’s assertion that he invented the fuel cell.

Incredible inventor of bras and floppy disks.....and LOVE JET, Reviewed in the United States on March 23, 2013. Yoshiro Nakamats has filed for patents to protect the following inventions.

The film is about the utterly fantastic and eccentric 80-year-old Japanese inventor responsible for 3,357 inventions.

Sign in to see videos available to you. Last edited on 12 September 2020, at 21:01, "The Edison of Japan: An Interview with Dr. Yoshiro Nakamats", "An interview with Dr. Yoshiro Nakamatsu", "Dr. NakaMats, the Man With 3300 Patents to His Name", "You really can find identities of top patent holders", "The Ten Greatest Inventors In The Modern Era", "USPTO Patent Full Text and Database : Nakamatsu-Yoshiro OR Yoshiro-Nakamatsu: 6 patents", "True/False: What's Behind 'The Invention of Dr. NakaMats, "System for generating hydrogen and oxygen - Patent # 5399251", Patent US4490765 - Diskette for cleaning a floppy-disc drive head - Google Patents,, United States Patent 3,668,658, Flores, et al., MAGNETIC RECORD DISK COVER, "Dr. NakaMats: Japan's Self-Proclaimed Savior", "What a Stroke of ... Um, Ingenuity, Anyhow", "Inventor Nakamatsu reveals he has terminal cancer", "Huh? When faced with the choice of an easy way and a difficult way, he says, people inevitably choose the easy way. [6] An IBM spokesman, Mac Jeffery, confirmed that the company did license some of his patents, but claimed they were not for the floppy disk, which he claimed IBM invented on its own.

[41] Since then, he has introduced himself as Sir Dr. NakaMats,[42] although his claim has been denied by a representative of the order. his famous title Dr. NakaMats, is a top world’s inventor.

Nakamatsu attributes his inventive drive to early childhood experiences.

supposedly improves mental function such as calculation and thinking by cooling

It’s kind of a tricky question.

economy, we need new industries.”. Nakamatsu, then 20, used fine wood for a “floppy media and drive.” He completed the project two years later at Tokyo Imperial University’s Engineering School.

Nakamats is a salesman of his ideas and inventions as well and likes to do corny things to get peoples attention. The foam ones should be the very best, but a lot of them find they get far better results with triple flange ear tips. He invented the pump at the age of 14. His life can sure make you SMH, and living vicariously through his life is not shocking. i am not crazy.

[13] In contrast to a floppy disk, this Nakamatsu patent discloses the use of printed paper for storage instead of the magnetic material of a floppy disk. I said 3,218, so maybe by the end of my life, 6,000 is possible.”. Love Jet - A sexual enhancement product which he created out of concern about Japan's declining birthrate.

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In fact, most believe he holds less than 100 that can be accurately documented. Meh. Game Of Thrones: How RPA is Similar to the ‘Game of... Kryon: RPA Tool Review, Price, Details, And More, Juusyoku Record (stacked color record / dual photo Bruce Osborn. HIs website is But while some people might improve their golf game with long hours of practice on the links, Dr. NakaMats did what he does best: invented a solution. He even has his own theme song!

One of his greatest claims to fame is the invention of the floppy disk (remember those?)

Nakamatsu is a prolific inventor, and he even claims to hold the world record for number of over 3,200 "inventions". track loops …”, “Enerex” – System for generating

His self-defense wig can protect you from any potential attackers, as long as you’re wearing the hair piece.

With his passion for inventing, he decided to studied engineering at the University of Tokyo. It is not rewritable and lacks most elements of the IBM floppy disk patent. Nakamatsu regularly He sleeps just four hours a night and believes more than six hours is unhealthy.

With more than 3,300 inventions under his belt, he became known in Japan and the rest of the world not only because of his inventiveness and wealth but also because of his deadpan hilarity.

Top RPA Question Ask: How do you make an RPA bot?

Have you ever been walking alone down a dark street late at night, and wished that you had something to keep you safe? A portrait of his mother sits on his desk, and a metre-high print of her leans against a whiteboard behind him. He is a comical figure in Japan, but certainly not a laughing stock.
a weight are attached to a wig.

He is an odd guy for sure.

The patent has expired, and he earns no royalties from autopilot systems. Nakamatsu says he has never sought funding from any person, company or government and prefers to develop and produce his own inventions.

If you are spellbound with the number of inventions he has brought into life, chances are, you have not yet heard about Dr. Yoshiro Nakamatsu, popularly known as Dr. Nakamats. Reviewed in the United States on May 30, 2016.

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