Underwater Photoshoots

For a truly unique portrait of your little one, we hold an underwater photo shoot every 6 months.
Once you have attended classes for at least one term (to ensure your little one is happy going underwater), we will let you know when our next underwater photo shoot is taking place.


If we haven’t answered your question below please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will get back to you soon.

What Can I expect?

The photographer uses specialised underwater photography equipment in an underwater studio type setting.
The equipment used is incredibly advanced, with underwater shots being displayed in real time on 2 splash-proof poolside monitors.
In addition, the photographer no longer needs to submerge (a source of fear for some children) – this aids communication between instructor, photographer and parents

What should my child wear?

Happy nappy with disposable swim nappy underneath if not toilet trained
Normal swimwear for everyone else!

How does the session work?

You book a 15 min time slot. There will be a maximum of 2 other babies/children sharing this time slot.
Each child is submerged by the instructor and 2 photos are taken. Then it is the next child’s turn.
Each child takes it in turn with 2 photos each time and rests in between.
Towards the end of your slot, there is the opportunity for parents to join the child underwater.

How many photos can I expect to get?

Up to 16 shots are taken and it is very unusual to not get a photo you like! This number is obviously dependent on your child and how many submersions they are comfortable doing.

What if I don’t like any of the photos?

It is extremely unusual to not get a shot you love, however it is worth pointing out that little ones can look different underwater and so you may be surprised by some of their expressions!
Please speak to us in the event that you are not satisfied with the results.

What happens after the shoot?

Proofs will be e-mailed to you 7 – 10 days after the shoot. Prints can then be ordered directly from the photographer.

How much does it cost?

A booking fee is required to secure your slot – this is payable in advance and will confirm your space. There is a discount for siblings.
Prices will be confirmed at the time of booking.
Any prints you then order will be an additional cost and prices start at a very reasonable £22 for a 9”x 6” print.

Who is the photographer?

Alex Myers is an experienced underwater photographer – you can read more on his website: http://www.alexmyersimaging.co.uk/underwater
Both Alex and his wife are CRB checked and hold underwater photography insurance.

How do I book my place on the next shoot?

We will email you to let you know when the next shoot is taking place and time slots available.
All you have to do is email Elaine at info@miniswimmers.co.uk with your preferred time slot.
You will then receive a booking form to complete electronically.
Your place will be secured once the booking form and payment have been received.